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Suhr Dista: Force Sensitive Twi'lek.


|[Suhr Dista]|










5' 3''
49 kg
13,852 per cell



|[Force Sensitive]|

Suhr is sensitive to the Force, and as a result finds her life intricately bound to it. No matter how hard she tries to flee from it, it always catches up - Something she has come to accept as of late. Due to her Force Sensitive status, Suhr finds that she can easily pick up on the emotions of those around her, and often uses this as an indicator for when someone is telling her a lie, or being truthful.

To say that Suhr is accepting of others is an understatement. To Suhr, the background and ideology of a person doesn't matter, so long as they are true to themselves, their beliefs, and their word. As a result, she finds that she makes friends easier than most, and rarely gets into heated arguments. Due to her acceptance of all beings, it is not uncommon to see her speaking to people that her peers would rather she avoids.

To say that Suhr has a certain... Finesse about her lightsaber combat would be roughly accurate.
As a result of her training and her natural talent for the more technical aspects of lightsaber combat, Suhr is naturally predisposed to utilizing Makashi, even when she is not aware of it...
Suhr's actions are contrary to the norm for her peers, and as a result she often finds herself going against the grain.
This often leads her into issues with those around her, as they wish her to conform to their ideals and views on the Galaxy.
|[Furious Focus]|
Suhr is most calm when she is angry. The more furious she gets, the greater her focus.
Naturally, if a being was to play on her emotions and then give her a target, Suhr could easily be manipulated into striking at her perceived "foe"...
|[Dark Passenger]|
Suhr carries with her a Dark Passenger.
It sits in the dark recesses of her mind, and fuels a primal urge within Suhr to take life.
Whenever Suhr is in a situation that she cannot make a kill, she begins to become irritable, and aggressive to those around her.
This Lightsaber appears to be constructed entirely from Yorik Coral. It is also elongated and notched with crisscrossing grooves, and the pommel plays host to a single uncut ruby.
The extra length and positioning of the weighted ruby in the pommel adds extra weight to the back end of the lightsaber,

which allows it's user to shift the blade to odd angles with more efficiency, much like the curved dueling lightsabers of Makashi practicioners.
The lightsabers blade is a blood red in hue, it might make use of a synthetic lightsaber crystal, although some suspect that it contains a Qixoni crystal.
Whichever the case, Bromi Dista, a Jedi dating back hundreds of years prior to the Clone Wars was first being to have used this Lightsaber, and is presumed to be it's creator as a result.
After the Jedi's demise, this lightsaber, which appears to be made of some form of bone, was entrusted to the Kytra family, who were charged with keeping the Lightsaber safe until such time that another Force Sensitive appeared in the Dista lineage. The next time it was seen it was in the hands of one Carn Dista, the being responsible for training the Epicanthix known as Asha Seren (Now known as Fiera Eldaska) It wasn't until Suhr was born that the last of the Kytra lineage relinquished the Lightsaber, and it has been at her side ever since.

Born on Nar Shaddaa, Ce'na was originally destined to be a slave to the Hutts, like her mother and her mother before her. She never knew what happened to her father. At the early age of 4, Ce'na was mother, and sold to a series of minor crime lords, including one called "Casus". Ce'na stayed with Casus for the next four years, until he made the mistake of venturing into Republic space. Casus' ship was soon boarded and the criminal found himself apprehended by a Jedi Knight. This Jedi worked his way around to the holding cells, thus releasing Ce'na and her fellow slaves - However he also gave them a choice. They could disembark at the nearest port and be free to find their own paths in the Galaxy, or they could stay with the Jedi, and travel to the Jedi Order. Only Ce'na stayed. To this day she still doesn't know why she did. During her time with the Jedi, who she now knew to be Magnus Kytra, Ce'na'De'Ista, now calling herself Suhr Dista, had begun to learn the ways of the Jedi. She even befriended the Jedi's Pilot, Cytheria Vox, eventually looking up to her as a mother figure. Years later, the Jedi Knight that had been training her mysteriously and suddenly vanished from the Galaxy, leaving behind only a set of robes, a lightsaber made of Yorik Coral, and a note explaining it's origins. Cytheria, recognizing that the money had stopped rolling in, resolved to take Suhr back to her homeworld, Nar Shaddaa. Once back where she started, all traces of Suhr disappeared. At least until the Templar Order caught wind of her. She was relocated to Roon by one Josiah Denko, where Suhr began to constantly train in the second saber form, Makashi.


Somewhere during Suhr's lifetime, she found herself faced with a base need. One to end another sentient beings life. It fills her with a euphoric high which she believes her "dark passenger" feeds from. Recognising that this Dark Passenger and it's needs would be detrimental to her wellbeing if she had no way of keeping it in check, Suhr developed a set of rules, or a code that she would live by.

The first, and arguably most important rule of this code is quite simply:
Never get caught.
For Suhr, getting caught committing a murder (or lesser crime) was completely against the objective of sating the Dark Passenger, as that would result in imprisonment or may even result in her execution. As a result, should Suhr be seen in the act by an innocent, she would not be adverse to breaking the second rule in order to protect her identity, and thus not get caught.
The second rule is a moral one:
Never kill an innocent.

If Suhr was to feed her passenger, then she decided that she would do the Galaxy a benefit whilst doing so. She spends some time researching her potential victims on the holonet, and stalking them in her free time. This is to ensure that the target is without a doubt guilty of their crimes, and more than likely to re-offend. However, she is more likely to speed up this process if her victim targets children.

The third rule is common sense:
Never make a scene.
If Suhr wished to remain incognito and thus adhere to the first rule of the code, then using things such as explosives or killing in daylight were out of the question.
The fourth and final rule exists to keep people at arms length:
Never get emotionally involved.
Suhr recognised that if she were to bring others into her life at a level with more strings than physical intimacy, then she might either put them at danger or expose herself. Both of those outcomes would break the primary two rules, and thus were to be avoided at all costs.


Suhr is yet to strike another being down... Publicly.


Suhr has completed some of the training a Force Sensitive individual goes through, and is thus skilled in the following:

  • Basic Core Force Powers
  • Shii-Cho
  • Basic Makashi
  • Basic Jedi Ethics

    Suhr is also versed in, but not fluent with:
  • Advanced Makashi
In addition to this training, Suhr has also self trained herself in the following:
  • Lightsaber Marks of Contact
  • Stealth Techniques
  • Assassination
|[Main Story Arc]|:
Easter Twi'lek Hunt.

Suhr finds herself on Nar Shaddaa, and attempts to go for a quiet drink.
It doesn't stay quiet for long, however, and soon she finds herself in trouble with a shady figure by the name of Haven Pryde.
She eventually winds up in league with Josiah Denko - A member of the Confederate's Templar Order.
Determination. (ongoing)
Having left Nar Shaddaa with Josiah Denko, a Templar from the CIS, Suhr finds herself sitting around on a ship.
Determined not to let her training slip past her, she decides to make use of the ship's cargo hold.
A Fencer Emerges. (Ongoing Training)

Suhr discovers Makashi, and begins to religiously train with the Form.
Our favorite Twi'lek soon becomes a natural at utilising Makashi...
For the greater good.

Suhr stalks an Aqualish, who believes he has evaded imprisonment for his crimes...
Little does he know, a certain Twi'lek has other plans...
A life for free? Never.

Etyyk finds himself forgetting his past in the sights and sounds of Nime, the port city.
Unfortunately for him, Suhr doesn't intend to allow him to forget all that easily.
Ambush! Assault! Assassin! [Faction: C.I.S./Templar Order]

Suhr tires of the eternal wait for training, and resolves to leave the Templar Order.
In the course of doing so, she takes information on Makashi from the Templar Archives, and publicly kills a citizen before fleeing in a stolen ship...

|[Sub Plots]|:
Minami Kaze (ongoing)

Holonet + Twi'lek + Jedi = ???
Suhr is contacted by Matsu Ike, a rather nervous Jedi Master after Suhr sent her Holocom details to her...
Password: Swordfish (ongoing)

Suhr tries her best to find Haven Pryde through the Force, only to come up short.
Meanwhile, a certain Haven Pryde is on Corellia "collecting" some interesting trinkets... Including a way to contact Suhr.
Of paper hats and battle thongs (ongoing)

Balaya Zambrano, having located Suhr on one of the various social networks on the holonet, invites our favorite Twi'lek to Spira...
The Port City of Nime (ongoing)

Suhr takes a stroll from a private ship in the beautiful port city of Nime on Roon, and ends up bumping into a few figures from the Confederacy.

Gallery of images


A sketch of Suhr, dancing for credits. While she doesn't publicly admit that she dances, Suhr does enjoy dancing, and often uses it as a form of moving meditation.


A holostill of Suhr, shortly before she returned to Nar Shaddaa. Note the scarring under her eye, noting her as a slave. It is unknown where she gained the tattoos.


This image depicts Suhr in the midst of her training.


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