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As the Silver Order's future with Sasori and the Ike clan looked quite murky, Arisa, acting commander of the Antarian Rangers, had started shopping around for new vendors to diversify their supply of arms.

One of the vendors at the top of her list was Abregado-Rae industries, standing out from other defense companies with their varied lineup of mass driver weaponry and droids. Kiribians like she had a strong preference for such things in warfare, and she had the personal pleasure of wielding a quality ARI designed shattergun in battle on several occasions.

She was interested in acquiring their entire lineup to begin cycling out the Ranger's more dated inventory, with a particular need for a new compact squad automatic weapon. About the best thing the Rangers had to fit the bill were large repeaters that weren't very wieldy in tight quarters, which was an issue as their chief adversaries liked to regularly duke it out in large urban population centers.

Along with all that hardware, she didn't mind getting some new fighters on the SJO side. Quite a few times, a certain droid hailing from Abregado had been a great help to the Silver Jedi during times of crises. She would love to have a whole army of them to deal with the Silver's many foes.

After an initial query with customer service, she arranged for a holovid conference with an Abregado rep to begin talks to iron out the details of a new defense contract. She would speak with them alone from her office at the Ranger HQ on Voss, garbed in a black service dress. The urbanite had never been one for robes, and she usually garnered more favorable responses dressed professionally.

Right at the appointed time, she would initiate the call to connect with Agregado, her expression serene.



The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Arisa Yune"],

The call would go through, obviously, and soon enough a tall blue holographic image of an armored droid would appear on her received, the figure would be wrapped in a black cloak, pair of glowing red eyes looking towards her,

"Arisa Yune I presume?"

The droid asked, addressing her,

"I am the Iron Lord Protector of Abregado, you wished to speak with me about my Guild of Hammers?"

Of course although Arisa was planning to speak with a representative, little did she knew that HK took all of such calls personally. The machine was often immensely bored, and as such he was always willing to talk with whoever about his products, especially since usually it would lead to them complimenting his technological developments, which in turn stroked his synthetic ego. Plus such things were relatively easy for someone who could transmit holographic messages and project his voice remotely without actually speaking, multitasking came naturally to the droid, in fact he may have been conducting multiple such calls at the very moment.

Suddenly the image on his side sparked up as a bolt came streaking in from somewhere unseen and a shield around him activated, an attack to which HK responded by turning his head and in practiced movement quickly unholstering his magnetic revolver, another shattergun model, before unloading a couple of rounds,

"Forgive me, I am in the middle of discussing a particular conflict of interest with a pirate group harassing trade lanes in the Core. What did you wish to know about the Guild?"
Arisa would initially smile as she was greeted by the owner of Abregado himself, HK-36. Unaware of his perpetual boredom, from her end, she took it as a good sign that she was being able to speak directly with Abredgado's head to get her point across.

However, her smile would quickly fade, and eyebrows raising in concern as she heard and saw a sudden outbreak of violence? Had HK judge contacted her in the midst of a warzone?

"Oh my...then we can resume this later." She started, raising a hand to her chin. "Are you alright? Where are you? If I have any units in the vicinity, then I can some reinforcements your way."

She didn't know if she could be of any help to HK in his position, but it didn't hurt to ask. Then she had a vested interest in keeping a potential vendor safe and sound.

Kiribian patrol units ran up and down the Hydian Way and several other major hyperlanes, doing their part to keep the Core secure. Further out, the forces of the 1st Ranger Expeditionary Group remained in place in Alliance space after a successful campaign against the First Order at Skor. The Jedi commander had come into that conflict expecting the worst against the vaunted navy of the autocratic regime, but left Alliance space almost disappointed in their dated tactics.



The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Arisa Yune"],

"Nonsense, I am quite alright, thank you."

HK brushed the concern for his safety shown by Arisa,

"I just take things rather seriously when someone tries to screw with my trade lanes, Jerry!"

The droid shouted out the last part towards some off-screen assailant, raising his revolver to let loose few more shattergun rounds in their direction,

"Besides, should you ever manage to get your body replaced entirely with Phrik you too will get to the point where you will simply not care when someone is actively shooting at you with a blaster. Either way, we can discuss your curiosity towards the Guild, my soldiers and I have things handled just fine over here."

HK assured Arisa, looking forward to hearing just why she was getting in contact with him.
Arisa found herself in quite a peculiar situation, dealing with a sentient droid over trade negotiations in the midst of a firefight. While her synthetic counterpart made assurances that all was well, she still couldn't quite wrap her head around the idea of proceeding with such a distraction. In that moment, she decided to meet him halfway just to get the ball rolling.

"Ah, well best of luck to you...give Jerry hell. I'm interested in establishing a long-term contract with ARI for complete access to your arms, as well as assisting the Antarian Rangers in developing a new series of support weaponry based on your mass driver technology. Furthermore, I would like to hire out your organization to provide direct military support to the Silver Jedi Order."

"I have a formal proposal prepared to forward to you already, so I'll send that now."

Wordlessly, the cyborg accessed her personal database within the SJO mainframe to transmit a series of data-rich files to ARI. Along with her basic proposal (open for modification), she would also issue very detailed requirements for the type of support weapons she wanted for the Rangers. Primarily a compact automatic weapon that could be easily handled and be linked with guidance systems for improved accuracy. Much like with the Mass Driver weaponry offered by KSA, she also demanded that the support weapons be highly resistant to EMP/and ion attacks. Finally, she had a requirement for a special, limited issue munition to be produced optimized for combating Force Users and Sithspawn.

She knew her requirements altogether may be a tall order to
fulfill, but then that's why she had gone to one of the best gunsmiths in the galaxy to see them met

"When your business with Jerry is complete, I would invite you to meet me in person at Fort Medina on Klatooine to begin testing out prototypes. How soon would you be able to have some units ready for me to review?"



The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Arisa Yune"],

HK rolled to the side in a twirl, dodging a barrage of blaster bolts as he let loose another salvo of hypervelocity pellets from his magnetic revolver as he send out a response to Arisa,

"Access to our products cannot be complete unfortunately, there are some works of limited availability that we might want to keep to ourselves, or cannot share, for example unique artifacts produced for other clients, or a model of weaponry specifically designed to efficiently take down droids like me by bypassing most of defenses my most current body is built with. I hope you would understand why I would not want such weapons to be spread around the Galaxy. In return we would keep the designs made specifically for the Silver Jedi off the public market."

The droid explained before adding,

"As to the development cooperation, we are willing to do so, and we would provide military reinforcements to Silvers, we were probably going to do so either way simply for the chance of fighting the Sith."

HK quipped,

"Either way, the channel is open for your data transmission."

The droid confirmed before receiving the data-rich files, scanning them for any malware or the like few times, just standard procedure stuff, one could never be too sure especially since to a droid mind was everything, bodies could always be replaced or switched.

"Klatooine, got it."

HK confirmed,

"As to the units, we can have some prototypes ready very shortly, it is nothing we were not working on already. However I must warn you that few prototypes cost less than mass produced weapon, these designs coming from us, they could be rather expensive and made slowly. Abregado mass drivers have always had exception accuracy, range, and power, but they at the same time we made them unwieldy in hands of organics, and we had trouble counteracting other electromagnets interfering with firing systems. It can be done, but not cheaply."

Of course ARGH was able to develop earlier their first effective electromagnetic stabilization field, part of their Abregado Combat Shield systems. The field protected the user from effects of hostile electromagnets, but it drained out quickly, able to stop only one EMP grenade. However with more time and funds channeled into the field they would be probably able to come up with something more prolonged and stable, however as HK kept pointing out, few things can neutralize magnets.
Arisa nodded along as HK-36 spoke, trying her best not get sucked back into the firefight that was happening in the background. Her new droid friend liked to operate dangerously.

"That's quite alright. Even limited access to your catalog would satisfy me, it's still head and shoulders above anything that most other vendors are offering at this time. Cost isn't an issue for the SAW project. Better to get it right the first time, than waste funds on countless revisions. I'll schedule us to meet in exactly six weeks from now. I trust that will be more than enough time for you to have some working prototypes ready. My office will be in contact with yours for further coordination. Now, until then. Thank you and good day."

With that, she ended the call, and silently hoped that HK-36 would make it out of to Klatooine in one piece.


Weeks later, and there would be several changes within the Silver Order. After the shocking move of Sorel stepping down as Grandmaster, Arisa would then be the one to take her place after an emergency vote was held. Not much would change in her workload, as the Jedi Master had already been running the Antarian Rangers and effectively leading the Assembly which had presided over everything within the Silver's organization. Still, there would be a nice bump in prestige and the removal of red tape as she could effectively act as she pleased as Grandmaster.
The meeting arranged with HK-36 those many weeks ago would still be on. On the morning of the meeting, she would be at Fort Medina awaiting the arrival ARI representatives with Valkren Calderon, a former Republic Commando turned officer within the Antarian Rangers. He matched her expertise in small arms usage, his specialty being squad automatic weapons, in fact, so he was a good person to have around to help her oversee testing.

As per usual, it was scorching hot at Medina, the air gritty from all the dust and sand being kicked up by the wave of sandstorms that had hit the area as of late. Poor weather conditions that made for the perfect environment for training the special operation forces from within the Antarian Rangers and beyond, and for testing new weapon platforms.

Prior to their arrival, the ARI representatives had been given clearance to make landfall directly for the base, they only needed to check in with intrasystem traffic control network in orbit first.

[member="HK-36"] [member="Valkren Calderon"]
Colonel Valkren Calderon paced behind Grandmaster Yune, sporting only a grey undershirt and combat fatigues as his bottoms, tucked neatly into his combat boots. As always, a T-600C Blaster pistol rested in a drop holster on his right leg. When Arisa had contacted him about the meeting at first, he was honestly confused. He wasn't one for advising on anything, unless it delt with strategies, weapons, or drinks. Well, turns out it was one of those three things.

The young operator was almost too excited to be involved in the process, and even more excited at the fact that the weapon happened to be a squad automatic weapon. A new rotary canon, or any form of a 'SAW' would make him one of the happiest soldiers in the Silver Order, having specialized in heavy weaponry during his time with the Galactic Republic.

"So..How do these meetings usually go?" He questioned, stopping his pacing to look to his superior. Valkren shifted his weight onto his right leg idly, folding his arms over his chest.

[member="Arisa Yune"] | [member="HK-36"]


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Arisa Yune"], [member="Valkren Calderon"],

"May the Force be with you."

Would be the last thing Arisa heard from HK's hologram before it dissipated as the transmission was cut. Few people knew it but the droid was actually trained in the arts and philosophies of the Jedi Order back in the days of Ancient Republic, and still somewhat followed their teachings and mandates, at least when it suited him.

Either way, five weeks later after HK took care of Jerry,

There would be a flash of light at the edge of Klatooine as a ship reverted into realspace, phasing back into existence. HK decided to go with his personal stealth transport, the Knight of the Eclipse, its speckled black sleek body sailed through the void between stars, heading towards the planet. Carrying a prototype weapon, from the droid's flagship shattergun rotary cannon no less, was an important enough event that warranted in his calculations the use of his best ship guarded by his best men. That was himself, because the droid's best soldiers were just copies of him.

"This is the Knight of the Eclipse,"

Soon enough after the ship's arrival a transmission would be sent to the intrasystem traffic control network,

"We are carrying representatives of the Abregado Guild of Hammers, heading towards Fort Medina."

Assuming that nothing else would stop them, the black shape of the sleek stealth transport would be seen shortly after breaking through the clouds above the Fort, heading towards the designated landing pad. It almost seemed as if the winds of the arid planet and the rush of the sandstorm whipping by fell quieter the closer the stealth ship moved towards them until finally it touched down on the platform with a soft thud and hiss of its thrusters turning off.

As the ship powered down its airlock doors opened, with a small ramp extending out down which a group of tall armored and cloaked beings walked down, four wrapped in grey cloaks, one in black, all clad in what seemed to be some sort of organic looking armor, Vong-shaped biots for those who could tell such things just by looking at them, on their belts hanged weaponry, two pistols, revolvers, one elongated pointed hilt ending with a spear tip, and one lightsaber hilt without any significant engravings or markings.

Two of the Greycloaks walked out first, taking flanks of the ramp before HK followed them, his black cloak whipping on the wind as he looked right and left, glow of his red photoreceptor eyes faintly visible from the layer of chitinous membrane that currently covered his faceplate. As he determined whether Arisa and her companion were waiting for him by the landing pad, or if they were deeper within the Fort, away from the effects of the weather, the last two Greycloak guards moved out a hover-crate behind him from the ship's bowels.
((Apologies for the delay on my end, hopefully, we can keep trucking away.))

Near the estimated arrival time of HK-36 and his party from Abregado, Arisa hovered with Valkren topside, though they stayed within the comfort of the surface compound. If they didn't have a good reason to be outside, then they wouldn't be. However, expecting to go out to the range today, the Jedi Master was dressed comfortably in a navy tee shirt, khakis, and boots. It would be a lie to say that she wasn't eager to try out whatever the droid had developed. She abhorred war, yet as an engineer had a penchant for tinkering with machines.

When HK landed, the ARI party was led through the hangars to the office area where Arisa and Valkren were. She stood outside of the conference room designated for the meeting, face lighting up in a smile as HK came into view.

"Welcome to Fort Medina," she said, offering him a respectful nod. "Looks like you handled Jerry after all. Now please, join me inside."

She took her seat at the round table after entering. "This room is fitted with a holoprojector system, so if you just want link up to it for your presentation, then please be my guest. During our meeting, Colonel Lambholt of the Kiribian Design Bureau will be following along view holo-call. My home government has also expressed interest in acquiring a new SAW replacement for armed its forces."

[member="HK-36"] [member="Valkren Calderon"]


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Arisa Yune"], [member="Valkren Calderon"],

When the group of droids entered the room where Arisa and Valkren were waiting for them they returned the greeting with nods of their own, to her comment on Jerry HK replied,

"Oh, yes, most of you organics seem to have one particular weakness, you are rather vulnerable when being stabbed repeatedly."

The droid quipped as he was lead inside the conference room with the holoprojector, not wasting any time HK motioned for his Greycloak guards to set the hovercrate down by the table as he moved over to the holoprojector. Tapping few of its buttons, looking through few screens, taking down some numbers, the machine was able to connect remotely to the holoprojector, linking up the device to his mind to control it during the presentation mentioned by Arisa. Looking up from the table to her, HK would nod,

"I am ready to begin when you are, I assume you have many questions about the device Abregado came up with, so there is no reason to waste time and stall any longer."

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