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Approved Tech The ARG

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Dash Kessler

Technically Outlawed.


Intent: To create a non-lethal crowd control option
Image Source: Marsenary Franchise
Canon Link: Ixetal Cilona, Glop Grenade
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Tricks of the Trade
Model: TOTT-008 Adhesive Riot Gun (ARG)
Affiliation: Open Market.
Modularity: No.
Production: Limited.
Material: Durasteel, Gun Components, Glop Compound, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Ixetal Cilona extract


Classification: Non-Lethal Adhesive Riot Gun
Size: Large
Weight: Heavy
Ammunition Type: Grenades
Ammunition Capacity: Very High
Effective Range: Average
Rate of Fire: High
Stopping Power: Very High
Recoil: Average


Pump Action

Adjustable Stock

Rail mount

Stick Around: The adhesive grenades fired by the ARG are designed to expand and envelop the target upon contact, coating them in a gloopy like substance which rapidly hardens to hinder mobility and potentially bind them to nearby surfaces. When fully hardened, the substance is comparable to plastoid and remains so for approximately thirty minutes before breaking down.

Under the Skin: When directly exposed to the skin, the high yield dimethyl sulfoxide in the adhesive potentially allows the rapid absorption of an ixetal cilona based compound into the target’s bloodstream. This may cause the subject to experience mild hallucinatory effects and, when applicable, can also lead to a temporary reduction in their ability to use the force. These effects rarely last longer than a few hours, however.

Hold Please: The adhesive takes roughly between two to three seconds to fully harden. A sufficiently motivated individual could use this time to mitigate or negate the effects by removing affected items or forcefully pulling themselves away from stationary objects.
Limited Exposure: While traditional glop weaponry is designed to cover a wide area, often up to 10m in radius, the grenades used in the ARG only cover a tenth of this (1m). This is to accommodate the changes to make the formula longer lasting and more potent.
Accidentally Deadly: While marketed as a non-lethal weapon, repeated grenades to the chest can potentially immobilise the target’s diaphragm and lead to asphyxiation. For similar reasons, headshots are not advised. It is also worth noting that Ixetal Cilona is a highly addictive controlled substance that can lead to negative effects on general health. Anyone exposed should be placed under observation and, if necessary, advised to seek out necessary medical treatment. Of course, this is only a weakness if you don't mean to kill them.
Gimme Some Skin: As stated above, the dimethyl sulfoxide delivery system of the ixetal cilona requires exposed skin in order to function. Obviously this won’t work on subjects wearing full body armour, eva suits etc. It is also designed to primarily work on human and near-human biology. Species with vast differences in biology, such as Vaathkree, Gutretee, etc, will similarly be immune.


The Adhesive Riot Gun, known colloquially as ‘The ARG’ by all those cool kids back on Terminus, is the latest entry into the Tricks of the Trade arsenal and the workshop’s first intentional foray into non-lethal weaponry. Featuring a pump action reload, the ARG is designed to be able to fire eight adhesive grenades in quick succession, allowing a skilled operator to cover a eight meter area with a fast expanding, incredibly durable foam that hardens when exposed to air.
As an added kick, and perhaps honestly as a gimmick to set it apart from its competitors, the glop formula used in this weapon has been further modified to include a payload courtesy of Terminus’ finest ixetal cilona dealers. After all, nothing says pacified, happy crowd control like a drug induced trip, right?
All in all, what it lacks in imaginative naming, it more than makes up for in being able to reliably put your opponent down and out of the fight without making it a permanent six feet under. Probably.
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Dash Kessler said:
The adhesive grenades fired by the ARG expand an envelop the target upon contact
Throw in "are designed to" between "ARG" and "expand".

Dash Kessler said:
Under the Skin: When in contact with exposed skin, the high yield Dimethyl Sulfoxide in the adhesive facilitates the rapid absorption of the ixetal cilona based compound into the target’s bloodstream. This causes them to experience mild hallucinatory effects and, when applicable, dampen their ability to use the force.
Reword this so it states its potential to do so, not that it will happen.
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