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The Galactic Alliance

Spiritual successor to the Republic, the Alliance strives to bring peace and order to all corners of the galaxy through the power of the Light Side.

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The Great Paddy Raffle.

We've all seen the Jedi list for both Masters looking for Padawans and vis versa. It's a good list, but sometimes you sit there for a while and no one seems interested. If you're anything like me, it's just because you're not regularly checking that list to try and find someone and when people do ask around on say the discord, you're likely asleep. It happens.

Or maybe you're just shy.

Enter, the raffle. Put off reaching out yourself in those awkward conversations of "pls train" or "u need master???" and just leave it to me. Sign up below as either a Master or Padawan and I'll assign you together on a trial basis and set you up with a thread to kick off your interactions. The story between a Master and their Padawan is an important one, but if you're having trouble finding someone I'll help you set the groundwork.

Role: [Master or Padawan]

That's all I need. Post below!

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