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Private The Fallow Ground & the Sower

Quill Kaohal

Kaohal Alpha

Location: Kashyyyk

Writers: Quill Kaohal Quill Kaohal Jairdain Jairdain

It was a perfectly normal day for Quill. Valera, his mother was preparing food for their usual morning meal, and then it would be off to the fields for training. Quill smirked mischievously, his mother was a stickler for him keeping on his training, he just wished they would get out more, but anytime he asked she would quickly put the notion down and explain that due to something at a planet he’d never even got to see, they had to lay low until some “family drama” settled down ~ whatever the kriff that meant. He chuckled, mother never liked him using fowl language, BUT - it was his mind and if he wanted to say kriff he could.

“I heard that little cub..... and no, I don’t need to read your mind to know your thinking, about something you shouldn’t, be saying.” Valera smirked at Quill, admiring her sons gentle features, as her arms would stretch out. Quill came hurrying over to her and allowed the woman to embrace him in a hug, and then his favorite part as their foreheads came together, noses touching as a deep and mutual feeling of love was known. She spoke, in a soft tone. “ I love you my light, no matter how far, no matter the trouble, remember ~ you ~ you are the best of the Kaohal Clan, and I will always be here to help keep you anchored when the sea becomes turbulent. I am so -.....” Her eyes narrowed as her nose and ears twitched, head raising... How?... Why?... I left no trace. Valera did her best not to panic, but the familial bond between mother and son was hard to block strong emotions, and right now Quill felt anger, hatred and a deep dread, dread for his safety. She put her hands to his face, and spoke quickly, sternly. “Don’t argue, don’t fight. Hide little one until I find you. Do you understand?” He nodded. Yes mother.”

Quill broke loose as he ran as fast as his two legs could carry him, diving for a fallen tree, sliding and hiding within its shelter. All he could hear was his labored breathing, but the forest was quiet ~ deathly quiet. What is mother worried about? Who is she hiding from? He could help her with whatever was coming knew he cou—..... he thoughts where cut short, very short as he heard blaster fire and explosions taking place. He reached out, his breath now accelerating, trying to sense his mother’s presence, but something... something else seemed to overwhelm the area; it was dark, and unfriendly. Quill heard snarling, mother had phased ~ snarling, guttural and visceral sounds emanating as the forest once again broke into silence until - it was like a hot knife tore into his chest, a breaking, a shattering of a emotional bond ~ a howl, a scream of a wolf taking its last breath was heard and his mother’s presence ceased to be. No.... n-no.... Tears, flooding tears poured from his eyes as his hands quickly came to try to hold them at bay. No!.... mom.... Words trying to form from his mouth, but nothing came. Don’t leave me mom.... Mom... Anger, rage unyielding began to boil and bubble from a well that had depths unknown, the young Quill stood, looking in the direction he had run from. His fists tightened as he began to move the bricks that were now feet, Move he uttered in his mind, Move!.... fear gripping his chest as he allowed the anger and loss to push forward to push the fear back. He came to the back to the clearing as bodies would be seen, limbs strewn across their camp, and in the middle, a dark figure standing over a lifeless wolven corpse. His eyes widened in horror. Loathsome and enraged tears poured down, words forming and rolling out from his mouth. “Mother! Wake up! Get up!” But he knew the painful truth.

The man, who’s features where indistinguishable turned slightly, his foul presence clashing with Quills. He spoke, a voice as fowl as his presence, the words clawing their way out from his mouth
Well, the Vius council left you out... she did well to hide you, but in the end her efforts to hide you failed. You should have stayed hidden because now in the end, I’ll kill you, just... like.... her. He let out a small, and unamused chuckled. Those words echoed in Quills mind; I killed her... I killed her.... I killed her.... The man would begin to speak again; only to be cut off feet abruptly as a loud, and ear piercing baritone force scream of sheer rage and loss would be heard from Quill as the force emanated him. The forest shook with the rage ran unhindered from Quill; The mans hands, moving to his ears as he starred with pure contempt for the boy, unable to move, moving to his knees - being immobilized by a child, and again to his chagrin, Quills normally soft and gentle green eyes focused on the man, his hand moving back and almost pushing against some unknown wall, let out a massive force repulse towards the man, terrain tearing and shattering as it engulfed the man sending him through several feet away.

Quill dropped to his knees, bawling as he screamed, his rage fleeting now only immense sorrow, and exhaustion overtaking him now. Why? How? Words unable to form and his mind unable to process. His mind wasn’t alert, or even ready as the silence broke, the sound of crackling force lightning would be heard and as it happened all Quill could manage to do was to raise his right hand as the lightning overtook him and sent him flying back, a loud and harsh
CrAcK overtaking his senses as he slumped against a tree. Standing, disoriented, he saw the man moving towards him, barely processing the awful words spewing from his mouth as he took off in a full sprint through the forest.

“HELP ME!” The young Gurlanin screamed, his voice cracking as he ran, blood moving down his brow as he cried out again. The dark figure was catching up, he had to move faster. His breathing sped up, his headache got worse as his whole body contorted. He jumped, his clothes spontaneously breaking off him as a large ivory wolf now ran across the terrain. He ran, he ran as far and as fast as his legs could until he came to a clearing and physically stopped, panting, the flight or fight mammalian instinct predominate as he collapsed out of sheer fatigue. Was the man behind him? Was he going to die too? Mother... why?... and then, blackness.

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