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Sweet goddess, what do we have here?

@[member="Lauda Cavataio"] *huggles and licks her daughter* Welcome back to the living, dear

@[member="Gilamar Skirata"] another one... if I wanted to be evil I could have all 15 kids running around here ;) :p
@[member="Gilamar Skirata"] those are kids, dear... what about my grandkids, great, great-great, and so on showing up too ... think @[member="Fabula Cavataio"] and @[member="Lauda Cavataio"] is enough? :p
Perfection is Eternal
@[member="Gilamar Skirata"] Don't you even think of calling me 'another one'. I'm the daughter. Don't confuse me with others, Mando. And I have children already, plural.
@[member="Petra Cavataio"] *licks & hugs back* Ma'dri. We'll have plenty to discuss.
@[member="Tamara"] LOL *licks*
@[member="Circe Savan"] No.