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Approved Tech T3E-series utility droid

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T3E-series utility droid

  • Manufacturer: No longer in production. Used to be produced by Industrial Automaton and various other manufacturers
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: T3E
  • Modularity: Highly customizable and modifiable with a strong focus on the unit's modularity - whether it be armour plating, weaponry, transportation mechanisms or utility equipment it could most probably be changed.
  • Production: Mass-Produced.
  • Material: Duranium, duraplast, droid components
  • At most, it can use two arms at the same time.
  • Can maintain and perform repairs on starships
  • Can perform basic janitorial tasks
  • Modularity: The T3E model is highly modular and can easily be modified bot internally and externally. This means that it can easily be equipped to perform specific tasks with excellence. Whether it be new tools, blasters armours or software, most of it can be integrated to the droid.
  • Atromech: Can calculate hyperspace jumps, interface with computer networks et cetera.
  • Defensive capabilities: Unlike many other astromech droids, the T3E model has a socket which can hold a blaster and can be equipped weaponry like flamethrowers or ion strikers
  • Intelligent: Capable of learning through experiences and making advanced calculations quickly, the T3E can be described as intelligent. Not only does it posses quick processors but also capabilities to adapt to new scenarios.
  • Personality Quirks: Infamous for being quick to develop personality quirks, these droids can often develop creative and unexpected ways of tackling difficult challenges with the tools at their disposal - including lying and disobeying commands. While not always true, sometimes, the personality quirks will make the droids more likeable.
  • Adaptability: Already hosting a plethora of tools and with the possibility of having more equipped or even having some of the default tools replaced, the T3E model has the hardware to adapt to a wide range of situations.
  • Hard to hack: Equipped with several tools to counter hacking and with a powerful droid brain, these units are hard to hack.
  • Blending in: Once having been rather common and still appearing relatively often in the galaxy, the T3E model can easily blend in and work in any environment where other astromechs are without standing out.
  • Personality quirks: Personality quirks that develops quickly can sometimes be a bother when they provide for a droid incapable of being relied upon. A tendency to disobey commands, lie or a certain degree of stubbornness can drive many to frustration. Naturally, these quirks are also capable of causing damage.
  • Not made for combat: While the droid does have defensive capabilities, it was not designed for combat per default. Although it can be equipped to face these kinds of scenarios better, it is still undeniably a weakness which would have to be overcome.
  • Sniper's dream: The T3E has a large and unusually long disc-shaped 'head' which can easily be targeted by someone who wishes it harm.
  • Poor sidewards mobility: While the droid can move at fast speeds and turn at a high rate, the nature of its tracks does not allow for strafing to the sides.
  • Uneven surface travel: While the T3E model has numerous ways of compensating for uneven surfaces, the methods are either insufficient to fully compensate for it (tracks) or incapable of functioning for extended periods of time (repulsors). Without a doubt, this droid feels at home where there are smooth surfaces.
  • T-rex arms: The T3E carries a plethora of arms which can be extended from its chassis but they tend to be short with relatively weak joints and motors which limits their functionality almost solely to what they were designed to do. Even the manipulator arm is limited by its reach.
  • Ion/EMP vulnerability: The model lacks default protection against EMP blasts and ion weaponry which means that it will suffer from these attacks, simply because of the nature of being a droid.
  • Binary: Like many other astromechs, this model communicates to others through binary beeps and boops. Therefore, it can struggle when trying to communicate to those who do not understand it and no computer is available to communicate through.
Deviating from a trend of producing more combat oriented droids like the T7-utility droid which came later in the series, the T3E design builds upon the earlier T3-series with a strong focus on its core functions as an astromech and increased modularity. While the chassis looks very similar to that of the T3, this one has a number of added functionalities and in general more compact component. Naturally, adaptations had to be made from the original as technology lost through the ages had to be replaced by the current era technology, whether it be inferior or superior.

After a period of popularity around 700 ABY, the droid later fell from grace with the most common complaint being how quickly the individual units started developing personality quirks. While some, particularly lonesome cargo pilots and smugglers, enjoyed the droid's company, the high frequency of maintenance memory wipes meant that possession of the model at a large scale became unsustainable for corporations. Till this day (ABY 858) and age, the T3E-series utility droid is still common sight around the galaxy, although far less common than the mass produced units commonly employed by businesses and navies.

Although production of the T3E ended around 40 years ago, the droids are still in active use, often credited for their capacity to think on their own to solve difficult tasks. Naturally still within the nature of the duties usually granted to astromechs. Their possible defence capacity also made them highly appreciated among lonesome starship captains who liked to have it as a last line of defence of their ships. While clever exploitation of the T3E's logical capacitors and numerous personality quirks, these attributes were also detrimental. Similarly to the earlier T3-series astromech droid, the T3E could form community-like gangs, working in groups to steal and con in urban areas. The capacity to adjust their own height by regulating the distance between their feet and use their various tools to get through barriers ensured that they could be quite the nuisance. Still, these constellations were far from common and only documented on a few occasions.

While capable of participating in a fight, most attempts to repurpose them to combat droids ended in failure as their capacity to evade bolts and round corners to catch a foe was considerably much worse than that of more traditional combat droids.
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Hi, this is my first time writing something in the factory and Shuklaar Kyrdol Shuklaar Kyrdol have already been immensely helpful, both with giving me inspiration to draw from and concrete technical information. Now, I also wanted to ask for feedback before submitting the tech. It would be wonderful if glaring mistakes could be caught or ideas added.


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I saw that you, John Locke John Locke were tagged to move another submission on and I am not very familiar with the procedure, so I'll just follow suite. Let me know if I should tag more or other people next time.

At any rate, I believe that this submission is ready for judgement. If further adjustments are needed or recommended, I'd be glad to have a look at that too.
Pluperfect Pluperfect

If you think the submission is ready, please rename the submission to the name/model of the submission.

Also, according to factory rules tabs are not allowed in submission, although spoilers are allowed only for images.

If you want to correct these and tag me again I will move the submission to judgement.

You may tag any member of the factory team to move the submission, but most writers will tag me to move it.


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There we go! I have now changed the title of the thread to match the name of the submission, converted the tabs to spoilers and removed accompanying text from the images - seeing as the tabs were for images only.

Let me know if anything more should be changed.

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It is awesome to see a version of these droids being built for chaos.
Few small things
Firstly Permissions is for if you needed to use another writers' subs which you haven't so please just make it N/A
Secondly with the 3 nones you technically have a -9 balance. It is up to you if we pass it as is or if you play with it more.


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Thank you for the encouragement!

I changed the permissions to N/A.

I bumped up the resistances:
Energy: Average -> High
Kinetic: Average -> High
Lightsabres: None -> Very Low
Ion/EMP: None - No change, it is a weakness
Acid: None -> Average
Elemental: Average - No change

This should reduce the balance deficit quite a bit - but I could not figure out how to subtract from it further. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I believe that it might be enough - the modularity ensures that those who wants something more powerful can get that.

Furthermore, I added a line in the weakness "Binary" about the droid having difficulties to communicate with those who does not know binary without the aid of a computer. This might diminish the weakness somewhat, but seemed reasonable. If not, I will change it back.

I also added two points under special features:
  • Can maintain and perform repairs on starships
  • Can perform basic janitorial tasks

I hope that these changes were alright. Feel free to let me know if there are any other changes which should be made or if you have any suggestions before approval.

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Hello again Ravenfire Ravenfire

I have added Radiation protection at high and bumped up elemental protection from average to high.

Thank you for the recommendation!

Let me know if anything needs changing or if you have any further suggestions.
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