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Jairus Starvald


Religious/esoteric/occult consultation
Alchemical creation
Adversarial downsizing
Biological strategy and application in combative solutions
Extreme asset makeover
Study of sentient species psychodynamics.
Molecular Alteration of Chemical Substances.
Engineering of Artificial Space Constructs.
  • Tier: 4
The Emissaries operate as a decentralized system of cells with little to no communication between one another, unless an operation demands a greater-than-its-parts scale. Since the sacking of Coruscant by the Sith Empire Starvald has drawn the disenfranchised, the lost and the fallen into the fold and crafted an organization rooted firmly in the improvement of self.

Even if it means over the head of others.

Its people are diverse and that is reflected in the host of... services they perform for the correct price. From consultation to organic uplifting and even sentient species research the Emissaries have their fingers in a lot of profitable pies.

Coruscant - Most of their efforts have gone into establishing a base of power on Coruscant, a planet often referred to as the center of the Galaxy in both economical, political as well as cultural terms. They host numerous safe houses, control a number of spaceports and warehouses and have stakes in some industrial property in the Works of Coruscant. No matter where the Emissaries expand next, they will always consider Coruscant the heartland of their efforts and the larger they grow, the more they plan to increase their interests within the various sectors of the planet.

Throughout his career as a problem solver on Coruscant Jairus Starvald cultivated a host of contacts and networks through which his job was made easier. From fences to gear suppliers and infochants, but it was the following generated from obsessive fanatics who enjoyed the macabre that Jairus got the idea for the Emissaries. The business of assassination was a good one, but it lacked certain upwards mobility that kept him interested. Utilizing the funds and assets he had gained throughout the decades of being active as a Sith Lord Starvald created a loosely-organized cult to keep himself entertained.

Even a Sith Lord needed a hobby, he reckoned.

Rather than immediately spread out through the Galaxy Starvald utilized the chaos left in the wake of the Sith's attack on Coruscant to consolidate his influence in certain sectors of the Coruscanti underworld.

Subsidiaries: /
Parent Corporation: /

Company / Workshop: The Emissaries.

Modification Made:
Tier Up: 3 > 4
Adding Operations: Molecular Alteration of Chemical Substances [Cornerstone Scientific], Engineering of Artificial Space Constructs [freebie]
Adding Locations: Tatooine [CIS contract], Metellos [Codex sub], Empress Teta [Expansion thread], Vaynai [Codex sub].

Rationale: Did the work.

Complete a Major Contract.

Sign a contract with three additional player run organizations, one of which must be a major faction.
Display four examples of company growth in influence and/or finances OR territorial expansion.
Display four uses of company operations.