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The Ethelwulf

The Ethelwulf

NAME: The Ethelwulf
FACTION: Jedi Order / The Republic
RANK: Jedi Shadow
SPECIES: Unknown
AGE: Unknown
HEIGHT: 1.79m
EYES: Unknown
HAIR: Dark Brown (Only seen if he takes off the hood)
SKIN: Slightly tan (Only seen if he takes off the hood)

(+) Commited to the Lightside and the Jedi Order to greater extend.
(+) Due to his dedicated training in stealth, infiltrations and intel he is virtually undetectable when he mean it.
(+) Lack of facial expresions makes him unpredictable.
(+) Skilled lightsaber duelist.

(-) He can be considered a man of visions, usually arriving in inconvenient times.
(-) His commitment to the Covenant cause takes him to the limits of what is gray from the Order's point of view.
(-) Overconfident, strong headed and opinionated man.

Little is known about the way he behaves, other than the fact that is a extremely silent person, without attachments or apparent feelings. The training in Force Concealment makes him a mysterious being, hard to read and unpredictable.

The mask hides most of his expresions, his desires or even his aspirations. However, in battle, is known that the man pushes himself to the maximum to accomplish his goals and his missions.

Although some decisions might not be the right ones, he is a noble person with strong attachment to the lightside regardless of what people might think of him.

A higher calling was offered to the man codenamed: The Ethelwulf. The calling of the Jedi Shadows of the Covenant. As a member of the Jedi Order, this man is a strong and dedicated follower of the lightside who relinquishes himself in all aspects when he wears the mask... and at that point he becomes the nameless Jedi.

Using one of the Robes manufactured and developed by Vexander Graves along with the Sasori Research Engineers, the Shadow becomes an infiltration operative at the service of the Order in order to battle the Sith and to put an end to the darkside abominations that they plot against all the sentient beings in the galaxy.

Records do not show further information other than the fact that he answers directly to the Jedi Covenant and usually likes to work in solo missions, or under the direct command of the Jedi Council.

[------------CURRENT HISTORY------------]


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