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Approved NPC The Mirdirmorut Defence Package

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King of Pumpkins

  • Availability: Uncommon,
  • Deployment: Mass,
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
  • + Defend the area - They are co-ordinated by the droid brain and don't require attention to defend where ever they have been ordered to.
  • + ​Mostly EMP resistant - Most of the droids within the defensive package are EMP resistant
  • - We've been Jammed sir - If your ship is jammed then so is this system as it uses communication between the droid brains to work.
  • - Vehicles are scary - not designed to work against vehicles at all nor is it designed for a battle field space.
  • Description: Mirdirmorut has created many droids over the short period of time they have been active and some of the board members decided to create a defensive package to defend their own homes and locations. However it was also voted to allow others the chance to use this package. The ups of this was a co-ordinated defence. Most of the droids are resistant to EMP and Ion attacks making them unlike most other droids found on the battle field. However the problem with it is that if the location or the ship was being jammed then the droid brain can't co-ordinate the defence unfortunately. The ratio on these droids is an equal amount across all of them. However this can be changed at the customers request.

Neri Rashal

[member="Rex Taff"]

This is a cool idea. One question- you have several droids linked but what is the general ratios of the unit make up? Is it equal numbers of each droid type? More of one sort than another? Most one with only a small percentage of the others? If you could add that clarification somewhere in the sub I can stamp this.
Not open for further replies.