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Auction Syndicate Raid Auction: 3000 Meter Command Ship & Luke Skywalker's X-Wing (Probably)

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy

Syndicate Raid Auction
Primary Lot
The Vagrant Queen: The current crown jewel of Syndicate's raiding missions, The Vagrant Queen. This is a 3000 Meter battlecruiser/command ship that comes equipped with a proton beam cannon, a lower grade version of what was used on the Death Star. It's big, it's powerful, and it has plenty of guns. Just don't mind the sense of icy dread and stench of death on the ship.

Bidding starts at 1 Credit, that's right. 1 Credit.

Droid Lot
Confederate Hunter Killer Droid X 50
Exemplar Battle Droid X 50
Hellfire Droid X 50
Super Clanker X 50
Baron Aerial Battle Droid X 50

Bidding starts at 50,000 Credits

Spare Delilah Lot
Delilah: One of the three force imbued and modified EE-3s that can craft force barriers, block lightsabers, and rip through hard targets with a brutal overcharge modulator.

Bidding starts at 10,000 credits however given that we don't want to sell this for millions, we will accept offers to trade at equal or greater value. So you know, don't be a tight ass.

Special Lot
Luke Skywalker's X-Wing: (Warning) This item has yet to be judged, it is possible to undergo changes, and or denial. While we highly doubt this will happen and expect the judging process to go smoothly, we are simply doing our due diligence to inform you. In the event of outright denial, the auction for it will be considered void.

Bidding starts at 100,000 Credits

1: Please tag the previous bidder in your bid
2: Please be kind and respectful to others and take problems to PMs or an OOC thread
3: Please no outrageous bids or bid spiking like bidding a billion credits in Star Wars gold bars, or taking the bid from say 1,000,000 to 25,000,000 within one post. Proper incremental progress.
4: This auction is official an IC thread so that means all interactions are In Character. You are more than welcome to write "I place 200 on item X" and that counts. But since this is a holonet auction if you don't go about it in a encrypted manner others can trace/slice your biz. This isn't the most legal of holonet sites.
5: In accordance to site rules The Vagrant Queen must go to a major faction and can not be purchased by a single individual. Whether or not this ship becomes your own personal command ship within said faction is up to you. We're just the middle men here.
6: No bid stacking for the primary and special lots. That means you and your friend can not add your bids together due to them being singular items. Bid stacking is allowed on other multi item lots though.
7: This auction will end Sunday evening or Monday morning, imma be honest I'll probably be half way into a bottle of gin so most likely Monday morning.
9: Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
[member="Miss Blonde"]

Another day another auction. John wasn't able to secure what he wanted from the last auction due to how willing to throw destroyer class ships the Galactic Empire was, but he wasn't done trying yet. He saw that this auction by the Syndicate had a lot that interested him in the same way as the last auction had, so he figured he would try and go for it this time as well. He sent in an encrypted message to the auction host that stated:

<Opening bid for the droid lot by Ashhearth Industries and the Pii System.>

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden
[member="Veiere Arenais"] [member="John Ash"] [member="Linna Beorht"] [member="Miss Blonde"]

The Grand Admiral was allotted some credits in order to self-procure ships for the greater might of the Imperial Military

as such he placed a 160,000 credits for both the X-wing (starting bid 100k) and the command ship (starting bid 60,000)
[member="Veiere Arenais"] [member="Lucien E. Irridius"]
[member="Miss Blonde"]

Linna Beorht, Ph.D, tendered an encrypted HoloNet bid of 60,000cr for Lot A, with the Galactic Alliance as the beneficiary.

In addition, even more encrypted, she threw in twenty doses of an obscure spice called Dex - dextrophetamine.
[member="Miss Blonde"] || [member="Veiere Arenais"] || [member="John Ash"] || [member="Lucien E. Irridius"]

//165,000 credits, as well as the old as poodoo Shadow Dagger line of blades salvaged for the bidders enjoyment. It will be remade into whatever fashion seen fit, at limited production (sorry no Minor :p), manufactured by MSI still but under whatever affiliated clientele deemed, on Skywalkers ship

Zaiden sent the message under a heavily encrypted link from his estates on Dantooine. He reclined in his seat, rubbing at his chin thoughtfully. After his death, all three of them, amassed quality items known to be possessed were given to family and friends. But none had ever known of the mass hiding places where he had kept untold amounts of riches. From his times as a Lord of the Fringe, God of Val'hala, and professional assassin, he had easily accumulated billions that he never used.

Admittedly, most of the heavy hitting products he had, or things worth the most were gone. But he still had plenty of gold, jewels and other hidden gems to offer up.

(TL;DR 165k and a limited weapon line made of pure neuranium, specifically for the bidder and pals, on Skywalkers ship)

((Jezus i had to edit 4 times. Stupid brain keep up.))

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden
[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] [member="Linna Beorht"] [member="Veiere Arenais"] [member="John Ash"] [member="Miss Blonde"]

(Might have made my confusing, I'll make this one more clear cause....yeah okay mine was confusing :p)

Irridius placed a new bet under the banner of the Galactic Imperial Navy

Lot A - 70,000 credits

Skywalker Ship - 170k and the Syndicate will be given first considerations on non-classified Imperial Naval bounties and contract missions


He also bids 10,000 credits of his own paycheck on the Delilah
Rubbing at his chin more, he typed up yet another bid:

//200 kay as well as the salvaged blade line.

125 kay, as well as a commitment to assist in fulfilling 5 jobs of the Syndicates many tirades on the main lot.//

At that he relaxed backward once more, his turning to gaze into the nothing for a time. He added the main ship because he had plans to join Ashin in whatever faction she was in, too return to what he had been once. Her Hand. Even if both were different. Neither was what they had been. She a false Emperess, he a killing machine.

As far as he knew, she worked with the First Order. So he would win the ship, and show himself with it.

200k and neuranium salvage for Limitex Production weapon line for auctioneer and buddies, on Skywalker Ship
125k and 5 job assists, on main lot, for the FO)

[member="Lucien E. Irridius"] [member="Linna Beorht"] [member="Veiere Arenais"] [member="Miss Blonde"]
[member="Miss Blonde"] | [member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] | [member="Lucien E. Irridius"] | [member="Linna Beorht"] | [member="John Ash"]

Frowning to himself, Veiere rolled his eyes as he stared down against his datapad, watching the Auction steadily rising in price.

"Adjust bid to three hundred thousand for 'The Vagrant Queen' and add another two hundred thousand for the 'X-wing".

He was new to these things though not new to the rumors regarding such trades and how addictive if not bank breaking they could become.

300k - The Vagrant Queen
250K - The X-Wing
[member="Lucien E. Irridius"][member="Zaiden James-Greyson"][member="Veiere Arenais"]

Linna Beorht, Ph.D, tendered an encrypted HoloNet bid of 310,000cr for Lot A, with the Galactic Alliance as the beneficiary.

In addition, even more encrypted, she threw in thirty doses of an obscure spice called dextrophetamine.
Savitor knew he needed a better gun. And he had jsut foun d one of the holonet, he leaned back in his chair at The Shatterwolf and entered a bid for Lot-C, the blaster, at sixty thousand credits and two squadrons of Lightning Class Starfighters.

[member="Miss Blonde"] [member="Lucien E. Irridius"],

Ship Link:
Scratches the underside of his chin, eyeing the Datapad display.

Raises bid for Lot A to 350,000 Credits, leaving the Bid for the Starfighter at 200,000 Credits.

[member="Miss Blonde"] | [member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] | [member="Lucien E. Irridius"] | [member="Linna Beorht"] | [member="John Ash"] | [member="Savitor Draay"]
[member="Veiere Arenais"][member="Zaiden James-Greyson"][member="Lucien E. Irridius"]

The HoloNet auction reached serious money. A third of a million might not be a drop in the bucket next to the command ship's actual value, but you could pick up a used light corvette for that, a serious ship. Linna's budget didn't really have limits - she'd bought into the Foundation Trust and Iron Crown before they peaked - but she hadn't acquired financial stability by escalating thoughtlessly.

Still, for the next few orders of magnitude, this ship remained a bargain.

Apart from her dextrophetamine side bid, which remained unchanged, she raised her monetary bid to 360,000cr.
A new party would join the auction, a rather well-groomed man sitting in his penthouse on Zeltros. This was certainly an interesting auction, though he cared little for the X-wing. It was an average ship, just made valuable by someone who had once owned it. No, his interests lied elsewhere.
Lot A (The Vagrant Queen)- 375,000 cr
Lot B (Droid Lot)- 52,000 cr
[member="Veiere Arenais"] | [member="Linna Beorht"] | [member="John Ash"] | [member="Miss Blonde"]​
[member="Lord Ajihad"] [member="Veiere Arenais"][member="Zaiden James-Greyson"][member="Lucien E. Irridius"]

Apart from her dextrophetamine side bid, which remained unchanged, Linna raised her monetary bid to 380,000cr.

OOC: [member="Miss Blonde"] - FYI, dextrophetamine was a Chris sub lost in the November 2013 crash and never recovered. If you search it on the board, you'll see several descriptions of what it does, including in Linna's bio. Basically, it temporarily increases Force-sensitivity, but repeated use will decrease Force-sensitivity. Linna once deliberately ODed on it to survive an attack, and burned out her sensitivity for ages. I figured you might be interested in making a knockoff or derivative.

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
[member="Lord Ajihad"] [member="Miss Blonde"]

There hadn't been any interest on the droid lot by the others thanks to the two ships, but now it seemed John was going to have some competition. He checked out what the bid increase was. Not much of an increase, but it was enough of one to put the bid high than his own. He sent an encrypted message out to the auctioneer:

<Bid of 55,000 credits on the droid lot by Ashhearth Industries and the Pii System.>
So he had been outbid already. It mattered not, he still had a very large pool of credits to draw from.​

Lot A (The Vagrant Queen)- 400,000 cr

Lot B (Droid Lot)- 60,000 cr

[member="John Ash"] | [member="Linna Beorht"] | [member="Veiere Arenais"] | [member="Lucien E. Irridius"] | [member="Miss Blonde"]

Vagrant Queen benefactor is the Primeval (for once we go major).

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
[member="Lord Ajihad"] [member="Miss Blonde"]

The bid was raised yet again. John wasn't sure what use this person had for the droids, but it didn't change his need for them any. He just sent another encrypted message to the auctioneer:

<70,000 credits on the droid lot by Ashhearth Industries and the Pii system.>

OOC: Hey Ajihad the stuff with the drugs being part of a bid on the ship is not known by anyone but the bidder and Blonde. It was sent via an encrypted message so you have no way of knowing about it. I just thought I should give you a heads up in case you didn't notice. Also you might want to double check and make sure it is okay for a currently minor faction to bid on a ship that size even if they are looking to go major. I know yall had that rebellion but I haven't heard or seen any judgement made on it yet. You might want to hold off on that lot until it is confirmed yall won or yall get green lit for major via an application. That is just to cover all your bases and avoid any potential issues.
[member="Miss Blonde"] | [member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] | [member="Lucien E. Irridius"] | [member="Linna Beorht"] | [member="John Ash"] | [member="Savitor Draay"]

Veiere sighed to himself, soon reaching to his datapad once again as it chimed in notice.

Raising his bid to 420,000 Credits for the Vagrant Queen, registering interest under Commenori Beneficiary, he leaned back in his seat and questioned whether [member="Lady Kay"] would let him near another opportunity such as this.

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