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Tarishee Kian


NAME: Tarishee Kian
FACTION: Kian Clan

RANK: []Higher Up[]1st class of Kian Clan/Owner[]

SPECIES: Mandalorian

AGE: 18

SEX: Male


WEIGHT: 185 Pounds


HAIR: Silver

SKIN: White Tanned

FORCE SENSITIVE: A force sensitive.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Force Sensitive: Being able to use the force and having Mandalorian blood it is important to know the skills that come along with him.
Athletic and Swift: Beholding a great amount of strength, he can swing on poles and run through thick forests and small woods, he is also very agile, he's able to move quick and swiftly, and can dodge attacks.
Fast and Smart Thinking: Being intellectual he can make great strategic choices, also being able to use his brain in a quick manner, enabling him to think fast with ease.
Strong: Being remarkably vigorous, he holds the ability to lift a speeder bike up and throw it a yard forward, he can pick up his opponent and toss them around with ease.

Saber Performance: There's a few flaws with his saber battle skills though he can use several and cool techniques, he's still working on them
Short Temper: Being the Mandalorian he is, he has a few flaws, especially the way he carries himself, he hates himself and has a short temper so don't anger him
Not caring: Can become selfish and self caring to much and too independent, though does not show it always.

Describe your character's physical appearance. While your avatar should represent your character's appearance, there might be some things not apparent in it for use in role-playing. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, and skin color may also be listed here.

Being born on the planet Mandalore in 832 ABY, and raised as a Noble with high morale and increasing values, cherishing his family and his profits, he was spoiled but well mannered and often selfish at times though. He had self-discipline though usually and merely disobeying his training. Having an explicit life, to be readied in commanding and fighting, his skills were sharp and exclusive. Having a position in high authority when younger, 3rd in charge as his father took well care of him. Later on in the years his mind changed openly and became an explorer as he tried convincing a few of his friends while back just before their death though. Their death meant a-lot to him as it drained deep down into his head and would cause turmoil and a chaotic nightmare at night feeling as if he did it because he couldn't prevent it from happening.

He always believed he could stop war, and it wasn't the money that was going to do so. He called a dangerous faction way worse then the Mandalorians . He called them by sending a note/letter. He asked them to come there, though he was still young and had a lot of interest in learning. However his plan to call the war waging faction over was a bad idea, they destroyed mostly and mainly all of Mandalore and killed its enemies and allies. Though Mandalore was Tue only one that took a severe loss. He regret everything he did, his family was murdered in front of him so as his friends and pets. He could still remember it all. His life wasn't easy nor hard.(This is in non-canon and in a custom story)Though he had thought Mandalore was wicked, it was his plan to do the thing he had once wished for to be over which got in his way of a bright future ahead of him.(I may delete this later and replace it, this is all i have)

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