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The Eternal Empire | Service Guarantees Citizenship!

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War


"...We are those who endured what the rest of the galaxy could scarcely imagine and from the ashes, we rose together. We are of many species, but of one soul, a single Nation united, forged in the fires of war and tempered in the cauldron of hardship, one culture who stands above all and looks down upon you softer cultures with contempt.

We are the Eternal Empire. The end of the evolutionary line. The past is our faith. The present is our struggle. While you basked in your sunshine, we toiled in the bitter cold. While you reveled in your debauched, depraved pursuit of comfort and pleasure, we made sacrifices you can not even fathom. While you embraced the lie of peace, we learned that there is only war.

Now, we stand before you on the eve of the greatest metamorphosis this galaxy has ever known. And you now find yourselves facing a choice, the most important one of your lives. Those of you who join us, shall cast aside their easy, soft lives of comfort and from now on, you shall know only the most difficult struggle. The greatest of hardships. Duty shall be your freedom and war shall be your singular purpose. Choose carefully, stranger. For the future is ours.

And ours alone..."

- Articles of Founding, Chapter I: Proclamation of Imperial Exceptionalism
The Eternal Empire is a faction with a long history on Chaos, stretching back two years, during which it has existed in various forms, amassing an extensive collection of intricate lore. Returning from hiatus, our focus is on writing complex stories of tragedy and vengeance, of ideological fanaticism and the harsh realities of war, of misguided idealism and arrogant, self-righteous villainy. Below, are several useful links to help new recruits become proper imperial citizens, or simply provide those curious with an interested read.
  • Our Faction Page is as the portal to the faction and the central hub for anything and everything Eternal Empire
  • The Pocket Guide to the Empire serves as a condensed and abridged entry into the faction's lore, providing a useful point of entry for new members, or just people interested in the history, beliefs and culture of the Eternal Empire
  • Our Discord Server is where our members congregate and where we plan out upcoming stories, or just a place where we hang out and chat
Caught your attention? Feel free to let us know if you need help with anything, have some questions, or are simply interested in writing a story with us. See you on the other side :)