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Approved Species Surgeon

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The First Daughter

  • Name: Surgeon
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: [SIZE=9pt]Valrar[/SIZE]
  • Language: Basic, High Sith
  • Average Lifespan: 60 years
  • Estimated Population: Scattered
  • Description: Keeping with the root of the new species, the new Surgeons appear to be horribly mutated Vratix survivors of Thyferra. Heads elongated, multiple arms all the better to treat wounds and amputate limbs, a glowing thorax filled with healing fluids. These might be healers on the battlefield, but they are certainly not ones you want to see.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average height of adults: 2.5 meters
  • Average length of adults: 2 meters
  • Skin color: Purple and brown
  • Hair color: No hair
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive parts of the Surgeon Sithspawn are the multiple arms that can serve a variety of uses for battlefield medicine, and the glowing thorax that contains and produces their own supply of bacta fluid.
  • Races: No other races
  • Strengths:
  1. Utilizing Vratix as the unwilling base subjects, the Lady of Secrets enhanced their ability to produce and excrete alazhi and kavam bacteria, essentially making each Surgeon a walking bacta production facility as their thorax produces the ambori fluid the bacteria can thrive in. This bacta supply is applied through injection by one of the many limbs of the Surgeon. Can be painful.
  2. Surgeons have multiple limbs that are used to perform a variety of medical tasks, from injecting bacta, to amputating limbs, to releasing adrenal stims and so on. They are essentially organic medical droids.
  3. Surgeons have to ability to spit a sticky web substance they can use to bind broken limbs or keep an unruly subject still while they perform surgery.
  • Weaknesses:
  1. The Surgeon is not designed to be on the front line of a battle. If attacked, they have no means to defend themselves. They don't even have any natural armor to protect against blasters or slugthrowers.
  2. Direct applications of the light side of the Force will kill them.
  3. One knows a Surgeon is near if they can smell the sickly-sweet smell of bacta, and there is no way for this scent to be missed.
  • Diet: Blood and the limbs they amputate (they have to go somewhere after all)
  • Communication: Speaking with Basic or High Sith
  • Technology level: While they know how to use galactic standard technology, they refuse to use it, preferring their own abilities
  • Religion/Beliefs: While they do not have a religion, they do have belief system that revolves around serving the Sith. The core belief that was inbred into them was simple; nothing goes to waste, whether that be a soldier, another Sithspawn, a limb, blood, etc. Everything has a purpose, and they will find one if it isn't clear.
  • General behavior: Oddly enough for a Sithspawn, the Surgeon species could actually be described as... passive. They were not designed to be devouring monsters, full to the brim with poisons, claws, and fangs. A Surgeon Sithspawn is far more concerned with making sure the Sith armies, both spawn and normal, are able to function properly. They act as an organic med-droid, providing surgical and bacta aid when required, although their bedside manner leaves much to be desired. They are coldly analytical, they do not care about emotions... or the screams of those they are aiding for that matter. They do not use anesthesia, and if they decide a limb needs lopped off, they will do it as quickly as possible... and then likely consume the limb in front of the person who it was parted from.

Another curiosity experiment for the Lady of Secrets and her apprentice, it came from a question posed to the Lady of Secrets by another. What if the Sith had a Sithspawn that could act as a medic? Well, the answer that fascinated the Lady of Secrets and she began experimenting on Vratix that had been abducted during the Sith attack on Thyferra. Through Sith alchemical processes, the Vratix were mutated and twisted into their current form which the Lady of Secrets dubbed Surgeon Strain Sithspawn.

The alterations done by the Lady of Secrets and Eldaah resulted what were essentially mobile bacta producers and organic medical droids. While Vratix naturally secrete the two bacteria that form bacta, Sith alchemy had enhanced this process and now the thorax of the creatures act as a cauldron to create the healing agent. The Vratix also had their limbs modified, and more grown, with each one being used for some medical practice.
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