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Approved Starship The Leviathan

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Image Credit: Here
Intent: The intent of this ship is to create a vessel using the Protectorate’s resources, and create a deterrence to enemy fleets. It is meant to function as a very large support ship
Development Thread: Yes, complete.
Manufacturer: Omega Industries, Fondor Shipyards, Corellian Engineering
Model: Leviathan-class Super Star Defender
Omega Pyre with Galactic Alliance
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel-Titanium (Hull Plating), Quadanium (Frame), Glasteel (Viewports)

Description: The Leviathan was born as a beacon of hope in the darkest times of the Protectorate. It was meant to carry within the light of freedom and justice wherever it went. With the fire power to hold against small fleet and the shields to match, the Leviathan was the symbol of power and protection that the Protectorate needed.

However, the construction of the Leviathan was rushed. Planned weapon systems had to be delayed and other systems were subbed with substandard parts. The ship looked terrifying, but it's true potential was significantly less than what it was meant to deliver. After Eriadu, the ship underwent a massive refitting. Amongst the first projects completed were the activation of the two solar ionization reactors that had been placed but never activated. These reactors took over powering the ship's primary weapons and shields while the hypermatter reactor was diverted to solely power the ship's hypervelocity guns, which likewise were completed and activated. Given a dedicated reactor, the Leviathan doesn't suffer the same limitations and weaknesses as the Antilles and Indomitable Star Defenders.

Complementing the hypervelocity guns, the Leviathan has five massive octuple ion cannons that can retract into the hull. These massive ion cannons are fired in tandem with the hypervelocity guns, giving the ship an absolutely devastating one-two punch against very large capital ships. However, despite the raw power of these weapons, they suffer from the same targeting issues inherent to the hypervelocity gun; namely that the entire ship must be reoriented to fire them. As such, the weapons effectiveness against heavy cruisers and smaller is considerably diminished near to the point of waste.

Beyond the main guns, the Leviathan has a suite of other weapons. Twenty-two heavy long-range dual mass driver cannons line the bow of the ship. Capable of turning a limited 90°, these cannons are meant to supplement the main guns. Tertiary guns include eighty batteries of heavy turbolasers, which are primarily situated along the port and starboard sides. Mindful of the ship's size, the Leviathan has an unprecedented three hundred twenty heavy ion cannons placed on fast mounts. While this does not allow them to target nimble fighters and bombers, it does allow the ship to more effectively defend itself against would-be boarders and small capital ships.

Alongside the capital guns, the Leviathan has fifteen heavy energy torpedo projectors and twenty five assault concussion missile launchers. These powerful anti-capital ship platforms are oriented forward, further accentuating the ship's large forward firepower profile. To the sides, the ship also mounts fifty missile pods to help fend off faster capital ships and starfighters. These pods are capable of limited reorientation, so they possess a slightly larger targeting angle than standard warhead launchers. However, their exterior profile does present a tempting target. In order to protect them the pods are equipped with bay doors to protect the interior of the pods from direct fire from starfighters, though they do little to stop capital ship fire. In addition, while the pods are capable of being retracted (for repairs and protection) such an act first requires the missiles all be fired or disabled and a length withdrawal period. As such, the ship is incapable of firing and retracting the pods rapidly, as such an effort would take a full thirty minutes to complete.

For additional starfighter defense, the Leviathan has dozens of flak cannon batteries and quad laser turrets. The flak cannons are oriented port and starboard and create a veritable wall of flak a thousand meters out, giving the ship plenty of breathing room to launch fighters and for them to pursue craft that had gotten in closer. For those that do get closer, the quad laser turrets are optimally placed around the ship, providing near total coverage from any attack angle, with several being placed around the ship's hangers to prevent boarding. This versatility does mean however that the ship cannot effectively combat concentrated fighter/bomber runs.

To deal with that, the ship is equipped with several shield generators and numerous emitters, both primary and redundant, to afford it top-line protection from enemy fire. Rather than mount singular a singular shield generator, the Leviathan is protected by several independent shield generators. Divided into twelve sections, many of the shield generators are of standard heavy deflector makes. However, the bow and port-starboard sections are mounted with separate ray and particle shield generators to better protect the ship while firing its physical guns. This does leave these areas somewhat vulnerable to bombardment while in operation.

A special generator, a product of intense research and development during the Dark Harvest campaign, allows the Leviathan a semi-unique ability. Prior to the development of this prototype generator, a shield could only be projected through the delicate and expensive arrays of a Shield-class cruiser. Thanks to this generator, the Leviathan is capable of projecting a shield as well. However, rather than create a dome as the cruiser does, this shield projector supplies the necessary energy to an allied ship, piggybacking off of the target's shield emitters and reinforcing its shields. While this is a tremendously useful tactic, the target's shields must first be on the edge of collapse as reinforcing its shields while already at full strength runs the very real and likely risk of completely overloading the shield emitters. As well, the shield projector is limited to a mere kilometer, so the Leviathan must pull alongside its intended target before it can reinforce their shields.

Rather than field a single, large hanger, the Leviathan possess three hangers to better retrain structural integrity. The port-side hanger houses the ship's fighters, bombers, and gunships, while the starboard hanger houses dropships and medium-sized vehicle transports. Large vehicle transports are handled from the ventral hanger, as well as eight Strike-class corvettes held vertical with magnetic clamps. The ventral hanger is closed when not immediately launching ships, as it lacks a proper floor and instead is crisscrossed with catwalks. As it is the largest hanger, it also possesses a serious weakness should an enemy manage to get inside and detonate a payload.

The end result is a formidable ship capable of weathering assaults that would cause other ships to buckle, while it continued to support other ships.

Classification: Super Star Destroyer
Role: Command Ship, Battleship
Height: 900 meters
Width: 870 meters
Length: 4,000 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor:

  • One Hypermatter Reactor
  • Two Solar Ionization Reactors
  • Back-Up Solar Ionization Reactor
  • Emergency Power Cells
Hyperdrive Rating: 2.0 Backup 14.0
Minimum Crew: 10,462
Optimal Crew: 56,294 + 4,837 gunners

  • Four Javelin Hypervelocity Cannons
  • Five Heavy Long-Range Octuple Ion Cannons
  • Twenty-Two Heavy Long-Range Dual Mass Driver Cannons
  • Eighty Heavy Turbolaser Cannon Batteries
  • Three Hundred Twenty Heavy Fast-Mount Ion Cannon Turrets
  • Fifteen Heavy Energy Torpedo Projectors
  • Twenty-Five Assault Concussion Missile Launcher
  • Fifty Cluster Concussion Missile Pods
  • One Hundred Forty Quad Laser Turrets
  • Seventy Flak Cannon Batteries
Port Hanger

Starboard Hanger
Ventral Hanger
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Advanced Targeting Systems
  • Communications Array
  • Detention Area (Holds up to 6,000 prisoners)
  • Encryption Network
  • Escape Pods
  • Heavy Deflector Shield Generators
  • Holonet Transceiver
  • Prototype Shield Projector (Dark Harvest component)
  • Redundant Shield Generators
  • Reinforced Hull Plating
  • Standard Detention Cells
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Navigational Systems
  • Standard Sensor Array
  • Tractor Beam (x48)
Passenger Capacity: 18,000
Cargo Capacity: 25,000 tons
Consumables: 5 years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 9

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
The Chrysalide which you have linked has an armament of
2080 big guns
40 "Stutter Fire Capable" Quad Laser turrets
100 Flak Batteries
10 assault concussion missiles
30 Point Defense Pressor Beams

This ship, in comparison, has

3280 big guns
100 Flak Batteries/Quad Laser Cannons(As our tech guide groups them together, so shall I)

Losing 40 "Stutter Fire" Quad Lasers, 10 Concussion Missiles and 30 Point Defense Pressor Beams does not entitle you to a 'small increase' of 1200 guns(Which equates to a near 60% increase). I understand that this ship is a bit slower both in hyperspace and sublight than the Chrysalide, as well as lacking two gravity well generators(Which really means nothing on a ship this size), but I in no way can approve a ship with this many guns.

@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
The edits made still make the Leviathan a significant bit stronger than the Chrysalide from a big guns perspective, but the Chrysalide has the missile tubes and more fighter defense to compensate. Everything looks to even out roughly. Seems good to go in my opinion. Approved.
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