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Planet Review Stejurant

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  • Planet Name: Stejurant
  • Demonym: Stejuranti
  • Region: Outer Rim Territories,
  • System Name: Jurant
  • System Features: One sun with three planets orbiting it, Stejurant being the furthest from the sun, and the only inhabited planet in the system. The orbital period of Stejurant is 408 days, and the rotation period is 25 hours.
  • Location: Hex between Needan and Alpinn, here:

  • Major Imports: Coffee, food supplies
  • Major Exports: Small weapons, Neutronium
  • Unexploited Resources: Lommite, Durelium, other metal ores

  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Most if the planet is covered in snow or tundras all the time. Some vulcanos or lava erupts cause occasional lava rivers to form on the planet. But in some of the valleys, where the cities are located, the climate is close to tropical, duo to the underground lava streams.
  • Primary Terrain:
    • Glaciers
    • Tundras
    • Lava rivers
    • Tropical rift valleys
  • Atmosphere: Type 1

  • Capital City: Karelak

  • Planetary Features: Most of the planet is completly covered in snow or ice. There are only a few inhabited areas, in the tropical valleys, where the immigrants have set up cities. The planet was once used as a prison, slave center and weapons facility by the Rakatas of the Infinite Empire, and most of the structures from that time still stands on the planet, though most of it is underground and there is no Rakata techology left. There is also a tunnel network that connects all the old structures together, underground. Lava rivers also flow on the planets surface, and in caves.
  • Major Locations:
    • Karelak – Located in the biggest of the tropical valleys on the planet, Karelak was the first colony that was made on Stejurant. There are mostly metal buildings, and smaller wooden booths, that sells different stuff. The closest to authorities Stejurant has live here, and this is the only place where a police exists on the planet. The population in Karelak is estimated at about 5000.
    • Ederykih – Significantly smaller settlement than Karelak. The poorer of Stejurant's population lives in this town. Under 1500 people live in this town
    • Crime-town – As the name suggests, this town is where the criminals gather. Started as a safe and unknown place where criminals came to hide, meet about work and transactions, and make deals, it evolved into a proper town. About the same size as Ederykih, it mostly consists of bars, apartment-buildings and landing areas.
    • The Maze – There is a big underground tunnel network connecting all of the old structures on the planet, and also connects to Karelak. No complete maps exist of this maze, and it can be dangerous to explore.
    • Prison complex Delta – A big underground prison complex close to Karelak, easily accesed through the Maze. Most of the systems are barely working, and it is mostly used for meetings away from the authoritis, and treasure hunters that hope to find something worth a few credits.
    • The Warehouse Complex – A group of big underground buildings/rooms that are presumed to have been used as warehouses. Located far from any of the cities, this complex is only accesable through a landing hangar with an entrance in the middle of a glacier. It is unknown how big the complex is, since it has barely been explored.
    • Compound SC – A small underground compund building far from Karelak, and connected to the Maze. It is located very remotely, and the ice makes it hard for sensors to locate it. Used by the few who knows about it as a meeting place.

  • Native Species: N/A
  • Immigrated Species: Humans, Duros, Ithorian, Rodian, some others
  • Population: Sparse (Under 10 000)
  • Demographics: 40% Humans, 40% Duros, 15% Ithorian and Rodian, 5% others
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic
  • Culture: The capital city is fairly peaceful, though many treasure hunters and adventure seekers live there. It is generally little hostility between races there. People there feel safe, and tries to help each other when needed. But things are fairly different in the two other settlements/towns, where the norm is hostility. In Ederykih, people look out for themself and only themself, trying to make a living in any way they can. And in Crime-Town, people usually tries to find a way to exploit you, rob you, or even kill you. Religion is non-existent on Stejurant.

  • Government: Monarchic-republic – One monarch, with a council of democratically elected councillors chosen by the people. (The monarch cannot do anything without the support of the council, vice versa. The monarch title is inherited, and bound to one family)
  • Affiliation: The Star Cabal
  • Wealth: Low – No parts of the planet are very rich, but the capital fairs alright, given the export of neutronium, and the general working class. Other parts of the planet would be considered very poor.
  • Stability: Medium – The authorities only have control in Karelak, where they keep the peace pretty well. Travellers are taken good care of while there. But the cities of Ederykih and Crime-Town are anarchists. No form of police or government presence has ever been there. The Maze is open for anyone to explore, but that is at their own risk, as the government can't guarantee their safety there.
  • Freedom & Oppression: People mostly consideres themselves free. The authorities only interfere in matters that can lead to unrest or violence. But in Crime-Town, those who have the biggest guns control the streets. Still, people there considers themselves free.

  • Military: Militarized police force equipped with body armor and blaster rifles, only effective in the capital. No real military force, because of low funding, and the insignificance of the planet to the rest of the galaxy
  • Technology: Galactic Standard

Discovered by the Rakata during the time of the Infinate Empire, it was settled and used as a prison and factory world. It was found to be rich on metals and other ores, and factories were built to make use of the metal. Prisoners were later brought to the world to be used as miners, or kept in underground prisons.

But unbeknownst to the Rakata, their extensive mining had altered the planets gravitational field, thus sending it further away from it’s sun. This caused most of the planet to freeze over. Still, the Rakata didn’t want to abandon their facilities, instead expanding on what they already had upwards in the forming ice, though some doubting Rakata began moving their technology away.

After the fall of the Eternal Empire, the planet was abandoned, and all technology was stripped away, and stayed that way for thousands of years. The occasional smuggler or explorer stumbled upon it, but payed no interest since it was frozen, and they had no interest in another Hoth or Ilum.

But sometime during the time of the Gulag Plague, parts of the planet began to thaw out. More presicely, the deep valleys. Explorers and treasure hunters rediscovered the world around the year 800ABY, and found in the biggest of the valleys the entrance to the underground tunnel-network. It didn’t take long before more treasure-seekers, as well as criminals, heard of this planet and came to see if the rumors were true. It didn’t take long before a city began to form in the biggest valley, called Karelak.

Even though it was treasure-hunters who rediscovered the planet, and settled it, the treasure they found was sparse. None of the technology from the time of the Rakata were left, so they only found old weapons used againt the Rakata, and other minor treasures. Still, the intrigue of the old facilities attracted a fair amount of treasure hunters, even with small chances of finding anything major.

But the planet, duo to it’s little known status to the bigger parts of the galaxy, was also a popular meeting-place for criminals, pirates and smugglers. After it’s discovery by one of the bigger crime-lords, a new valley became an area often used by the less-honorable people. After some time, these criminals established a town of their own, which the settlers of Karelak named Crime-Town.

As more and more wars were happening in the galaxy, refugees began coming to Stejurant. Given the limited space available in Karelak, a new town was made for the refugees, in one of the smaller thawed out valleys, called Ederykih.

In the recent years, it is mostly used as a haven for people who wants to escape from wars and the constant fighting in the galaxy.
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1.) Unexploited Resources: You'll need to link the items below and specify what metal ores. It's all right if they haven't been found yet but we still need to know what they are.
Unexploited Resources: Lommite, Durelium, other metal ores
Unexploited Resources: [ Does this planet have resources that are not yet utilized by the population? Common materials and ores should just be listed (Ex. Durasteel ore), while anything special or rare should be linked. ]
2.) Planetary Features: Please be aware that Rakata Technology is on the banned items list. You state that it was once a "Weapons Facility" and we need to ensure that there is NO Rakatan Technology left to find. Please add that notation.
The planet was once used as a prison, slave center and weapons facility by the Rakatas of the Infinite Empire, and most of the structures from that time still stands on the planet, though most of it is underground.
3.) Affiliation: I see the link for "The Star Cabal" at the top but it should be linked here for easy reference.
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Discovered by the Rakata during the time of the Infinate Empire, it was settled and used as a prison and factory world.
You state that it is a "Prison or Factory" world here but in Planetary Features you stated "Prison and Factory" world. Which is it? Keep in mind that you cannot have ANY Rakatan Technology. This is important to clarify because you keep mentioning treasure seekers. What might they find if not Rakatan Tech?

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