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The Flammenschwert of Wrath

To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
After returning from Coruscant, where she alchemized the songsteel sword of one Stephanie Brown, and after that, a flying-for-hire mission on Bothawui, the time has come for Janick to attempt to collect another of-world client; in-system clients were fine and dandy, and provided her with a stream of income that was enough to keep the workshop afloat. But she will never grow as an alchemist, and Utai Magic Circle will never grow as a workshop if all they do is good-luck charms whose effects are rather generic. Especially if her dream of alchemizing starship components came true, she would want her workshop to have a greater footprint than one system. For now, anyway, she enters a message onto that datapad, while hearing about a name that is well-known around this sector due to that Mandalorian adventurer and executive residing on Asop. While of course, Mandos seemed to often be distrustful of Force-users at best, she wore another one of those lovely witch costumes... with pauldrons, courtesy of the Pau'ans.


Dear [member="Kami Meran"],

You seem to be the type of person that regularly goes on adventures and seem to know what's good and what's not so good for you. Because of this, you might be interested in alchemized equipment: with alchemy one can have a high degree of personalization. However, due to the nature of the alchemical process, please state what kind of item you might want alchemized, and that you will need to come in person to the Utapau Alchemy Castle on the Fourth Moon of Utapau to complete the processing of the order.

Janick Beauchamp
Owner, Utai Magic Circle

kami looked at the swords she had all were small a larger one would be different. she had beskar to use.
she turned to her drawing board. it would be balanced a waved blade would make it unpleasant to collide with.
the blade would be wavy.


she added parrying hooks and a halfsword grip
she also weighed the pommel to ballance the whole thing.
[ message to [member="Janick Beauchamp"].]
Offer acepted i have my company forgeworks looking for a formal alchemist if you are interested.
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before

Dear [member="Kami Meran"],

I will alchemize the beskad you just attached the pictures of. Please let me know what works for you, schedule-wise.

Janick Beauchamp
Owner, Utai Magic Circle


While she knew beskads came in many, many shapes and sizes, a beskad with parrying hooks is for people who prefer half-handed wielding. Plus beskar would reduce one layer of alchemizing; she knew Sith swords usually needed three layers of infusion, one for the ability to reflect blasters, one for the lightsaber resistance, and the last one for the ability to absorb lightning. Incidentally it was the lightsaber resistance bit that required Force-using. So Kami already had the beskad; there is one remaining question for her to resolve prior to receiving Kami. Was there any "blood spilled in anger" left? She used some to alchemize Stephanie Brown's sword, but few people even wanted such a thing as a Sith sword, much less beskar. While most alchemical stuff had no specifications for the nature of the blood, and hence venipuncture was just fine, how often was she angry at anybody? In a fit of anger, she just demanded the Utai maid submit herself to a venipuncture.

"You have to take a blood test! Health regulations demand it!" she screamed at the Utai maid, in anger.

"Why?" the Utai maid asked, realizing that there is a venipuncture kit on her left elbow too late, and that there will be blood spilled in anger in the vacutainer.
the beskar was redily avaolable as was rhe sword when kami made it folded 700 times then tempered. still it was a greatsword that made it loarger than she was used too. still she had researched the forging of these. tikliki leather covered the grip and half sword point.
still there it was noy bad for a first ettempt all that was off was rhe balancepoint.
comming a few invhes foreaed og thr gross guard. still nothing a new pommel could fix/
[member="Janick Beauchamp"]
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Now that [member="Kami Meran"] arrived with the beskad in tow, it was time to greet with her, with the fresh vial of Utai-drawn "blood spilled in anger" she had at her disposal, and labeled as such. It might feel a little bizarre for a NFU to even desire a Sith sword, unless she was expected to fight alongside dark-siders on a regular basis. Perhaps Kami was unfamiliar with the Utapau system, but the Fourth Moon was easily accessed. She would realize that Kessil's upper-class district was lined up with a number of Victorian châteaux of various sizes, on plots that are often in the half-acre range.

"Welcome, Kami. As part of the standard health protocol when alchemizing personal equipment, blood testing is required: no one wants a personal weapon that will make their owner sick"
ahh skev. blood testing.
kami was still on the chems to defeat her cancer and keep the cyborg pats from being rejected.
in fact her white blood cells were threw the roof.
" well this wont go well." she admitted still offering the blood test.
" had cancer recently. cortosis poisoning"
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
"I understand now why you were so reluctant, angry perhaps even, even though I can assure you, I will maintain the confidentiality of the results of the blood test, no more than it will affect the alchemical process"

It was understandable that [member="Kami Meran"] might have resented the "blood test" even though she could guarantee the confidentiality of the test results. Then again, she was not a healthcare professional, and who was she to deny one's dying wishes? Perhaps Mando afterlife would rather have someone with such a beskad, or she would want to fight one last fight using the beskad on her back. Cancer was serious business to someone that has it, even though it was cureable. With that said, Sith swords were rarely made out of beskar: people preferred songsteel, phrik or Svolten rhyolite precisely because they were lighter than beskar. She would then run through the blood bank inventory she has in the basement before making the request and whether or not to take out more blood from herself. In the end there are more samples to be taken, and about a dozen 2ml blood doses can be taken in for alchemical purposes any given day as far as Janick is concerned. So there is a total of 6 ml of blood to soak the beskad blade in.

"We agreed upon two things: that beskad would have the ability to deflect blasters and particle beams, and that beskad would also absorb lightning energy. Please, can I please have the beskad for me to alchemize it?"
Kami chuckled at the implication she was dying in fact she had the all clear.
so far despitr the damage the cortosis poisoning had ravaged she was in fine health.
she passed across the great sword it stood 163 cm is still weighed 1.369kg which was pretty good all things considered.
" om not offended just ammused " she joked.
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
"Just be patient while the alchemy process of the beskad begins. I hope you don't mind appearing as a Sith Acolyte or a Dark Jedi Padawan in the Force while you have that beskad with you: alchemized stuff have that effect"

With the beskad that was only a few centimeters removed from herself, and even taller than [member="Kami Meran"] was, Janick would realize that the wavy beskad weighed half as much as she would have expected it. Maybe the folding process leaves tons of air bubbles, she thought, while acknowledging that folding beskar is time-consuming, and that she could feel the folds of the beskar in the Force. With 6 ml of blood mixed inside a mini-spray dispenser, she realizes that Utai blood is not compatible for xenotranfusions with most Near-Humans or humans. She goes about her business in the basement below, spraying the beskad with blood using aerosol, and then going about her meditation business to infuse the dark side into the beskad so that it can absorb the lightning. Whereas alchemizing a cameo pendant didn't require a whole lot of energy, a beskad or clothing is more energy-consuming on her part.
" heh. neither faction like my kind much. " she joked handing the sword over.
" to be honest im intending this for a warrior i know. " kami admitted thinking about the knight Sein Reith.
she was a force user who uses it in a more combat roll. still she was hired to make a sword and one thing Kami loved it was badass.

[member="Janick Beauchamp"]
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
"To be fair, the Sith factions of today seem to be closer to the Mandos than they used to even two years ago, thanks to their alliance, so while they might still not like Mandos that much, at least you can go fight crime in Ascendancy-land without having to fear the Sith"

So [member="Kami Meran"] saw the whole alchemical process unfold before her, and she can't help but feel that one Sein Reith was Kami's point of contact for bounty hunting contracts among the RE or the Ascendancy (from which she heard had the best spaceport security in the galaxy). From what she heard about, the Resurgent Empire is in open revolt, and doesn't pay bounty hunting jobs very well if bounty hunting jobs are publicly funded. With that said, the meditative activity resumes and the dark side of the Force is imbued into the beskad again, for the ability to reflect directed-energy weapons this time. Like putting in an everlasting magnetic seal on the beskad; it was the first layer that ensured that it will never dull. Once the process ends,Kani would be handed back the beskad, with all traces of the blood having faded well into the beskar's structure due to the alchemical process, but also with Janick having expended a lot of Force-energy to get the process done.
" i have a spoon i may need alchamized " kami joked watching the Alchamization process.
" This must take a hell of a lot out of you." she noted glad Lyth had lost her own connection to the force.
[member="Janick Beauchamp"]
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
"The beskad may be a bit heavier than normal, but that's to be expected when it comes to alchemizing beskar: now it must weigh something like 3.5-4 kg or something" she told Kami once the process for alchemizing the beskad ended, with a little shortness of breath.

[member="Kami Meran"] would be receiving a beskad that was a little more red due to the blood content used in the alchemical process. But unlike a beskad used in battle to chop organic enemies to pieces, the blood would be pretty uniformly laid out in the blade. Now the oversized beskad would be handed back to Kami a few hours after the process of alchemizing the blade began. She also realized that, while alcoholic beverages can be alchemized almost on the fly, or jewelry could take a little bit longer, personal equipment of that nature would take much longer. Also, she hastily prepared the bill for the alchemized beskad: of course, this being a bit more expensive than the standard beskad, Janick hoped that Sein Reith had a few bounty hunting jobs for her to pay for it, or that Sein had a good line of credit for financing. Of course, Janick not being the most adept with financing, she'd rather have Kami or Sein pay for the alchemy up front, or cash on delivery. She also hands back the bill to the diminutive Mando girl:

"Also, you'll get your money's worth for this alchemized beskad: it will last you a lifetime"

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