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  • Intent: To provide context and background to my character's checkered family relationships/past.
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  • Organization Name: The Apinea Family
  • Classification: Aristocratic family
  • Affiliation: Located within Galactic Alliance space
  • Organization Symbol: A gilded letter 'A' in flowing script, framed in gold, bordered by azure and purple.
  • Description: A rich, aristocratic and proud family that delights in preening their own image and judging others. Fundamentally obsessed with gaining and maintaining their status, most members of the family are drawn into petty, personal games and encouraged to excel, if only to shine more prestige, wealth and accolades on the family as a whole. Likewise, weakness is abhorred, preyed on and stamped out at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Headquarters: Chandrila
  • Domain: The Apinea Manor is a large, ancestral family home based on a peaceful, country estate. It is secluded away and surrounded by carefully-grown and tended forestry, to keep prying eyes out. It is surrounded by lands that are owned by shell companies belonging to the family. Their holdings are rented out to agricultural concerns,
  • Notable Assets: N/A
  • Hierarchy: Officially, the head of the family is Pietro as the direct male descendent. However, power really rests in the hands of his scheming, razor-sharp mother, Yamila.
  • Membership: The main Apinea family contains 6 prominent members, as well as various cousins, second and third sons, married-off daughters and otherwise unimportant branches. Membership is limited to blood relatives and those who marry into the family. Prospective fiancees are expected to be of a good aristocratic background themselves. This can be overlooked if they're able to provide something the family wants, such as more land/company ownership, wealth or family artifacts.
  • Climate: Unfriendly, somewhat ruthless and scheming aristocratic family. Expect cutting remarks about your outfit, probing questions about your background and judgement of every misplaced feature.
  • Reputation: The Apinea Family has a mixed reputation on Chandrila. Members of the family tend to be rude and haughty, which does not endear them to others. However, they are shrewd when it comes to business and as such maintain an excellent reputation as wealth creators and business partners.
  • Curios: Male members of the family receive rings with the family symbol on them once they reach the age of majority. Female members receive a pendant with a similar design.
  • Rules: There are a tangle of unofficial rules that members of the family are expected to follow, all based around maintaining family status. Members are expected to act in a certain aristocratic manner, keep to people of their own 'station' and, most importantly, do nothing to tarnish the reputation of the family.
  • Goals: The Apinea family collectively wish to build on their fortune and grow in status, hoping to overtake other families and groups on Chandrila and eventually become the first and foremost member of the aristocracy. Individual family members may have their own specific goals that contribute to this. The family are also pursuing their missing member, Esmerelle, who disappeared recently. A substantial reward has been offered for her return to the family manor.
Pietro: 49, 'Head' of the family. Owner of the Apinea Estates since the death of his father. Very proud about his family and arrogant about his own abilities, believing himself to be a master businessman and a patriarch to be remembered for centuries. In reality, he coasts by on his charm and the influence of his mother.

Yamila: 70, unofficial and actual 'Head' of the family. Has controlling interest in several agribusinesses on Chandrila as well as investments in several Core Worlds businesses. Cool and calculating, Yamila studies situations hard and makes careful and considered judgements. Determined that she will leave the family in a much better state, believing they could have the potential to rise above all others on the planet.

Galania: 44, wife of Pietro and mother to and Esmerelle. A society woman who tends to contribute to charitable works and organisations on Chandrila, but does so to openly court a particular reputation. She is a gifted linguist and amateur historian, fascinated with the culture of the more respectable Core Worlds. Trying to collect artefacts relating to former Republics.

Rorald: 46, brother of Pietro, favourite uncle of Esmerelle. As an 'extra son,' he felt he needed to make his own fortune and travelled a great deal of the Galaxy. A lot more easy-going than the rest of the family, particularly around his favourite niece. However, he still shares the same goals as the family and would never think of betraying them. Currently not in favour due to his contributions to Esmerelle's escape. Ambivalent himself about just how far Esmerelle took his advice.

Fallin: 25, the eldest child and Pietro's heir. Shockingly arrogant with all the grace of a rampaging rancor. Believes he's meant for great things, though doesn't particularly care to put the effort in to get them. Arranged to be married. Currently involved in the financial aspects of the family's property holdings.

Niyeln: 22, eldest daughter. More cultured and polite than her elder brother but completely buys into the goals of the family. Married off two years prior to her sister's disappearance. Makes regular visits to the Apinea Manor to see her family, also allowing for her husband to lobby on behalf of his own business concerns.

Esmerelle: 19, the youngest child of Pietro and Galania, second daughter. Hot-headed and disinterested in family games, closer to her uncle. Currently missing since the announcement of her engagement. Now goes by the name Juniper Jett whilst working as a trader. Nobody in the family is aware of her new identity and occupation.

The Apinea family has existed in the Chandrillan aristocracy for centuries, building their own holdings, prestige and power through business dealings and intermarriage with other families of status. Records of the family's origins remain patchy at best, though it is clear that they have always been involved with the agri-businesses of Chandrila in some form. Family members tend to speak highly and place great pride in their ancestors, firmly believing themselves to be 'old money.'

The family was considered one of many 'lesser' noble houses in the upper echelons of Chandrillan society until Yamila married into it, nearly 58 years ago. Since that time, she has used her considerable business acumen (as well as her own cutthroat instincts and personal assets) to leverage an impressive amount of growth. The family's coffers swelled and the lands they owned multiplied greatly. This lead the family to enjoy a renaissance in noble politics, firmly establishing themselves as a major player with potential to climb to the top.

Even though Pietro does not quite meet his mother's abilities, the family's outlook has only improved since his time at the top. A favourable marriage to a member of a competing family brought further growth. Working through him, Yamila arranged more marriages to firmly tie other houses to them and continue their rapid rise. With one completed and another underway, the future looked bright.

Then came the day that Esmerelle was informed of her engagement. Though she had always expected something like that to happen, the full reality of the situation hit her like a heavy freighter. Facing marriage to a man she'd never really met before from some other petty noble trash family, just so her parents could wrestle away some other part of a business, didn't appeal. Taken by a sudden opportunity, Esmerelle escaped two days after the announcement of her engagement, after several shouting matches with her family.

The family managed to trace Esmerelle and her repaired ship to Coruscant, where the trail was overwhelmed by the sheer traffic on the world. Through transponder changes and general mischievousness, Esmerelle threw them off the scent and disappeared in the Galaxy. The family lost a severe amount of face due to this incident, their reputation taking a clobbering. They were now the subject of jokes about their 'runaway child' and 'lack of discipline.' Angered by her 'betrayal,' Yamila and Pietro set about putting a excellent bounty for Esmerelle's safe(-ish) return. Without her and her marriage, they fear that the other families will sniff out a weakness and push their decline.
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Pretty nice, just a couple things:

  • Organization Name: The Apinea Family
  • Classification: Aristocratic family
  • Affiliation: Located within Galactic Alliance space

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