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Stripped of the force...

Darth Torment

I am tired of searching for a way to make Isis grow in ability to use the force and be a worthy opponent for others, so I need a force user that has the ability to strip the force from another FU to man up and help me with my next goal.

I wish to have Isis stripped of her force connection permanently, its either this or killing off Isis and since she is my favorite of all my alts I'd rather make her an NFU than an FU.. so anybody that has this ability wiling to do so?

truth is I am better with combat posts with NFU than FU and nobody seems to wanna help Isis become stronger with the force and I am running out of ideas and options to do it myself, so I need to make her lose her connection with the force or else I will join a thread with her and kill her off.

So is there any Jedi, or Sith that can help with her being stripped of the force?

Make a mental note to not come in here and try and diss me, I am not doing this to whine or try and force anybodies hand, I am just getting tired of her being an FU just to have her lose every battle, or fight she has ever been in.. so if you post here than do so with the offer to strip her of the force... and not try to initiate smack talk, or fighting.


Came in like a wrecking maul
@[member="Carn Dista"] is secretly skilled in force sever

But some recommendations if you want to grow and have others respect the character. Everyone has tried to help you and offered constructive criticism it isn't that Isis loses every battle it is advice offered to take it as a negative and throw it back in the person or persons faces. Without dissing you and having fought you a few times I can say learning to take a hit like you did on Metalorn, emphasizing and stating your equipment early on instead of having it appear randomly, showing respect to your opponent (yes you can be the biggest IC B**** but ooc be respectful), not getting so far into the fluff you make fights lose focus and most importantly be in a faction and stick to it. Leaving an order, leaving a group should be a trying time and come with reason, just going cause you feel slighted does little to help one way or the other. being snippy to others is also something you don't need to do, don't take criticism as a diss unless it is clearly meant as one. Everyone here is willing to try and help each other improve or get better. Few actively try and tear people down.


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I can't strip you of the force ... but I can twist Isis's mind and convince her that she is not force sensitive. Only if you are really sure however

Darth Torment

I'll contact him then, thanks for letting me know... besides, all the master level players I have asked either hasn't the time for it or never gets around to helping Isis grow.. so I will contact Carn and see if he can get it done. thanks for letting me know. :)

@[member="Lucien Cordel"] I am 100% on this.