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Thankful To Be Home

Serana Onyx

The Shadow's Sister
So the recent months have been hard on my family and myself. I don't wanna get into to much detail, I'll just get down to the wire and say we lost a very good uncle who was very close to me.

Since then I had taken a break from the site but @[member="The Onyx"] has convinced me to return as Serana and continue her story. I would like to take this moment to say, thank you. Onyx has stated to me that he loves the sites community more then anything and I agree. You guys are a second family. I can't wait to get back in the threads and RP!

On a side note, I want cake!
Welcome back! And you missed it. Darren Shaw and Onyx got into a huge fight and now they hate each others guts. (once again)

Anyways now that you are back, I hope that everything goes well for your loss and that you have a good time here with your second fam.

Serana Onyx

The Shadow's Sister
@[member="Dranok Lussk"] - How could I forget my favorite Admiral? But you're sith now? Traitor.

@Morna Imure - Yea Onyx mentioned he became a cyborg thanks to Shaw.

@Everyone - Onyx and myself are sharing a Skype. Mainly because I am too lazy to download it on my slow computer. Regardless, he has changed his username to Darren and Serana Onyx OR cody,friedman. Add us. Just make sure to mention if you are for Serana so he can equally split up his friends and mine. Thanks guys.
@[member="Serana Onyx"]
Not affiliated with those impostors...anymore xD
But I see you've joined the Fringe, it's sort of like the Bluehawks and I'm an admin in it. Just make yourself comfortable and we'll get Serana back into the loop!

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