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Valerie Rein

  • Image Source: ME! Also
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  • Corporation Name: The Lost
  • Headquarters: The Talkan
  • Locations: N/A
  • Tier: 2
  • Operations:

The Lost are a corporation that only recently has come into being, forming as a roving Private Military Company.

Though not really much of a company, The Lost are a collection of misfit soldiers, deserters, retired naval officer, and pretty much everything else that Imperial Military's would prefer to forget. Every member of The Lost was once a part of an Imperial Military, whether it be the One Sith, First Order, Galactic Empire, or even Sith Empire. Every man, woman, and alien was once in the service of Sith and Despot.

Everyone within The Lost has military experience, most having seen dozens of battles and hundreds of small skirmishes. They are dedicated soldiers and extremely well trained fighters, some even coming from various military Special Forces.

The 'company' itself is not really controlled by one single CEO or Board. Instead the Corporation functions much more like a pirate ship. Every person within the company has a vote, and that vote decides what jobs the company takes, who it works for, and what exactly they will do once they get there. This system keeps The Lost from becoming the same sort of despotic nightmare that drove many of it's members from Imperial Armed Services.

Of course, just because they left the Imperial Military doesn't mean the Soldiers of The Lost have suddenly grown morals.

As a Company The Lost will work for any government, commit any atrocities, and complete any task. As long as the price is right.

The Lost came about by the actions of a single man named Captain Paul Anders.

Anders had been a long standing Captain within the Imperial Military, serving loyally for most of his life and rising through the rank with no real obstacles in his path. At the age of Forty Two Captain Anders took command of a vessel then known as The Steadfast. It was on this ship that Anders began to experience the more oppressive side of his service as a local Sith Lord commandeered his vessel.

This Sith, known simply to Anders as Lord Kivik, began to abuse, kill, and misuse the troops stationed aboard The Steadfast almost immediately.

These acts were violent, wanton, and mostly uncalled for. Small mistakes would be punished by deaths, tiny outbursts would lead to horrifying torture via force lightning, and the slightest objection would see a soldier tossed across an entire room. After weeks of enduring these 'punishments' by Lord Kivik the crew, and Anders himself had enough of the misconduct. It was decided that Empire was no longer looking out for it's own, and thus the mutiny begun.

In one quick Swoop Anders and a contingent of Special Forces Soldiers aboard The Steadfast managed to capture Lord Kivik, utilizing a Void Stone relic to neutralize his ability in the force. The crew then ejected him an escape pod and took off towards the Outer Rim, fleeing the Empire.

Of course, needing supplies, fuel, and a way to survive the crew of The Steadfast turned to the only skill they had; military training. The crew sold their services to the highest bidder, and not long after their first job they found themselves attracting other former Soldiers who had suffered the same fate as them.

Thus The Lost began to grow.


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