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Approved NPC The August Sentinel

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Name: The August Sentinel
Loyalties: Kaine Zambrano
Role: Messenger / Envoy

Age: 4
Model: Modified Z1 Assistant Droid

Appearance: The August Sentinel is resplendent in flowing scarlet robes of the finest silk which cover up its metallic chassis and conceals its robotic nature from onlookers. The traditionally narrow head of the Z1 had been replaced by a more bulbous apparatus with a glass face that acts as a screen from which it can display video, even going so far as to assume the face of the individual it was sent by or any other personality contained within its databanks. It's mechanical appendages have been outfitted with various tools not included in the original base model, such as built-in needles in each individual digit for the application of toxins or the drawing of blood for identification purposes. Holographic projectors have also been installed in each palm, allowing the droid to conjure forth a three-dimensional image of anything within its databanks.

Personality: After several years of acting as Darth Carnifex's personal envoy the August Sentinel has adopted a very regal and condescending attitude to those who it perceives as being lesser than itself, often making snide observations whenever possible or enunciating its opinion at any given moment. It does, however, follow its programming to the letter and will not deviate from its assigned task unless instructed to by its primary creator and programmer, Darth Carnifex.

Combat Function: Generally the phrase "don't shoot the messenger" tends to go unheeded in such turbulent times, and thus while the August Sentinel is not primarily programmed for combat it has been graced with several combat algorithm chiefly designed by Darth Carnifex. The droid's databanks are also protected by several firewalls and a last-ditch contingency to delete all of its data in the event that the safeguards are breached by an unrecognized and foreign user. In conjunction with the data wipe there is a small, but powerful, explosive installed deep within the droid's chassis that will detonate and destroy the droid (and possibly anyone in close vicinity) to prevent the droid's remains from being retrieved by the Sith Lord's enemies.

Notable Possessions: None except what may be given to him.

History: Organic messengers may be more versatile than that of a droid, but often run the risk of divulging sensitive information when subject to extreme duress by hostile forces if captured. The August Sentinel was designed with the idea of avoiding such risks. It cannot be bargained with, it cannot be bribed, it cannot be coerced. It will follow its orders dutifully and without any deviation, and in the event that the droid is compromised it will destroy all evidence of the information it carries along with its physical self to prevent others from accessing the crucial information hidden within its databanks.

Darth Carnifex personally oversaw the creation and programming of this particular droid, even going so far as to guide the process as intimately as possible to ensure that all of his designs were fully met. He programmed an undying loyalty to himself and himself alone shortly after, and christened the droid the August Sentinel to denote its importance as the personal envoy of his will.

Intent: I was inspired by Palpatine's Sentinel droids from New Canon, and I wanted to make my own.

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