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The Best Ideas are When Your Drunk, Sometimes

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
It had admittedly came as a surprise to Hazel when she had recieved Joza's message. She hadn't spoken or even seen the Zeltron since the party at Club Blush, and even then there had hardly been enough time spent with her. Although given what that night had led to, the Hapan couldn't really complain about it. Ultimately the contents of the message hadn't been too much of a surprise. Joza had a bit of business on Nar Shaddaa and had predicted she'd inevitably be bored by the end of it. So she had wondered if she wanted to meet up and catch up, have a bit of fun along the way.

Hazel had pondered over it for a bit. She had gotten comfortable on Monastery, teaching in Sanctuary while she wasn't occupied with other duties on the planet or otherwise offworld. But it had been a while since she had the change to take a break, the last of which had been when [member="Irajah Ven"] had taken her to The Black Feather on Maena. Albeit she certainly wasn't looking for a repeat of that or even Zeltros, especially now that she was in a relationship. But a chance to have some drinks and dance with a friend? She was all for that.

So the Hapan was offworld once more, heading to Nar Shaddaa. She had made it planetside just as Joza's business was being concluded. And as predicted the Zeltron wanted to unwind and put a little excitement into things in the wake of how boring the past several hours had been.

The duo had ventured through a number of clubs, consuming a few several drinks on offer and taking to the dance floor. It became a repeated process - a club crawl, until somehow the pair managed to find themselves at a hokey little bar on Nar who-knows-where Shaddaa.

And that was where Hazel was, sat up at the bar beside Joza, arms propped up a top the surface with a near empty glass in hand.

"Baaartender! Another, if you kindly would!"

Did I forget to mention they were drunk?

Surely nothing too bad will happen, right?

[member="Joza Perl"]
“No, no. You—“ A pink finger jabbed towards [member="Hazel Zanteres"], “—are too drunk. Too drunk to drink. Bartender, I demand that you give me her drink!”

Meetings, boring meetings. While Joza had taken to the life of an energetic and situationally aggressive businesswoman, it wasn’t bad to unwind either. For a Zeltron, a Zeltron who did well in the entertainment business, she was historically bad at relaxing. Anxiety and paranoia could only be dulled with so many drinks, but with a friend? Chilling out became much easier.

The bartender looked between the two women for a moment, confused on what to do before giving each woman another drink. This seemed to placate the Zeltron at least, who happily sipped away at some fruity umbrella concoction.

Hazel was good company. She took her job seriously and knew how to conduct herself in treating patients and teaching, and other assumed doctor duties Joza had probably imagined. But she knew how to let go and have fun, and that was what made the two women connect well. They knew how to compartmentalize tasks and separate work for play.

Which got Joza to thinking about the direction her company was going in. Heartbeat hand its hand in a few ventures, but entertainment and humanitarian aid being the most prominent. It was easier to get into entertainment given that Joza had been a dancer since her teenage years, and Heartbeat originally started as a dance studio. The relief aid came as an idea to help support the civilians of a galaxy that was constantly at war.

Thus, an idea was formed.

“Hazel, you’re a doctor. I’m a dancer.” She downed a good portion of her drink as if to cement that point somehow. This made perfect sense in her mind.

“Let’s build a hospital together.”

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
In response to [member="Joza Perl"]'s words, Hazel looked affronted, giving the Zeltron a look of mock betrayal, holding a hand to her heart to emphasis her point. " traitor."

Only to immediately let out an amused snort right after, nearly falling into a giggling fit. But that was quickly silenced when she saw a fresh drink magically appear before her.

"Ah, blessings to you sir! Doth have delivered me a grand service." Let it not go unsaid, that even drunk Hazel Zanteres had the courtesy to be thankful.

She sweeped her glass up and brought it to her lips, sipping at the drink before taking a more hearty swig of it shortly after. Hazel hung her head back, staring up at the bar's ceiling. Almost toppling backwards off her seat, if she hadn't grabbed ahold of the bar with her free hand to steady herself. The Hapan let out a content sigh as she felt the warm liquid flow down her throat. She always appreciated some good, hard liquor and the night had been a great deal of contention when none of the clubs offered a decent option for such. So, finding this little bar had been a blessing in her eyes.

Her eyes lingered over to Joza as she spoke, giving the Zeltron a grin. "And damn good ones too." Whether she meant herself as a doctor or Joza as a dancer, or even both, went unsaid as the Hapan gave a half toast with her glass before downing more of the drink. Then her eyes practically lit up at what followed that.

"!" She exclaimed, pausing between each word as she suddenly slammed her now emptied glass onto the bar top. Thankfully the glass didn't seem to break from it. "But where? This is after all Nah-Nor...Nar Shuddaa."
“I know, I know.” Joza agreed, smug. Was she agreeing to the part about possibly being a damn good dancer or a genius? Probably both, to be honest.

She took another hearty swig of her cocktail, movements becoming less delicate and refined as the night went on. “Look,” She hooked one arm around Hazel’s neck, bringing her in closer as she managed to retrieve a datapad from her purse without dropping it. Sliding the device onto the counter in a less than graceful manner, a few taps and swipes would bring up some blueprints of a street in the Corellian sector. Her finger hovered over the screen, shifting back and forth as it searched for something. “There’s a condemned property I’ve been looking at riiiiiiight her—oh!” Tapping her finger onto the location, she started in her seat as her music app somehow launched.

“Stupid thing!” Her fact scrunched up in annoyance as a few desperate taps and swipes stopped the music player after it blasted a few seconds of 'Twi’lek Girls' to the entire bar. Any looks they got were subsequently ignored.

“It’s an underserviced area. Could really benefit from some basic care n stuff, y’know?” Downing the last of her drink, she slid the empty glass back to the bartender with a grin. “We should go to the property manager and buy it.”

The bartender retrieved the empty glasses, not bothering to suppress a subtle eye roll. “Will that be all, ladies?”

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
"Hmm?" Hazel murmured something as [member="Joza Perl"] looped an arm and pulled her closer in. She watched rather owlishly, eyes widened in wonder at what the Zeltron was doing. Her interest peaked when Joza pulled out the datapad and began fiddling with it in search of something. Now even in her drunk haze, Hazel had her moments of clarity. The latest being when she saw the device's screen suddenly light up with blueprints. She wondered why exactly the Zeltron had them, but then remembered that she was also quite the businesswoman.

Who just so happened to have blueprints of an entire sector of Nar Shaddaa.

Huh...Well that's handy.

Hazel watched Joza's finger as it moved above the screen, shifting and weaving about until she physically pressed it down onto it.

Rather than being startled by the sudden music, the Hapan let out an amused snort followed by a chuckle at Joza's expense. Though she was promptly humming along to the song not a second after.

Once she had managed to silence the music, Hazel returned her attention to the datapad. She had a thoughtful look on her face, or well whatever crossed as that when you were drunk.

"I like it. Seems to be a perfect spot. I always wanted to a realtor." The random addition at the end gave Hazel pause. " that's not right." Either way, it was quickly out of her mind when the bartender spoke up.

"Weeeell," she gazed over at Joza. "will that be all for us?" She said, though she didn't wait long for the Zeltron's answer. "Naaah, probably is. We ain't gonna get chit done just sitting here."

Hazel managed to shift herself off her seat and stand up, without immediately stumbling. She grinned over at the bartender. "Unless you happen to have a bottle-to-go?"
“Exactly!” Joza affirmed. Sitting at a bar and pounding back drinks wouldn’t build a shopping mall.

The bartender shook his head in response to Hazel’s question, not really amused by the drunken antics of the two women. At least they weren’t vomiting everywhere or breaking glasses against the wall. Come to think of it, it was probably good that they chose to leave now.

As the two women wandered towards the door, he called out to them. “Hey! Blonde lady! Zeltron! You forgot to pay your tab!” He didn’t move to intercept them, though—didn’t need to, given the Gammorean bouncer that shifted over the door, effectively blocking their exit. Joza stumbled back despite the fact that there was a few feet between them, eyeing up the pig man as he sized her up in return. The two held eachother’s gaze in a short glare before she turned on her heel—remarkably swift for a drunk woman, but this was not Joza’s first time being drunk in heels, nor would it be her last.

Clacking up to the counter, she placed a wad of credits down on the counter with an absolutely straight game face. “Here!” She declared. “Keep the change, kid.” The bartender arched a brow, stone faced as he counted the credits she’d placed down. There was more than enough, and he kindly handed the Zeltron her change without much fanfare. He was a little turned off by her calling him kid, given that going on looks alone he could probably have been her father.

Turning back to Hazel, she clicked her tongue. “Let’s blow this joint, chica. We’s got some work to do.”

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
"Oh..." A look of disappointment crossed Hazel's expression, despite the fact it was clear that even if the bartender had, he wasn't going to give it to them. Especially given the state of drunkenness they were already in. Though that was quickly forgotten as she realized [member="Joza Perl"] had gotten up, and as such was off her seat and following alongside the Zeltron.

There trek towards the exit ended up being cut short when the Gammorean blocked the way. Hazel blinked, several times as she looked up at him.

"Hey the big guy," she said, and went mostly ignored. The bouncer's attention was on Joza, and Hazel just looked back and forth between the two as they had their little staring contest.

When the Zeltron finally turned around and headed to the bar, Hazel watched in silent appreciation.

Hazel was most certainly not capable of moving that quick in heels, which was why she wasn't wearing such tonight. Joza however was owning it, all in drunken haze.

"Damn right we do sister!" She turned to face the Gammorean and just stared at him, until he finally stepped aside and allowed the pair to finally leave.

Once outside Hazel took in the 'fresh' air, taking an exaggerated inhale. "O-kay. Which way?" She asked, turning around on the spot repeatedly.
One out on the street, Joza paused as her head turned this way and that.


Her lips pursed as she tried to think about it, fishing the datapad from her purse once more and bringing up the map. “It’s…he’s only like, a few blocks from here. This guy works laaaaate a lot so we can probably catch him.”

Satisfied with the plan, she nodded once before pointing sharply to the left.

“Onward and upward, my friend!”

Regardless of whatever…that was, a pair of men who’d been hanging out near the entrance of the bar paused in their conversation as the two inebriated women stumbled out. They simultaneously looked them over, one elbowing the other before they exchanged glances and little smirks. As Joza and Hazel meandered their way down the side of the road, so would this pair of shady characters follow from behind. Not too close so as to immediately get on the women’s radar, but not far away enough so that they wouldn’t lose sight of them.

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
The duo continued their trek, walking down streets scarce of a many other people. They only passed by a few here and there, other patrons from nearby establishments. Most steered clear of them, but a few called out, which either went ignored or Hazel randomly flipped them the finger.

[member="Joza Perl"] was taking the lead, due to her familiarity with the route, even in her inebriated state. Hazel was by her side, though often enough to use the Zeltron as a balance whenever she her legs got too wobbly. And was there whenever Joza was the same.

The Hapan hummed a song, randomly breaking out into singing the actual lyrics, albeit the majority of them were completely in the wrong pitch.

"Soooo...." Hazel began wobbling her way up to Joza again, leaning against her side a bit. "What's the game plan with this guy? How well do you know him? Do you think he'll actually sell the place?"

Drunk as she was, Hazel was still ever inquisitive. Though completely clueless to the fact they were currently being followed.
The two women merrily hobbled along, intermittently using eachother as a balance when needed. There were a few stumbles, maybe an awkward fall but so far all ankles and heels were intact, as well as their good mood.

Joza’s senses naturally dulled when she was inebriated, including her ability to glean things through the Force. If she noticed that they were being followed, it didn’t penetrate her mind very well. Not enough to concern her at least.

“Okay, so, he knows I’ve been interested in the property but is very finicky. So like, we haggle with him, then show him our boobs, and we get the property and build a hospital.”

Solid plan. A+

Suddenly, a stumble. Joza’s foot twisted sideways, heel caught in a crack and she fell. Luckily, the Zeltron managed to catch herself before she ended up as your standard drunk girl laying on the ground and crying about something.

“Hey! Ouch!” Both hands braced her fall, but she was left with a scraped knee. Lower lip stuck out in a pout, she tilted her head back up to the blond woman. “Hazel! Doctor this!” While pointing to her mild injury, the two men who’d been trailing them saw their opportunity. Breaking into a fast walk, one wrapped his arm around Hazel’s waist and pressed her forcefully against the wall while she was presumably distracted. The other hurried to restrain the Zeltron on the ground, hands attempting to pin her wrists.

“Well, you ladies should know better than—“


The guy trying to mount her was interrupted with a belligerent shout in the face and a high heel to the crotch.

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
"Ah yes! A tried and tested plan if I've ever heard of one."

Albeit the Hapan wasn't one to usually go flashing folks, even when she was in a party mood. Though even that was entirely true either, it always dependent on what company she had at the time. Which usually followed up with even more.

The duo were just around another corner when Joza suddenly stumbled, fate finally catching up with her heels and sending her to the ground.

"Joza!" The tone in Hazel's voice was probably more appropiate for a life threatening situation, not a slight fall and a scraped knee. "B-but I can't. The doctor is off duty tonight."

Which was the truth, Hazel hadn't brought her satchel with her tonight. And the only other solution that cropped to her drunken mind was to use her healing.

Though as she went to crouch down to Joza's side, Hazel was suddenly blindsided by one of the men and was pinned against the wall. The Hapan recoiled as she felt the man's breath against her face, his body being pressed against hers.


Whether it was the words themselves, or just the fact it was a familiar voice shouting them. It had the same effect of kicking Hazel into action and bringing a sharp knee up into the man's groin. And as he stumbled back; arm removed from her waist, the Hapan's military training flashed through her drunken haze and she delivered a right hook to the stranger's cheek.

[member="Joza Perl"]
While Joza didn’t exactly have military training—she’d been educated as a Jedi, whatever that meant these days—she’d been in her fair share of fights and was pretty scrappy.

So needless to say, when the man went to strike in her the face as retaliation, she bit his hand. Hard.

“SON OF A BITH!” The man snarled, form still awkwardly hunched over her body as he alternated between cursing and coughing, looking as if he were battling back a wave of nausea. He was tougher than Joza’s compromised mind made him out to be, scuttling his knees in order to pin her legs against the ground and prevent any further literal ball-busting.

Maybe the alcohol numbed any sort of inhibitions along with concern for her safety, but the Zeltron threw herself right back into the fight—cybernetic arm and all.

Hazel seemed to be faring well, taking her opponent by surprise with her instinctive military training to kick ass. By the time all was said and done, there were two blooded men laying in the street, either unconscious or well on their way to it given the occasional faint groan.

“Hazel, Hazel you alright?” Joza hobbled over to her friend for lack of a high heel rather than injury, concern painting her face along with the bit of blood at the corner of her mouth. Not her own, though.

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
Somewhere in the back of her mind, Hazel was thanking her old squadmates for taking the time to teach her a few things. Sure, her actual Battle Medic training at the time included some self defence, but it hadn't been particularly much. Instead her friends had gone out of the way to teach her how to defend herself properly, in several different forms and if it came down to it, just to outright be scrappy should the need arise.

Which the current situation called for, at least to Hazel's current mindset anyway.

Even with a knee to the groin and a punch to the face, the man who had attacked her tried to push through the pain and tried to tackle her.

The Hapan sidestepped, though it looked more like a drunken stumble. The man smacked into the wall, and as he recoiled from it Hazel delivered another punch to the face.

With him dazed, Hazel took the opportunity and kicked a leg out, tripping him up and sending him crashing to the ground. Although she almost went with him, but managed to steady her balance before it could happen. The man groaned, again trying to get up but this time Hazel delivered a kick right to his head, knocking him out.

Hazel took a deep breath, a degree of adrenaline coursing through her along with the alcohol muddling her mind. It took her a moment to realize Joza had come up to her.

"I'm okay Joza, I'm okay." She felt a stinging sensation on her right hand, and a glance to it revealed the reason. "Well, other than my knuckles are bleeding sure." The alcohol had dulled the pain, she could feel the soreness sure, but she had just delivered several punches with her bare hand. Something she wasn't use to.

Now the next bit, if Hazel wasn't drunk would've probably given her pause before even considering it. But that wasn't the case, and within seconds the Hapan was using her healing to mend her hand; evident by the slight yellow glow that encompassed it. She did the same now that Joza was nearby, placed her hand close to the original scraped knee and tended to it. Thankfully they were barely a minor wound, and had little effect on Hazel's reserves.

[member="Joza Perl"]
The worry began to fade from Joza’s face as Hazel affirmed that she was alright, brows creasing again as she saw the other woman’s hand. Unable to process things very quickly, she looked from the beaten and bloodied man back to her friend as she began the healing, taking several moments to absorb everything.

“Damn Haze, you’re scrappy.” She commented, clearly impressed at her ability to smash a man’s face in while this drunk. “Remind me not to piss you off, ever.” She hadn’t seen the other woman fly into military mode, and perhaps that was a good thing.

Still, she smiled in thanks as her scrape was healed. It had torn a bit more in the scuffle, but the alcohol and adrenaline had numbed her well enough. “Thanks for the healing, Haze. Could do well with you around more often!” Out of the many ways there were to use the Force, healing was one that Joza couldn’t get the hang of. She’d been able to once—and not well, mind you—but her ability to even mend the smallest wound had all but disappeared.

“We should probably get going. This guy tends to work late, but not super late. You sure you’re okay?” She gave Hazel a little concerned glance. “Not that I don’t think you’re a great healer!” She corrected suddenly, raising both hands to defend herself from the onslaught that probably wouldn’t come. “Just..y’know, mom stuff.”

As the pair resumed walking, Joza made idle chatter with the doctor. “So where’d you learn to fight like that? Did you have to do more than basic combat training or…?”

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
Gradually the adrenaline slowly winded down, making way for the drunken haze to take hold once more.

Hazel let out a scoff, running her fingers over her now freshly healed knuckles.

"Thanks, but I think it's the drink taking. I generally go out of the way to not be violent...unless the situation calls for it." The Hapan's eyes lingered over to the two unconscious men that were laid out on the floor. Even now the Doctor part of her wanted to pierce through the drunkenness and do her job, despite what the duo's intentions had been for them. But then at the same time, she also wanted nothing more to do with it and just let them be.

She made no comment when Joza thanked her for the healing, just gave the Zeltron a small smile. It was one of the few things she hadn't told Joza, of the events on Hoylin and after it. That her illness; that in itself was something she had yet to divulge to the Zeltron, had gotten worse and was slowly deteriorating her healing over time. Though albeit healing things as minor as her knuckles and Joza's knee barely made a scratch. But it was something on her mind, it always was.

"I'm fine Joza. Just not use to being like that is all." As the pair continued their walk and the conversation turned to questions, Hazel let out a small chuckle.

"My squadmates taught me." She began, a warm smile appearing as she remembered those memories. "I was like their little sister, one who joined them in getting wasted at whatever local bar or club that was available where we were stationed at the time. Became a tradition over the years. But, something happened during the earlier years. We were all at this nice little bar, drinking away and chatting up some of the local ladies. I got surprisingly lucky and was already on the way out with my arm wrapped around someone. Unfortunately someone caught sight and followed us. Long story short, the guy pulled a knife on us. My companion for the night was able to get away, me not so much. Instead I was faced having to try and disarm him, which didn't go entirely well because I was use to more orderly combat, not random and wild." Hazel took a deep breath before continuing. "Thankfully one of my squadmates had the foresight to keep an eye out for me that night, and before I could be seriously harmed, he was so on the thug's case, disarmed him, broke his arm and left him whimpering on the cold ground. Shortly after that was when they all decided I need a little extra bit of training."

[member="Joza Perl"]
There was something there, something behind that little smile that hinted at bigger things. Things that weren’t quite right, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. All she got was an inkling, and Joza tended to trust her gut in conjunction with her empathy. Then again she was pink girl wasted, so it was possible she was just imagining things.

Either way she wouldn’t bring it up.

Hazel seemed to warm up, trailing off into her memory as she answered Joza’s question. It was unfortunately an all too common tale; girl leaves a bar and is followed by someone with ill intentions. Hell, it had just happened to them. “I’m glad that you were okay,” She spoke softly, knowing that the story could have had a very different ending. “It’s good to have friends to watch your back like that. Learning to defend yourself is important.” Nodding once she smiled over at Hazel, red waves falling over her shoulder.

“Had to deal with a lot of stuff like that when I was a kid on Zeltros. The clubs had security, but it wasn’t always the best and they couldn’t be everywhere at once. A good rule of thumb is to be twice as aggressive back—usually scares em off, but sometimes it just goads em on.” She shrugged, squinting at a large building they were coming up on. “That’s when you bring out the brass knuckles.”

Stopping in front of the building, she looked up at the many stories towering into the night sky. “Well, this is our stop.”

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
At the mention of friends Hazel became silent, a thoughtful look on her face.

"Yeah..." Hazel muttered, the words just drifting from her lips effortlessly as her mind went down memory lane.

Her squadmates had practically been brothers to her in everything but relation. They cared for her, protected her, dotted in her even to the point of annoyance. And at the same time they were steadfast at each other's side during thick and thin, across the battlefields.

Had being the right word in this instance.

They were all gone now, continued being swept along by war and ultimately dying for their duty on Coruscant. As she would have too, if the events on Corellia hadn't pulled her away from it in the nick of time.

Externally Hazel was drunk as hell, but internally she somehow felt sober. And as she tried to move away from those thoughts, she latched onto that drunkenness to take her mind of it.

She looked up at the height of the building and let out a whistle.

"There will certainly be plenty of room to say the least." Hazel chuckled little, turning to look at Joza. "You taking lead?"

[member="Joza Perl"]
Even through her drunken haze, Joza could tell that Hazel was lost in thought. Something in the other woman’s aura was tinged with wistful recollections, nothing she could feel wholly without concentrating. Concentration was not her foremost skill in the moment.

Instead, she gently caught Hazel’s hand and squeezed reassuringly. Not explanation as to why, just a soft smile right before they stopped in front of the building.

“Mhm. Realtor’s office is on the second to the top floor.” She nodded once. “I’ll take the lead seeing as how I know the guy, but you’re the whole medical half of this thing—gotta convince him that I’ve got a good doctor on my side who thinks that this is a good idea and knows her stuff.”

With another more decisive nod, the pair of women walked into the building and took the lift up to the appropriate floor—no stairs for these ladies, not in their inebriated state with heels.


“Look, this is a highly sought after property, I’m not sure if—gah!”

Ever see a man in business attire being assaulted by a Zeltron? Joza was practically straddling him, arms squeezing her chest together to show off the goodies in her precariously low cut top. “Come on Hector, it’s for a good cause! And you know that I always…follow through.” Leaning forward, she let her words drift into his ear with nothing less than a sultry tone. “With the check.” She added, pulling away and fluttering her lashes.

Hector had pushed himself as far back in his char as possible, looking positively confused and startled at the sudden advance of the super drunk Zeltron. She was typically more professional in his experience.

“Ask Hazel. She will be partnering with me on this venture.” Swinging one leg over the side of the desk, she threw a hand out in a grandiose fashion towards her blonde friend. “Hazel! Tell him all about what a wonderful doctor you are.”

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
Once they had gotten to the realtor's office, Hazel had instinctively hung back and opted to lean against one of the walls and simply watch. After their previous interactions; the time on Mustafar, the drink after, and then tonight, Hazel felt like she had a reasonable idea what 'Joza taking the lead' was likely to entail, more so when drunk.

It was certainly something the Hapan wasn't going to miss watching, and appreciate the view from her angle.

Drunk Hazel bit her bottom lip slightly, then again Sober Hazel would've done so as well and probably had at some point since meeting Joza.

She also had a fairly good idea what the realtor; Hector was seeing, having been on his end of things a few times in the past, they had been a Zeltron too now that she thought on it.

Hazel pushed those thoughts aside though when she heard Joza speak her name, signalling it was her time to swoop in.

"Ah, you do me too much credit Joza." She began, stepping away from the wall and approaching the realtor's desk. "But she's not wrong, I have several degrees in medicine and science that back it up. I can list them if you so wish. However, Hector - do you mind if I call you Hector?" Hazel asked, not really giving the man a good moment to respond before she continued. "Do you know how long it takes for a medical vehicle to reach the Corellian sector? Appoximately twenty minutes, and that's if the nearest sector over has one available to send over. AT the very least, building a clinic here will allow anyone who's injured or seriously wounded to be treated and cared for until a transport can arrive to take them to a medical center."

[member="Joza Perl"]
Joza reclined on both hands, shoulders back as she hummed softly in approval. Hazel was quite the articulate drunk and had a natural swagger about her that didn’t diminish with the number of drink she’d had. It was safe to say that though their methods were different, the two women were on the same wavelength.

Hector turned his attention to Hazel and away from the distracting pink mix who’d thankfully let up so that her friend could speak. He often worked late, and was honestly exhausted. Too exhausted to deal with the drunk women that came parading in demanding property, but they didn’t seem intent on letting up anytime soon.

He’d worked with Perl before and knew that she was meticulous when choosing land, but she never really gave him much trouble and always made her payments on time. And this doctor she’d brought along with her did have a point—there were few proper medical facilities in the Corellian sector, not enough to scale with the amount of violence. With a heavy sigh and a glance at his empty cup of caf, he relented.

“Alright, but you understand that you’ll be paying full pr—“ He was interrupted by Joza, who’d swung her legs back over the desk and leaned in, tracing a lithe finger down the chest of his shirt. “Wouldn’t have it any other way, Hector dear. Now if you’ll provided the paperwork please, we’ll be out of your hair. Unless…” She trailed off, a little knowing light flickering in her eyes.

“Just the paperwork, then.” He grunted, quickly pulling up a document for Joza to sign on his datapad. The Zeltron eagerly signed, then the next, then the next. At some point, she’d tossed her head over her shoulder and winked at Hazel.

[member="Hazel Zanteres"]

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