Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Romi Jade

    Blood Origin: Short

  2. Bede

    Bede the Chronicler

    Bede the Chronicler Character Information -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank: Master of the Force Type: Mentalist/Illusionist Species: Neti Age: Unknown, believed to be well over one thousand years old. Birthplace: Wildspace; once the...
  3. Ginnie Dib

    Approved Tech  The Ring of Deimos-Chaabar (The Ring of Dread-Fear)

    The Ring of Deimos-Chaabar (The Ring of Dread-Fear) OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A personal amulet for [member="Aedan Miles"], to augment Aedan's natural empathically projective abilities & increase the bond between himself and [member="Livia Maddox"]. Image Source: Fantasy Forge...
  4. T

    Character  Thuux Zethrux

    Identification NAME: Thuux Zethrux ALIASES: Numerous; most are quickly discarded. AGE: 67 GSY HOMEWORLD: Falleen (Exiled) CITIZENSHIP: Empress Teta Biology SEX: Male SPECIES: Falleen FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes EYES: Violet HAIR: Black SKIN: Green (Varies) HEIGHT: 1.56 m BUILD: Lithe...
  5. Darth Carnifex

    Approved NPC  Tammuz-Ra, the Butcher's Oracle

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make an NPC that fulfills the mental aspects of the Force that Carnifex is unable to perform ​Image Credit: Click - Char-Le Wookieepedia Article Role: Tammuz-Ra is the personal Oracle for Darth Carnifex Links: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 47 Force...
  6. Yasha Cadera

    Smoking Stones & Proving Grounds (Valik)

    Ssi-Ruuvi is one of those planets I avoid. Not for any hugely tangible reason other than the fact that the Fringe's military presence here is handled by capable people who function better with a lazy hand at the top. They trust that I will command them and I trust that they'll continue doing...
  7. Yasha Cadera

    For All the Fringe Ripple Ice Cream (Spencer Jacobs)

    So there I am at my party and what do I see? A distinct lack of ice cream. A lack of Sakura Chocolate Ripple Ice Cream: my favourite. What happened to said favourite ice cream? After three weeks of my military intelligence scouts running around in circles, seven meditation sessions peering into...
  8. Yasha Cadera

    The Fabric of Minds (Self-Training)

    I'm hanging by my neck over 200 stories up. @[member="Meret Blackmoon"] is scoffing at her beau and I'm losing my peripheral vision. In the dream @[member="Mikhail Shorn"] lets go, and I tumble into a sea of purples and blacks. It has become abruptly clear that I'm unsafe here. Inside the...
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