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SSB Auctions: Sasori Research, The Wretched Hive, Primo Victorian, Mandal Arms

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
The Southern Systems Business Bazaar
Narayana Galactic Trade Station​
Northern Sector | Auction House Aurek​
Neutral Territory
With the first auction already over, there was still plenty of energy going around for the upcoming one. This one would feature Sasori Research and Design, The Wretched Hive, Primo Victorian Shipwright, and Mandal Arms.

All save Sasori were new names to come along in a Southern Systems Business Bazaar Auction, so the air was buzzing with energy. What would these businesses bring to the auction? What products could they be able to pick up hopefully at an amazing price?

Primo Victorian is a shipwright that was quickly beginning to spread across the galaxy as a primer business. Sasori would always have interesting and curious curios that can help enhance or provide boons. Mandal arms was ready and able to provide a new range of armstech and personal shields that were of quality and value. Finally, there was the Wretched Hive, where the Merrill name lived on in the unique shipwright designs and shipwright modifications.

While barter was the preferred method, no offer was off the table. Aurum Saacs Bank would be the go-between with financial exchanges between credits and valuations.

Within minutes, the newest auction was live!

Auction Rules

This auction will run for 48 hours only. This auction will close at 7:05 p.m. EST May 12, 2018

  • An auction's end time must be set when the auction begins.
  • Bids must increase by reasonable increments. Large jumps may be subject to refusal.
  • Minimum bid accepted for items up to 999,000 credits is 100.
  • Minimum bid accepted for items over 1,000,000 credits is 1,000.
  • Bids of goods, services, favors, etc. will be taken as legitimate bids and may receive preference over monetary bids, per the seller's prerogative.
  • No outrageous bids.
  • Like a merchant in the Marketplace, an auctioneer is responsible for verifying that bidders can afford their bids. Auctioneers can ignore bids at their discretion if they feel a bidder cannot afford to pay dubious bids.
  • Bidders who feel their bid was unfairly ignored can appeal to RPJs and/or Company Factory Judges for help.
  • Bidders who spam, attack other bidders, or generally make themselves a nuisance to the bidding in general will be asked to leave. Continued behavior after a polite warning will be reported to SWRP: Chaos RPJs.
  • Standard SWRP: Chaos Rules are in effect at all times. Failure to comply with these rules will warrant RPJ and/or Admin action upon the individual(s) responsible.
  • For any restricted materials, holocrons, or artifacts, please link the thread where you acquired the item into the auction.
and I HIGHLY encourage everyone to roleplay during all of this! Have fun! Make new contracts. Talk to other bidders.

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork

Sasori Research and Design + Sasori a Tier VI Company
AUCTION If you prefer to barter items, please state so.

  • Lot A: Sasori Kojie - Force enhanced bag able to store a lot of equipment - Open for Barter bids
  • Lot B: Saotome Artisan Droid: A highly specialized crafting droid able to build, repair and upgrade ships as well as offer insights on lightsaber construction. - Open for Barter bids
  • Lot C: Saotome Advanced Drone "Rekali Sphere": An advanced training and defensive remote created for the jedi based off of the ancient darrow sphere. - Open for Barter bids
  • Lot D: Saotome Fallanassi Upgrade: Holographic image disguiser for a ship -barter
  • Lot E: Saotome Tengu: Highly advanced stealth x-wing - Open for Barter bids

THE WRETCHED HIVE: A T6 Workshop specializing in starship modifications

AUCTION - Barter preferred.
  • Lot F: Lakeshore Star Yacht | A customized Naboo courier, hyperdrive rating 0.2. | Starting bid: One starship, limited production or better.
  • Lot G: Thrifter Salvage Boat | A rare ship capable of turning wrecks into aftermarket rigs. | Starting bid: One starship, limited production or better.
  • Lot H: Merrill Lighthouse | A standalone or ship-compatible navigational beacon. | Starting bid: Technology of comparable value, or 500,000 credits.
  • Lot I: Stealth package | Includes stealth rigging guide, various bits of technology, and the right to use Wretched Hive as a co-manufacturer, meaning exemption from stygium thread requirements for a semi-unique ship line of your creation. | Starting bid: Technology of comparable value, or 100,000 credits.

Primo Victorian Shipwright: Tier V Shipwright Company
Auction: Mando'ade Lot
MandalArms - Marketplace (T3 - Weapons and Armor)


  • Lot N: personally custom designed unique Armour set - Starting Bid $10000
  • Lot O: A personally custom designed unique personal weapon - Starting Bid $10000

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Cradossk's tongue flicked the air hungrily.

"Thisss Lot K isss of interessst. Cradossk of Trandosha bidsss fifty thousssand plusss sssixsss asssorted captivesss on thisss dropssship."

Allana Badeaux

Ta’a Chume – Queen Mother
Last time went well, Allana thought so while looking over the list with a smirk. She let the first initial bids go by first. It would give her time to see what there was and see who was bidding on what.


Arceneau Trade Company Representative
Saffron took a sip of tea. It was Dantooine Chamomile. The soothing scent would rise up to her nose with a satisfying and calming mist. There were a few things that were of interest to the young Companion. However, one bit in particular struck her fancy.

The stealth package that included the stealth rigging guide along with the right to use the Wretched Hive as a co manufaturer was as good as an aurodium nugget. She had the funds in the Aurum Saccs bank account for use of the auction. Perhaps this would do nicely.

Flicking the display over her wrist from her SSB Wristband, she made her first bid:

  • Lot I:Stealth package | Includes stealth rigging guide, various bits of technology, and the right to use Wretched Hive as a co-manufacturer, meaning exemption from stygium thread requirements for a semi-unique ship line of your creation. |
    100,000 credits and the right to use Arceneau Company as a co-manufacturer in using MTX - Isotope 5 Power Generator meaning exemption from Isotope-5 requirements for a semi unique ship item of your creation.

At the same time, the young Companion let her gaze pan across the current patrons, including [member="Allana Badeaux"] and @Cradossk. The former appeared a little nervous to the blonde. With a half smile, she began to make her way over.

"First time?" she inquired, her face a warm pleasant expression.

Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman
Lot A: Sasori Kojie

"Mesa bidden on dat Kojie with una Skor Cake, una extra-large bowl of Phu pho and una serving of Linerty Fries"

Since there was no suggested value to the opening bid, he had to fire the opening shot, with one serving of Liberty Fries, one bowl of Phu pho and one Skor cake. For what he knew he might be a little off the mark, he might be way off the mark, but one thing he could feel for sure: he was probably getting a bargain for the Kojie if that bid stood as the final one and won him the lot.

Allana Badeaux

Ta’a Chume – Queen Mother

Allana looked over to the voice. As she turned joy danced upon her painted lips. “Yes”, Allana did not quite mean how it may have sounded. It was the first but not the first. “I mean this is my first time coming to the SSB altogether. This is the seconded time I’ve come to an auction at this season of the SSB. Does that make sense? Is there some sort of special vernacular used when mentioning each SSB from year to year? Is there a year to year? I don’t know but it is exciting.”

Curious she looked over the lady who she was speaking to, “Is this your first time?” It seemed like a reasonable question that could spark more dialog.
Keepin Corellia Weird
A weary-looking Mandalorian stood, an odd looking sort of teal and gold armor. Some of it gleamed like polished gemstone, and other pieces had the dull sheen of forged metal. A helmet was cradled in his left arm, horned on the brow with foreward swept and ribbed horns of some beast of great age by the coloring, one horn broken off and a proud crimson plume on it. Weaponry was kept to a single bone bladed dagger, and his voice was pleasant, if deep and clipped in some of it's accents.

"Lot O - c10,000 and a beast hunting or harvesting contract service for one standard year or three hunts, whichever comes first."

Glancing down to an empty thigh holster, the hunter muttered something about used guns and bad power cylinders...

Kiki Katarn

Yum Bunnies Girl

@Cradossk @Alaric [member="Allana Badeaux"] [member="Ugohr Poof"] [member="Saffron"]

Meanwhile, as the auction kicks off, the most delicious of scents came wafting through the crowd. For some, it would be instantly familiar. It was the scent of Yum Bunnies Restaurant Spicy Bantha Wings.

"Spicy Bantha Wing buckets!! Get your Spicy Bantha Wing Buckets!"

They were coated with the special sauce; not the Xtreme spicy Cat Hater's pepper sauce, but the finger licking good kind that just made you want to eat more.

"Nuna Nuggets! Honey mustard! Tangy Rodian Barbeque!"


The Damn-Forged
Day one had passed it seemed, a grand haul taken for himself from the Bazaar, and it seemed the electricity that ran through the air was still sticking. He wondered why in this pit of despair and misery he seemed to be the only one capable of buying things. made sense, everything there was top dollar business, and lucky for him, he was a top business sorta guy. So he sauntered out of that dingy pit, he had been on the planet and had started to pursue his interest here and there through the Baazar, though this time, it was less of a personal experience. Sure he saw the odd piece here or there, the Handy haversack for one but with a price tag and instructions, he realized it was just another bag for him, but another ball game for Jedi and their ilk. So that was off the table and large ships, or even small ships, he couldn't pilot so they were tossed off as well. In the end, he was left wandering the Baazar realizing that maybe this time around the Auction wasn't for him. Until. Well, he caught a glance at something.

It was harder to make out, not the sort of bid that anyone would take, most people in this galaxy had the skills and tools to make, forge and build from scrap. Thraxis however, at best could tinker. And at it's worst break. So when he stumbled upon someone offering to design armour for the low price $10,000 Credits, he was ecstatic. His old armour had been falling apart for the past eternity he had utilized it, and while it could still make due, in a shifting ever-changing environment like this no one could stay ahead of the curve for too long.

So with a wave of his hand, a twirl of the finger he made his declaration, putting out over the Comm's for all too see in case anyone challenged him. And to be honest, he was really hoping they wouldn't. Everyone wanted weapons. Armour was a thing of the past. Really, Thraxis is making a mistake and you should take advantage of it and... and just... just get the weapon. Top ten idea you thought of their buying the weapon and I approve. With a tirade of motion, his fingers an endless snapping on the link he made his bid, "Lot N. N for Number N. Ten Thousand Credits on the bid!" He declared, he kept wandering through the Baazar, he was rather keen to see the outcome of all this. Afterall, an auction seems to come once a lifetime these days.
[member="Danger Arceneau"]

Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Danger Arceneau said:
Lot F: Lakeshore Star Yacht | A customized Naboo courier, hyperdrive rating 0.2. | Starting bid: One starship, limited production or better.
Saotome Zoomer

Matsu was looking at some fo the things they had up... a bid for a bag of holding with food items was strange but she shrugged. Never one to turn down something new while looking at some of the ships and other things being offered. A smile though on her face when she brought up a zoomer, a utility craft and offered it. Something for seeing this yacht with its advanced hyperdrive well one fo the more advanced support ships they had developed should be a nice trade before she saw Danger and the Queen mother of Hapes with a small look. [member="Allana Badeaux"] and [member="Saffron"] were there as she offered a smal bow of her head and wave of her fingers to say hello but not wel interject herself into the conversation


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
The cacophony of commerce. Of bidding, announcements, and idle chatter. Some certainly found it appealing, but he would much rather be elsewhere. Still, he could hardly deny the value of the opportunity; some of the items up for auction were interesting, to say the least.

Tone even, giving away not a trace of emotion, he made his first bid. "20.000 for Lot N." Lips quirking upward ever so slightly, he continued on his way. It would be interesting to see if the ruffian would counter his bid or not. It would make a fine gift to a particularly loyal servant, the Trandoshan Hrixx, but that was not where his primary interest lay.

The Sasori Kojie. It was interesting. He loved interesting, especially when it related to the Force. It would make a fine addition to his collection and an interesting challenge for him to overcome. He very much wanted it in his possession. And yet... and yet business was like a duel, with feints and deception of its own. Speaking in the same even tone as before, he made the bid. "15.000 for Lot A." He hardly seemed to face much competition for the moment, not from some bumbling creature. Scoffing slightly, he made his way back to personally observe the bidding on the armour, the display on his wrist link keeping him apprised of any changes in the bidding for Lot A. Now all he needed to do was act in a way that belied his true priorities. Only a fool showed his cards too early, after all.

[member="Thraxis"] // [member="Ugohr Poof"]


The Damn-Forged
He was outplaced, he wandered through the Baazar, a sickened hop in his step as some of the booze he had grabbed idle from the stalls had quickly came to disagree with his bowels. He curled over, body ragged against a poll as green vile spewed and rolled off his lips with an odour that only had the trace of alcohol tarnishing its otherwise ghastly scent. He rolled over, himself a scene at the Baazar before pulling himself up, a small vial of dirt pulled from his pocket for just this occasion, though he was fairly certain this was one of the first times he had used the stuff. Covering up his mess he pushed through the Baazar, looking at his bid. Odd. He recalled a ten thousand not a twenty thousand, though a quick surveillance quickly did to remedy his confusion.

He sighed, he thought maybe he was lucky and was going to get off scot-free for this one, but it seemed once more his bid had competed, he raised a hand, a whirl of a finger as he upped the price tag. "Number N. N for Gnat." He declared, "In spirit of the Bidding wars. Thirty Thousand Credironies." He stated once, he stated twice, and he stated a third time to make sure all new his tenacity for the bid.
[member="Adrian Vandiir"] | [member="Danger Arceneau"]


Arceneau Trade Company Representative
[member="Allana Badeaux"]

The Companion gave a small smile. She gave a shake of her head, "No, " she began, her voice calm and melodic. "I have participated in many of the Southern Systems Bazaars throughout the years." for her short life that is. Ultimately, Saffron was a clone with a limited lifespan. She would inevitably, die within a few years.

"I actually assist with the various booths. Helping businesses set up and prepare for the Expo and the Auctions." she extended her hand, "My name is Saffron, I work for Arceneau Trade Company."

Allana Badeaux

Ta’a Chume – Queen Mother
The fast pace Auction did not disappointed Allana. While asking [member="Saffron"] , if this was her first Auction [member="Matsu Ike"] gave a respectful bow and also waved saying hello. Allana did wave in return recognizing the female Jedi who is a Consortium citizen by marriage.

While having a conversation, waving hello to people…there was an item in the auction that caught Allana’s eye.

Allana, typed in a bid on Lot L ( 100,000 credits)

So much was happening at one time. Allana did not mind and was most pleased!

Despite Consortium’s traditions Allana did shake Saffron’s hand. “Pleasure to meet you Miss Saffron”, Allana lips arched upward showing her delight. “I’m Ta’a Chume Allana Badeaux of The Hapes Consortium.”

Allana did take note she was speaking to an official representative of the Arceneau Trade Company. The thought of delightful things they could discuss did play a part in why Allana was so pleased.

[member="Danger Arceneau"]


Warden of the Ice
Domino had mostly stopped by just to cheer on her friend's auction and take in the sights, these days she didn't need much and most of what was offered either didn't fit those needs or she thought they lacked inspiration. A yacht did catch her attention though, that speed... That alone marked out its creator to her eye, she had another one of his ships from another auction tucked away and it was a beauty worth every cred. Then something else caught her eye, lot D. Now why hadn't she seen that before? Such an unusual sub-system could provide flexibility to almost any situation. But what did she have to trade that was one, worth it, and two, something she was willing to part with?

Smiling, she made her bid. From a pure value to cred standpoint it was miniscule, but to some people the man had become a legend and this was a working artifact.

Lot D: Jorus Merrill's Czerka Riot Gun Acquired Here


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
It would seem the scoundrel was more tenacious than he had initially expected. No matter. That just made things more interesting. Either way, he had no intention of backing out just yet. Roving eyes fell on the messy looking individual bidding against him. Sipping slowly from a crystalline glass in his right hand, he raised his left, smiling smugly all the way. "Lot number N. Sixty thousand for lot number N." There we go. That ought to project an aura of determination. Of course, that was just about as much as he was willing to pay for the armour, but his opponent hardly needed to know that.

The auction was going quite well. The custom-made weapon would make a fine consolation prize, after all, and his bid for that fascinating Sasori item was still uncontested by any serious challengers. Yes, quite well indeed.



The Damn-Forged
Thraxis looked, he was rather amused by the gambit, tossing in more credits than sense. He caught the smug look, the crystalline glass brought to lips as he met his gaze, a look driven mad by the voices but tempered by overexposure. Between two fingers, his index and thumb he brougth a new bottle, that fresh lather of vomit easing the passage and letting loose some of the drunken swagger, while in his other hand he held it up, drawing out the drink the whole time as in his mind the words 'scull' repeated, broken and repeated like a wave of tenacious unity brought in with a mixture of discontent chaos choired along beofre he raised the bottle to the air, the final few drops falling off before he saddled the ground with glass and refuse, a hardy burp and an empty hand as he spoke again in defiant drunkeness. "N! Number N for pneumatic! Seventy Thousand and I'll pay a hot guy to kiss whoever's in charge!" He stumbled over, collapsing against a pillar as he snapped his fingers as if to draw himself back into reality.
[member="Adrian Vandiir"] | [member="Danger Arceneau"]


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
Well, that was... interesting. He was loathe to let him have the armour after a performance so uncouth, but the thought of that walking mess interacting with the usual hot-tempered Mandalorian did bring a smile to his lips. It was almost enough to make him chuckle out loud, but he restrained himself. While the prospect of annoying the drunkard further was oddly appealing to him, he simply wasn't willing to invest that much in armour. Not when there were so many other interesting items up for sale.

Still, he could hardly deny that the weapon was almost as good a catch, even if he himself preferred the use of the force to any mere weapon. "Lot... O. 15.000 for Lot O."