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Approved Tech Taff Necklaces

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King of Pumpkins

  • Name: The Taff family necklaces.
  • Manufacturer: Rex Taff and Tom Taff
  • Affiliation: Closed Market - Taff family and it's members
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Semi Unique
  • Material: Imbued Vardium Steel, Obsidian
  • Classification: Necklace
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Resistances
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Low
- Kinetic: Low
- Lightsabers: Low
- Other: Elemental- Low

  • Aids in use of Concentration and Cleanse Mind abilities.
  • Force Call when in need of aid.
  • Strengthened Animal Friendship
  • All powers listed are only aided by the necklaces. It does not replace the powers, nor the need to use their own energy to use. As such, Force Call takes significant energy and concentration. Thus, the necklaces only aid the use of these force powers.
  • Forged and crafted by Force Imbued processes, When in a Force nullification bubble, the effects will not work.
  • As a necklaces, it provides no protection of any kind.
Rex Taff saw how much love his son and mykes had for one another. So he quietly went and built these necklaces as a way for the Taff family to always identify another member of there family. He built these in secret hoping to impress the boys. He added some of his clarity of mind techniques to the process however he was soon found by Tom who helped his father and added some of his animal bonding techniques as well. He also added a Force Call to the necklace allowing any member of the family to call for assistance whenever it was needed. The two were very proud of their work.

However the powers they added to it are only aided by the necklaces and are not caused by these necklaces. Given it was forged with Force imbued processes force nullification bubbles will make it so that the effects of the necklaces won't work. As it is a necklace it will not provide any form of protection.
I was a little concerned you were maybe going for a bit too many things for such a simple object, but as it stands these powers all seem very story-oriented and unlikely to effect other PCs.

Just to clarify, these necklaces do not provide power to the wearer, it simply offers mild enhancement for the employment of the specific Force powers listed?

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King of Pumpkins
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Correct. No powers given to anyone, you must be able to use the powers to use the enhancements from the necklace
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