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We are a people borne not from some blind crusade to conquer, but from a desire to learn, to grow, to understand the universe we were born into

The Je'daii were founded with the core principles of balance, moderation, knowledge, and power.* They strive to understand the mysteries of the Force, and the Galaxy it forged, adhering to neither the Ashla (Light) or the Bogan (Dark) and instead finding a path of pure equilibrium they named the Bendu (Balance).

Unlike other Orders, the Je'daii seek primarily to study and observe the Force. They lay claim to no worlds, remain impartial to the sways of Galactic Politics, and answer solely to the Force itself. A Je'daii understands that they cannot stray too far to the Ashla or the Bogan, and falling too close to either results in long periods of meditation to restore their inner Balance.

All Je'daii are encouraged to keep an open mind. They understand that no path is set in stone, and are actively motivated to learn from all branches of their Order before settling down. Even then, no Je'daii is bound to their decision and may continue learning from whichever branch they desire after their Knighting.

There are nine branches to the Je'daii Order, referred to these days as Tho Yor after the original vessels which brought them together as an Order. Akar Kesh, the Temple of Balance. Anil Kesh, the Temple of Science. Bodhi, the Temple of the Arts. Kaleth, the Temple of Knowledge. Mahara Kesh, the Temple of Healing. Padawan Kesh, the Je'daii Academy. Qigong Kesh, the Temple of Force Skills. Stav Kesh, the Temple of Martial Arts. Vur Tepe, the Forge.

Between these a Je'daii can learn practically anything they could ever imagine, and are encouraged to do so. Where once each of these branches had its own Temple, today the Je'daii Order operates out of just one, known as The Silent Enclave, and each Tho Yor is represented by a different wing.

The Je'daii are led by a Council of Masters, made up of the Temple Masters of each Tho Yor. While they do not interfere with the every day goings on in the Order, they will convene to make important decisions where necessary, and during times of difficulty they act as a unified guide for the Je'daii.

* Power, to the Je'daii, speaks of personal development and progression, relating to their Journey, not holding control over others.

Today we take our first steps toward a brighter future; one of knowledge, of balance... One of moderation, and power

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge​
There is no fear, there is power​
I am the heart of the Force​
I am the revealing fire of light​
I am the mystery of darkness​
In balance with chaos and harmony​
Immortal in the Force​
- The Je'daii Code

Our future lies in each student we bring into our fold, in each individual we aid throughout the worlds of this great Universe
Je'daii Padawan
Initiate Equivalent
New recruits, Je'daii Padawans are expected to learn the fundamental basics of the Force, Self-Defense, and Philosophy before being deemed ready to start the trials known as The Great Journey. Very few Padawans have one set Master, and learn from the Order as a whole.
Je'daii Journeyer
Padawan Equivalent
When they are deemed ready to begin their Great Journey, Padawans become Journeyers. Je'daii Journeyers are expected to travel between the Je'daii Temple Masters and learn from them and their Tho Yor in order to gain knowledge and experience.

While most have one set Master, some carry out their Trials without. While completing their Trials for each Temple Master, a Journeyer should be contemplating the path they wish to take.
Je'daii Ranger
Knight Equivalent
Je'daii Rangers, though having completed their Trials, are still seen as having a ways to go in their training. Typically they are entrusted with tasks that lay outside of the Temple, aiding the Galaxy at large.

By the time they reach the rank of Ranger, a Je'daii should have chosen which Tho Yor they wish to become an adherent of. This does not limit them from learning things outside of their Tho Yor, however.

While they are able to take on students, many are discouraged from doing so until reaching Master. After all, their own journey has just begun.
Je'daii Master
Master Equivalent
Je'daii Masters are seen as having reached their peak. Many settle down within the Temple, where they take up students and pass down their wisdom to the younger generations.

Je'daii Masters are not really regarded any more highly than the other ranks, but most respect them for their experience.
Je'daii Temple Master
Council Equivalent
Overseers of their relevant Tho Yor, Je'daii Temple Masters have a place upon the Je'daii Council and ensure that the Order is being run efficiently. Currently all Je'daii Temple Masters are NPCs.
Faction Leadership: [member='Asha Hex'] (Owner) [member='Jericho'] (Administrator)

Canon Je'daii Lore: Information pertaining to the Je'daii of Legends, sourced from the pages of history.

The Great Journey: Trials of the Je'daii, intended to help an individual grow and choose their path.

Persons of Note: Esteemed (NPC) members of the Order, including the current Temple Masters.

The Silent Enclave: Home of the Je'daii Order, found on the quiet world of Aurum.

Help Desk: A place for questions and concerns. Feel free to use this thread to gain assistance regarding the Je'daii Order.

Introductions: New members to the Order should post a greeting here, so that we can say hello!

Looking For Master/Student: Je'daii looking for Apprenticeships should post here, or search it for a potential pairing.

Returns and LOA's: If you are going to be absent from the site for an extended period of time, let your fellow writers know here.

Discord: Our private Discord Server. Open to Je'daii only. Please do not join if you are not apart of the Order. Standard Chaos Rules apply within.

Do you have any further questions? If so, feel free to PM myself or another Faction Administrator.

Anyone is free to join the Faction, provided they genuinely wish to walk the Je'daii Path. If you need help creating a Je'daii Character, or thinking of a way to introduce them to the Order, you may contact a member of the Faction or post a thread within our General Discussion board.

You can keep up to date with our Faction through the News Bulletin on our Homepage.

[member="Asha Hex"]

I've recently looked over The Je'daii Order and I have so say the work you've all put in to organize the Faction is truly impressive.

It's my hope that perhaps in the future we may be able to share a thread together between our two Orders...

But until then I shall keep an eye out and wish you all the best !
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

Hello there, and thank you for such kind words. I've been trying to make the Je'daii a thing for years now, but it's been one of those slow to pick up pace projects.. and I'm fine with that.

I'd love to thread with the CSA's Jedi, we may not entirely see eye to eye but it would be fun all the same. A little healthy debate never harmed anyone.
[member="Asha Hex"]

While I'm with the Commenor Systems Alliance, our Jedi Order is to remain separate as we're trying to keep out of the politics of the Galaxy of Chaos.

Reading over your factions description I was greatly encouraged by your neutrality in alignment as it rings home for Veiere's past living upon Commenor and establishing The Order of Commenor there as an NPC basis for other neutral Force Users. When things quieten down a little, perhaps this could open us up to the possibility of a meeting. I agree that healthy debates between our people do indeed sound enjoyable, you'll not find hostilities here either as we're very much the pacifist image of what the Jedi were, peace keepers and not of any ill intent to you and yours :D
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

Aye the Je'daii are also anti-politics. We remain out of Galactic Affairs as much as possible and focus on the study of the Force, and balance.

I look forward to creating a story with you guys.

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