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Approved Species Sraosha

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  • Name: Sraosha
  • Designation: Sem-Sentient
  • Homeworld: Lorrd
  • Language: N/A
  • Average Lifespan: As long as the host.
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Breathes: Oxygen
  • Average height of adults: Adaptive to host.
  • Average length of adults: Adaptive to host.
  • Skin color: Dull grey.
  • Hair color: N/A
    ​The Sraosha is a creature of disgusting proportions, mimicking the cerebral cortex and spinal column of those it finds itself in. With a softer core, most of the creatures organs and ‘brain matter’ could be found here, mimicked on both hemispheres of the brain, easily bonding to each with little hesitation. Connecting to the various parts of the brain however, are longer and more finger like appendages that create a disturbing matrix of connections; a literal highway of information formed through cartilage like bones and joints.

    Further down, a ‘tail’ that injects itself through the vertebrae of the spine leads everywhere within the body; always trailing the already existing pathways for nerves to their final destination. In this way, the creature is able to adapt to not only the size, but the conformities of those it is inside, stealing their DNA to better find a housing within them.

    There are no sexual organs, these creatures are created and asexual, neither is there a regional difference between them. They are designed, not allowed to explore the world in any sense; with almost no direct immunity to things such as fungi or otherwise. These creatures are entirely dependent on the host in every fashion.

[*]Races: N/A
[*]Strengths: [2 minimum]

  • Accelerated Nervous Response -
    Due to a hyper sensitive secondary structure of nerves that connect to the creature, reaction times can be cut dramatically to what they would be in a normal specimen.

  • Booned Brain Processing -
    Working as an additional piece of the brain, these creatures allow for a far greater ability to comprehend and work through otherwise difficult problems, situations, or equations with otherwise relative ease.

  • Low Range Telepathy -
    Utilizing the Force for communication between the creatures, those with one of these devious beasts integrated with them would be able to allow certain thoughts to those around them with the same creatures, able to offer an artificial and difficult to track short wave radio system.

  • Daisy Chaining Telepathy Connection -
    With each organism, the range of the communication is extended by using them as an organic node that sends forward the information without bothering the various users in between the sending creature and the receiving one.

  • Instinctual Muscle Patterns -
    With its own set of memories and abilities, the Sraosha allows otherwise difficult and hard to learn maneuvers learned with far more ease by simulating neurons and synapses. This in use with its accelerated nervous system allows for otherwise impossible maneuvers to be done by seeming novices.

  • Force Sensations -
    Due to its sensitivity to the Force, and utilization of it, those with the Sraosha integrated into themselves would begin to be able to sense the Force even if not otherwise force sensitive, but can not interact with it other than the Telepathy.

  • Optional Nervous Responses -
    With the ability to turn off nervous responses from specific parts of the body, one can effectively become immune to various types of pain and pleasure. Making the skin a choosable membrane that only responded when one wanted to.

  • Host Lord Version -

    Adaptable Tentacle Structure -
    Within the more focused version of the creatures, the tentacles that make up the synthetic nervous system are able to be moved according to the integrated subjects thoughts, effectively becoming their own limbs amongst the practiced, and simply protective measures within the body to the novice.

  • Secondary Bone Structure -
    After implantation, the creature begins to develop a thin bone structure for its own protection within the body to better prevent the horrid response should the creature die within the body.

  • Second Sentient Thought -
    Those that are given the extra care of their creator are allowed their own sentience, becoming a somewhat ‘organic’ AI to the biological vessel it is carried on. Effectively doubling their thought capacity and otherwise.

[*]Weaknesses: [2 minimum]

  • Parasitic -
    The Sraosha begins to eat away at the body at an extremely quick rate, effectively doubling rations, intake of calories, and the requirement for exercise to maintain strength. Essentially eating away at the muscles, those who are unable to keep up with it’s hunger succumb to death far faster than their counterparts, making it especially dangerous in survival situations.

  • Dependency -
    As the body becomes accustomed to the second nervous system, the primary one can often become underdeveloped and essentially become unusable compared to the foreign one. In time, this can cause the user to effectively be paralyzed should the organism ever be removed from their body.

  • Rejection -
    In certain subjects, the creature is not always accepted by the body; essentially forcing a strong immune reaction to occur. This is most often witnessed when first entered into the body, however can appear like an allergy after an indiscriminate time, no matter the user’s effective melding with the creature.

  • Disturbances in the Force -
    Due to the creatures sensitivity to the Force, those under its influence become effectively just as sensitive. This becomes a serious burden when exposed to highly drastic surges in the force, causing the user to effectively succumb to a seizure induced by the spasming parasite within their mind.

  • Electrical Sensitivity -
    Due to the amplified connectivity of the nerves, electricity finds a far lower resistance when sent through the synthetic nervous system created by the Sraosha. Should the creature be submitted to it, there would be an almost immediate death the creature, effectively creating a necrotic being inside a body that requires immediate removal lest the user begin to rot from the inside out.

  • Addiction -
    Those who submit themselves to such an outrageous procedure would begin to realize how constrained they are to the drugs they are able to take and see an effect on. A balanced mind is required for a happy Sraosha, and those who attempt to use pain medication and other addiction susceptible drugs would begin to see how quickly they become addicted, with a near impossible ability to recover. Even if the primary mind of the user becomes clean, the secondary mind of the Sraosha is unable to remove addiction from itself.

  • Host Lord Version -

    Forelorn Consciousness -
    Given the second sentience within ones mind, there is the entire oppurtunity for a 'jealousy' to occur. Essentially, should the parasite wish it would be able to consume the brain and replace it entirely, if not outright overpower the host completely. To maintain a balance, users must often abide by their 'companions' wishes and aspirations, but are highly adviced to watch out for trickery and subturfuge from the rather intelligent abominations.

  • Diet: Adenosine Triphosphate
  • Communication: Telepathic │ Direct Connection (Electrical Signals)
  • Technology level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: N/A
To begin, the Sraosha is the answer to those that seek to maintain a cybernetic presence without the intrusive surgeries and otherwise obvious ways to witness such an augmentation. This being said, those who let themselves seek out this insidious abomination must subject themselves to a rather painful process and further difficult acclimation period. Even when fully grown and accepted in the body, even a subtle disturbance can force the extremely sensitive creature to spasm and die, or send the wrong messages through the body - effectively causing cardiac arrest through nothing more than a sneeze.

Those who give themselves to the creature will receive it in an unminding package that simply says ‘To Our Future’. Inside there is a singular, carefully protected glass cylinder with a slimy eldritch spinal like creature that squirms when exposed to the light. Resting it against the skin of their stomach and directly above the belly button, a single button press will open the exit gate for the creature to be exposed to the person’s bare skin. In this, the pain of the procedure begins, as any sort of pain medication can cause unseen reactions when submitting oneself and mind to the creature and it’s needs.

With a violent hunger, the creature would begin to bore its way in through the skin and the muscles beneath. Once inside, it would worm its way around the abdominal cavity towards the vertebral cavity. Forcing its tentacles and proverbial claws into the systems that already exist, the creature begins a slow and torturous journey into the cranial cavity, and setting itself deep within the cerebellum and temporal lobe of the user. Over time, it’s tentacles will begin to connect with each section of the brain, but to begin it simply keeps itself contained as a small growth at the back of the skull.

With the relative intrusive parts over, the creature will begin stealing nutrients from the body and form its own being. This can take anywhere from two to six weeks depending on the subject, their intake, and the creature itself; but when completed the main pain of the procedure finds itself dulled to a slow ache compared to the initial seizure inducing spasms of pure trauma. Due to the aggressive pain tolerance requirements, many who are initially subject to this procedure often die within the first hour, if not two. After that, the chances of survival grow exceptionally, but are entirely still possible.

Now that the Sraosha has developed past its embryonic stages, the features one bought it for would become obvious. The sensation of faster thought, enhanced responses, and more can become too much for certain individuals resulting in massive migraines and muscle spasms, most often referred to as rejection in the trials. Even worse, some simply give way to the zombie like mentality the organism has, effectively making an either entirely insane individual or a poor excuse for a brain dead vegetable. However, with those that accept the creature would realize the power that comes with such a supportive parasite.

Reflexes multiplied, thought processes lightning fast, and a passive sensation of the force allows for an almost immediate boon to those who sought such a power. However, despite the ability that it gives, those who are extremely exceptional can actually overtax the creature itself, so it is highly inadvised for the highly gifted as it can create a neurotic death of not only the creature, but the person with it inside them. This being a warning to those who utilize things such as Force Speed with extreme proficiency, as should the body move too fast the synthetic tendrils within the body would break clean and cause effectively paralysis in whatever body part that tore.

In genesis, these parasitic like abominations find their creation from the mind of an enigmatic figure known simply as The Slave. Through the teachings of Bestria, this reclusive figure had honed the edge of his skills to create something like this, a codependent, synergized monster that buries itself deep inside the nerves and muscles of those it finds itself inside. Utilizing records on the Yuuzahn Vong and their notable Yammosk, he realized that a creation of the same style on a far smaller scale would be extremely powerful in the span of the galaxy. To turn simple soldiers into outright maniacs through a simple injection...

With this in mind, The Slave began the long work required to create it. Using the literal organic nervous system of a human, there was a carefully tedious process in giving it the semi-sentient nature that it held within its psuedo-mind, but after many a fortnight the process was finally done. In short order, the creature was released on the masses of underlings this figure held in the Outer Rim as the first human tests were begun, the first artistic strokes in a dark and brooding future for many in the galaxy.
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Spooky. I like it. I like it a lot.

A couple of things to go over before approval though.

Firstly I couldn't find a record of Lorrd in either the Star Wars wiki nor the Codex's Approved Planets (although I did find a planet called Lorrad). Could you please link the planet in your submission?

Switch Language to N/A if they don't use any, telepathy is the method of communication covered later in the template.

If you could also fill in the description part of your template, that'll be fabulous.

Given that this is a genetically engineered species, you'll need to describe who made them, how they did so and what reason they had for it in the history section.

Other than that I don't believe there are any issues here. Cool stuff.
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