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Stopping the Empire Enslaving the Togorians

Silver Guardian
IC Thread is up!

Greetings all, the next plot we are discussing with the Sith is us helping save a species that are going to be enslaved. As many of them as we can:

The Togorians - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Togorian

This would be all on the ground action 100%. Their fleet would not be involved so we wouldn't need to bring ours.

Covert and overt roles will be available.

IC Knowledge
  • Use the virus we implanted at Bimm, to find out information regarding it such as the movement of ships, funds, weapons and manpower.
  • The exact nature of their goal won't be made aware to us till we get there.

Here is the Sith goal:

  • Enlsave the Togorians first.
  • Force the men to stand down after we round up the woman and children.
  • Deport all they can off planet.
  • Virus bomb the planet.
  • Raze it to the ground.
  • Then build factories and mining facilities
  • To take all of the world's resources.
  • Use the men to build for them.
  • Put the woman and children in internment camps offworld.
  • Threaten to kill all the men who don't comply with what they tell them to do.
  • While they toil away on their scoured planet.

That is motivation we can get behind stopping, fun stuff a decent plot.

Our Goal:
  • Save as many as we are able.
  • Disrupt them where and however we can.


In. I may be slow to respond though, depending on how smoothly the Atrisian invasion progresses.

Veino Garn

Mayday. Mayday.

I am facing one Sith Knight, two apprentices, and a handful of troopers. Veino isn't even fully trained yet. So, yeah. Unless I get assistance, Veino'll either be eligible to use cortosis or a fiery funeral.
The Cyan Blade
@[member="Veino Garn "]I am on it.

Edit: Vulpesen took my mighty entrance... I was about to shoot a few times with my sniper and provide the escape route... you know, like Yoda in Episode II :p
Valde of the Vitae
Vulpesen Espadus Torrevaso, Shadow of Amar, defender of life, and the fox of light, at thine service and thine aid.(Though we might need some more back up to take on the troopers, and Faust is a rather difficult kill in my experience.)

Veino Garn

Whew. That is a relief. I wasn't quite ready to start wearing the Ghost tag yet. Thanks.

For NPC forces, I think it is the ones listed in the AOL forces thread in here. Not sure though. That's how it worked in the Wildcards.