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Approved Location The Ascendancy Academy

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Intent: To Create A Reasonable Training Facility For TSA Army

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Structure Name: The Ascendancy Academy

Classification: Military Training Academy

Location: Bastion

Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy


The Academy is built in a remote mountain region, hidden and obscured from the prying eyes of society. It is completed closed off to the public.

Security: Basic security forces.


The Academy is designed to train military minded civilians in TSA warfare and tactics. The structure serves as a basis to roll-out the army (ground forces) for the TSA. However, not all applicants are accepting into the academy. Each applicant must pass a physical, and those that do not are automatically rejected. However, rejection from the army does not disqualify them for the other TSA programs like the Ascendancy Intelligence Agency or the Engineering Corps for example.

​Life for those that are accepted is harsh and taxing on both their body and mind. Each cadet is considered a representative of the TSA, on and off duty, regardless of where they are stationed. The academy holds a zero tolerance policy for insubordination, laziness, or lack luster efforts. Though a merit/demerit system is in place, the academy instructors can petition the head administer of the academy to expel any cadet they deem unworthy to wear the uniform of the TSA army. If a petition is made and the cadet has not reached the demerit value for expulsion, then a committee is assembled with all the instructors and the head administer to discuss the cadet in question.

​For those cadets that reach Officer status upon graduation, they are still not equal with Sith during times of war. However, only Sith Lords and High-Ranking Sith Knights (those on the cusp of being granted Master rank) hold more sway over the Officers. Acolytes and newly appointed Knights MUST follow the orders given by the Officers, regardless of how long the cadet held their rank.


Hand-to-Hand Combat Facility: Here the recruits are trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat; usually in the martial arts. Each cadet gets extensive training which lasts two weeks, and must pass a series of trials before they are allowed to move onto the gun range. Those that fail must retake the course.

Gun Range: Recruits are taught intricate knowledge of all types of energy and bolt weapons. Unlike the hand-to-hand training, recruits are put through a four week training course that is both brutal and rigorous. Each cadet must know every detail of each weapon they trained in, including timed sessions on breaking down weapons and reassembling them. Again, they are put through a series of tests in which they must pass. If they fail, once again they are forced to retake the four week course.

Tactical Room: Teachers train recruits on the various tactics of ground warfare. This class usually lasts a couple of weeks, and though not physically exhausting, it is quite taxing on their psyche. They must understand all tactics of warfare, and must have a one-hundred percent pass rating on the final test. If they fail, they are required to retake the course.

Holonet Simulator Room: Recruits are put in holographic combat scenarios to test their knowledge of combat warfare. This is daily routine, lasting only about five hours a day. Though there is no pass or fail here, it is to the duty of the instructors to provide feedback either positive or negative to ensure each cadet is ready for real-life scenarios.

Medical School: Recruits are trained in the basics of combat medicine. This is the longest of all the courses, due to the nature of the subject, which can last up to three months. It is mandatory for all recruits to take this course, regardless if they opt to further their studies in this to become a combat medic. Like the tactics course, each cadet must pass with a one-hundred percent test score. This is the final course of their training, and it is up to the cadet to opt to be a combat medic or join the ranks of the infantry.

Melee Training Facility: The recruits are taught how to utilize melee weapons. This course runs for two weeks, and if they fail this course, once again they are mandated to retake the course.

Graduation Ceremony Hall: ​Those that pass all the courses are assembled here for the graduation ceremony. Those that are in the top twenty-five percent in their class with the highest marks are automatically commissioned as Officers. The scores are based off the melee, gun, hand-to-hand combat courses, since the medical and tactical courses require a perfect score to pass.


​Upon the TSA claiming Bastion, the Circle of Lords approved the construction of a military academy to train those that will swell their army's ranks. Several independent contractors were hired to erect the academy. To oversee the construction process, Darth Sarcophago was tasked with the assignment to ensure the academy met the requirements as laid down by the Circle of Lords. She alone is responsible for the success of the academy.
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Hi there. I'll be the judge to review this sub. I love the concept overall as I've always had a thing for military academies, but I just have a few details I need ironed out before I can stamp this!
  • How long is training typically for Cadets/Recruits? How intensive do they get in each skillset? Are graduates typically commissioned as officers?
  • I'd like to see just a bit more in the description. Examples: What is life like for cadets/recruits? How are Sith integrated into the chain of command?
That's it for now.
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