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Approved NPC Tammuz-Ra, the Butcher's Oracle

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  • Intent: To make an NPC that fulfills the mental aspects of the Force that Carnifex is unable to perform
  • ​Image Credit: Click - Char-Le Wookieepedia Article
  • Role: Tammuz-Ra is the personal Oracle for Darth Carnifex
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  • Age: 47
  • Force Sensitivity: Master
  • Species: Voss
  • Appearance: Tammuz-Ra's appearance is one of mystique and mysticism. His multi-hued body is aswath in flowing white and gray robes infused with vanilla-scented perfume, hiding most of the horrific scarification that litters his torso and limbs. His compound eyes are a brilliantly bright orange which glow even in the dark, especially when Tammuz-Ra is attempting to mask his features with a hood. Besides the benign robe he also decorates his body with extravagant trinkets and other bits and baubles of gold, silver, and jade that are purely of religious significance rather than for the sake of fashion or some other reason. Most of them are relics from his homeworld of Voss that he kept in his possession even as he willingly followed the man who would become the One Sith's Dark Lord to Prakith, while the rest are recent additions depicting ancient Sith runes and other Dark Side symbolism that, allegedly, allow him to tap deeper into the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Name: Tammuz-Ra
  • Loyalties: Tammuz-Ra's loyalty is a mixed subject, for on one hand he is wholly dedicated to his people and their culture but is simultaneously bound to Carnifex through the dark magic of the Ancient Sith. Being part of the Dark Lord of the One Sith's heresy he is irreversibly tied with the Dark Side of the Force, and while he doesn't entirely resent his current predicament it isn't the most preferable existence.
  • Wealth: None.
  • Notable Possessions:
    An Oracle Stone - A lesser copy of the original Oracle Stone that still grants its user some clairvoyance when divining the future and distant events.
  • A Talisman of Concentration
  • Several Sith Scrolls
  • A Sith Spellbook


[*]​Mind Trick

[*]Sith Lightning
[*]Sith Magic

[*]Force Vision

[*]Personality: Contrary to his allegiance Tammuz-Ra is a relatively benign individual, being soft-spoken, slow to agitation, and quite empathetic, he doesn't seem to fit in with the company that has surrounded him. However, lurking within him is a fierce fanaticism to the Dark Side of the Force implanted in him by his connection to the now deceased Dark Lord of the One Sith, an individual that was, like Tammuz-Ra, a Voss Mystic immensely powerful in the use of the Dark Side and the manipulation of the Force all together. He firmly believes in the superiority of the Dark Side over any other variation in the Force, but unlike many other practitioners of the darkness he is not overtly prone to violence or malevolence. This mainly stems from his oracle-like powers which has fostered a belief that is he above such physical confrontations, as he believes he can accurately perceive any possible outcome and overcome any adversity.
  • Weapon of Choice: The Force is Tammuz-Ra's ally, for he is not a fighter nor one particularly inclined to violence. However, he can defend himself if the need arises.
  • Combat Function: Tammuz-Ra is not very battle oriented, he doesn't know a thing about tactics or about wielding physical weapons. He can, however; defend himself with the Force if pushed into retaliation, and while most of his powers are reserved for healing or peering into the webways of the future he can summon forth lightning from his fingertips or cast ancient Sith incantations to destroy those who seek him harm. Along with this he can prove to be a competent medic by using the Dark Side to heal the wounded, although in the process of doing so he causes great metaphysical pain to those whose wounds he seeks to mend.

Tammuz-Ra was born on the idyllic world of Voss in 803 ABY, born with an innate affinity to the Force that manifested early on in his life around the age of six and seven. Because of this he was inducted into the Voss Mythics, the totalitarian ruling class of Voss that oversaw all aspects of Voss life and constantly maintained their power by divining the future with, supposedly, crystal-clear accuracy. Tammuz-Ra was apprenticed to one of the most powerful Voss Mystics of the time, a man whose name would eventually be lost to history as he adopts a new mantle in the subsequent years of amassing the most talented and powerful mystics to his side, infusing them with the power of the Dark Side and instructing them in the ancient ways of the long thought destroyed One Sith.

In time he would be known galaxy-wide as the Dark Lord of the One Sith.

Tammuz-Ra was swayed by the Dark Lord's vile heresies, and became one of his foremost disciples in spreading his corruption to those on Voss who would heed them. It wouldn't be long before they were forced to flee from Voss and reestablish themselves on the secret world of Prakith, the hidden stronghold of the One Sith. There they waited, plotted, and planned for a reemergence of the One Sith as the Sith Empire to the galactic east floundered beneath its immense weight, eventually fragmenting into a hundred different warring states towards the end of the Imperial-Republic War.

By that time Tammuz-Ra had become an adept oracle, able to glimpse visions of the future in which the One Sith reigned supreme over the center of the galaxy. None could stand before their might, not the Republic, or the Protectorate, or even the Mandalorians could match the Sith's strength as they spread out from Prakith like a plague of locusts devouring the Core Worlds. However; he sensed that annihilation loomed for the Sith, a time where the Sith would be consumed by their own voracious hunger and collapse in on themselves in the wake of the death of their immortal leader. Tammuz-Ra kept such revelations to himself for he had become acutely aware of the Dark Lord's growing madness, knowing that such insanity would be the catalyst to the Sith's destruction.

When that dreaded moment arrived Tammuz-Ra kept himself far away from Coruscant, hiding himself away on Prakith as the Dark Lord was weakened and then ultimately destroyed by the Sith Lords Darth Vornskr and [member="Darth Ophidia"] in his laboratory deep beneath the sprawling surface of the Imperial City. His freedom was short lived, however, as he was quickly detained and imprisoned by Darth Vornskr and forcefully bound to his service through an elaborate Sith ritual. Vornskr spirited Tammuz-Ra to Panatha where he was made the Sith Lord's personal oracle and was commanded to constantly scry the future so that the Sith Lord could eventually mastermind the ultimate Sith resurgence in the galaxy and finally bring it under the yoke of the Sith for all time.

Ashin Varanin

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[member="Darth Carnifex"]

Nice straightforward purpose-built NPC, plenty of good limits. My only real hitch is the Oracle Stone. I'd always understood it as a unique artifact (and it's claimed as such on the canon artifact list). Do you have any sources to support the idea that there were others, or would you consider this a lesser copy?
I would consider this a lesser copy, just a little something to enhance the clairvoyance of the user and be a set piece. It'd make sense that the Sith, especially the Sorcerers, would make more type of items like this over the millennia.

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