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Talking Politics (Republic)

Keela Nui

In the small office in the Senate, Keela Nui, the Kaminoan, looked out the window to the bustling planet.

She was waiting for some important guests to arrive, mainly those who wished to fully welcome her to her new position, or to take meal with her while discussing whatever needed to be discussed. Keela knew that @[member="Jack Harkness"] would certainly show up. There was also a chance that Vice Chancellor @[member="Philip J. Halen"] would come as well. She understood it all well enough at this point, despite her age. She turned back to the room and looked over her desk, remembering back to when she first arrived here with her father.

It almost felt like another lifetime, but she remembered the sensation of it all. Seeing the many flying ships constantly buzzing about all around the skies. How crowded it all seemed crowded, especially compared to Kamino which barley had that many buildings. Not to mention that she later found out that the entire planet was a city. It was all overwhelming back then, now it's become the statuesque of her life. Still it was a shame that her father was no longer alive to see how she'd progressed since those days.

She looked to the service droid in her office and said "Prepare refreshments for our guests. They may be here soon."

Once it left she turned back to admire the view of Courascant.
Halen was a busy man indeed, but well... He might as well try and get along with this co-worker, he thought to himself. The last one had forced him onto a dating site and had then proceeded to get their face smashed in.

So, Halen had taken the new Senator's offer to show for a meeting and get acquainted. Was good to get to know the new ones anyways... The better the impression, the easier your job was in the future.

He walked to the door of the Senator's office and knocked.

@[member="Keela Nui"]

Keela Nui

Keela turned and stood from her chair, calling out "Come in."

When she saw who it was she bowed her head, needing to crane her neck down for a moment, as she said "Ah. Vice Chancellor. I am honored you were able to make it. I hope it was not too great an inconvenience."

She made her way over to the other side of her desk in order to better speak with him. While she did not show it, in Keela's mind she was almost giddy with excitement to see the that Vice Chancellor @[member="Philip J. Halen"] had come to see her. She kept a pleasant enough smile while speaking with him, waiting for the droid to return with the refreshments to show more hospitality.
Halen gave a polite smile in response as he walked in, examining the area around him. Small, but homey. Perfect for a starting Senator, of course.

"It was an honor to come, Miss Nui" he said calmly, looking at the Senator. "No inconvenience is too great for me to greet a newcomer. I hope you know the field isn't easy" he said with a chuckle.

He walked to the opposing side of her desk and sat down, making himself comfortable.

@[member="Keela Nui"]

Crix Meriet

Pretty boy ....
Silas was next to arrive he stepped over the rooms threshold and upon noticing the vice chancellor he dipped his hat "Hello Vice chancellor, welcome to Coruscant Senator" He looked around the office it was nice and tasteful.

Keela Nui

Seeing him enter, Keela perked up and said "Oh, Senator Opri. So good of you to join us. But please, I am simply ambassador for now."

She offered him a seat next to the Vice Chancellor before returning to her seat on the other side of the desk. By then the service droid had returned with a tray of drinks, large enough for all of them thankfully.

"Just in time." she noted. She turned to her guest and asked "May I offer you both anything?"

@[member="Philip J. Halen"]
@[member="Silas Opri"]