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The Grand Resolution

Three Months Following the Auction...

Whilst seated within the confines of his personal vessel, the Echani known as Tyri Lsu succumbed to the "sin" of greed. The auction of recent history had provided him with quite a number of items, valuable ones which could easily serve his purposes as a wielder of the Force...yet he found himself hungering for more. As such, he laid down the datapad which had just concluded the holo-conference with the Vigo of the Black Sun Syndicate. The terms of the agreement were relatively simple. For, in exchange for a copy of the recorded sessions of the Adas's Holocron, the Echani would shower upon the Black Suns whatever they needed from his corporation for "pennies at the dollar".

Needless to say, @[member="Domino"] made out like a bandit in this arrangement, but the end result was worth it in the Echani's eyes. For within his palm was the data he so desperately sought. Now for the woman who held the Bracers that would sate his lust. He opened a line of communication to the server he was provided and laid his offer on the table: a copy of the two scrolls he had obtained during the auction. This conversation was brief and to the point, all he wanted were coordinates to seal the deal.

"So, do we have an agreement?"
Become the Crisis
"Toss in some things from your company, 50,000 credits, and copies of any holocrons and/or scrolls you acquire, and we have a solid deal."

Considering the Sith magic she would be learning, t twould be worth it.
And with that said, the line of communication was cut off. Next on the agenda was to reach out to someone of a significantly darker persuasion. One of the bidders had walked away with a holocron which bore knowledge regarding the ability Force Drain. This was something that intrigued the CEO immensely, and so a line of communication was established with this particular bidder's private server and introductions were made. Tyri was short, sweet, and to the point.

"Greetings good sir, I do believe you have something I want. And I have things you may find interesting. I offer, in exchange for recorded sessions of the holocron's full content that you had earned at the Auction, copies of the scrolls that I had earned. In addition, I'll throw in the full recorded sessions of the holocron that is in my possession, in addition to 50,000 credits to make the deal even sweeter. So what do you say? Deal? If so, transmit the data and I'll do the same."
Derisive Umbaran
"You, my friend, have a deal. I'm transmitting the data now. Happy draining."

It always paid to have friends among the other bidders. Particularly friends that were so nice and close that Tyrin didn't even have to ask for their help. A good thing too. It was highly unbecoming of an Emperor to beg. Then again, it was also highly unbecoming of an Emperor to lose the entirety of the Sith archives, so... Well, best not dwell on it. Other things were coming together which warranted more attention than a previous muck-up. Much, much greater things.
"Excellent. Pleasure doing business with you."

And just like that, another deal had concluded. A few taps on his datapad resulted in the immediate transfer of the aforementioned data and credits directly into the bidder's account.
One of the final bidders that the Echani needed to contact was another anonymous bidder who had emerged as the owner of a scroll labelled: "Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut". After establishing a line of communication with this individual, the CEO of Czerka Arms addressed him with a formal tone.

"Greetings good sir, Tyri Lsu of Czerka Arms. I am willing to offer you copies of the scrolls I earned at auction in exchange for a copy of the 'Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut' Scroll you earned. That's two copies for the price of one! If you accept, simply initiate the data transfer."

@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"].


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Zaiden sat in the office of J.A.C with his head down, pencil in hand, and movement galore as he drew his newest plans for a set of armor. It was going to be amazing...

It was then a line of connection opened and he heard the words spoken by one @[member="Tyri Lsu"], "You sir have a deal. However, and consider this not a stipulation but an incentive to continue an acquaintance-ship. If Czerka Arms ever needs any assistance James Armor Companies will assist and vice versa. I have wished to initiate a friendship amongst the companies."

(No you don't have to agree, but to be allied among other companies will make J.A.C look better when I put him in for tier 5. So I had to try.)
Once the data transfer had been received, the Echani, in a good mood due to his immense success went ahead and raised the man's hopes.

"I may just have to enlist your services at some point. There's a noble friend of mine who might be in need of some decent armor...I'll be more certain to keep in touch in this regard. Do me good in this future deal, and you'll have a friend in Czerka. Until then, tata!"