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Approved Starship TCW-09 Proton Torpedo Bomber

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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud

Intent: Making a Standard Bomber
Image Source: [X]
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source: [X]


Manufacturer: United Trade Conglomerate
Model: TCW-09
Affiliation: Closed Market
Production: Mass Production
Material: Agrinium, Circuitry, Quadanium Plates, Zeltec Ultra-Anium Armor, DZ Conduits electrical panels, Advanced AI Core, Solarium Glass, Liquid Crystal Displays


Classification: Bomber
Length: 10 meters
Width: 20 meters
Height: 8 meters
Armament: High

  • 15x Proton Torpedo Racks
  • 6x Fighter-grade Laser Cannon
Defenses: Low
Squadron Count: Very Low: 4
Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
Speed Rating: Low.

Hyperdrive Class: Slow: Class 5


  • Military-Grade Shielding
  • Military-Grade Encryption Communications
  • Military-Grade Targeting Systems
  • Military-Grade Sensory Array
  • Civilian-Grade Life Support
  • Civilian-Grade Navigational Systems
  • Laser Communications Array
  • Advanced Targeting Computer


  • Agile - For being such a large bomber, these starcraft are very agile and can take turn better than craft of their size
  • Torpedo Boat - They are capable of carrying large payloads of Proton Torpedo's.
  • Defenses - This bomber has lackluster defenses, better hope the pilot doesn't get hit
  • Speed - While this bomber has good handling, it has low speed because of a Large size and minimal engine power.

The TCW-09 was designed around the production of the SDT, forcing it to carry large payloads and keep up with its fighter escorts. It also has a 360 defense with a manned laser cannon on each side of the craft to keep it secure. These cannons can only really defend the craft from other light fighters, but that is why this craft has to be escorted.

Designed by the same engineer who built the SDT, Engineer Sondari created the blueprints for the best type of bomber that could keep the torpedo's at top effectiveness.
Directorate Officer
Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
Armament: High 15x Sondari Dumb Torpedo
These dumb torpedoes are at "limited" production, and this sub is mass produced. Typically, a component of a submission needs to be at least as common as the item being produced.

What you could do is give this torpedo launchers or hardpoints and state that it is capable of taking sondari torpedoes in some situations, but it's not always the default armament.

Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
Defenses: Low 4x Fighter-grade Laser Cannon
The laser cannons should be moved to the armament section as they are weapons.

This is actually a little underpowered, and if you wanted to, you could raise up to two ratings.
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