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Approved Planet Spindle VI

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Lorda of Mancheron & His Excellency of Darvannis

  • Planet Name: Industrial World of Spindle VI
  • Demonym: Spindles
  • Region: Wild Space
  • System Name: The Spindle VI System
  • System Features: The Spindle VI System contains three moons within its orbit (Andronius I, Andronius II, Andronius III) and also has two dense asteroid belts (The Cyclone I Asteroid Belt and the Cyclone II Asteroid Belt) within the system that provide minerals for the populace of Spindle VI. The system contains a white dwarf star that is far away from the main planet within the system of Spindle VI. The other planets within the system are Spindle V and Spindle IV; to which both are gas giants and provide much needed Tibanna Gas to the main populace. The Orbital Period of the Planet is 5.41 years; The Rotational Period is 28 Hours,30 Minutes & 12 Seconds.
  • Location: Same Hex as Esthorhiel
  • Major Imports:
    • Durasteel Ore
    • Duraplast
    • Building Materials
    • Food Supplies
  • Major Exports:
  • Unexploited Resources:
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Controlled Temperature at 40 Degrees Celsius (90 Degrees Fahrenheit) for most of the planet except for the snowy mountain ranges which have a colder controlled temperature. The Planet is mainly a grassland biome that takes up a majority of the surface of the planet. However; there are other biomes on the planet which include forest and tundra which take up a small slice of the planet's geographical environment
  • Primary Terrain: The Majority of the Planet is covered in grasslands that stretch out over a large area. There are multiple mountain ranges that are dotted across the landscape; with the biggest mountain range being near the Old Capital City of Old Halbarrow. There are also large forested areas but they are far away from the population on the planet which makes them perfect for military operations or as a landing zone for ground forces. There is only one large ocean on the planet that leads directly to a tundra landmass. Inside of the capital city there are both artificial terrain and synthetic terrain for the expansion of the capital city since it is floating above the old capital.
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Capital City: Halbarrow
  • Planetary Features: The Planet of Spindle VI is covered with grasslands for a majority of its surface; with also having a significant but small portion of it being forest and tundra biome added into the mix. Industrial development is on the rise; with the building of new repulsorlift platforms that can support the expansion of the floating cities of the planet. There are many ruins on the planet from the first people who settled on the planet and signs of galactic invaders who conquered the planet in the past; with the only remaining city with a significant population on the lower ground being Old Halbarrow; the former capital of the planet before recent developments made them build a new capital floating above the old one. The Old Halbarrow is interconnected with other abandoned cities that used to house the population before a majority of them moved into the sky to escape the increasingly crime rate of the lower ground and poverty as the wealth and companies moved upwards into the sky. There are small outpost and independent farm land dotted across the landscape as well.
  • Major Locations:
  • damian-krzywonos-talmetra.jpg
  • The City of Halbarrow is the capital city of the Planet of Spindle VI and where most of the population live that abandoned the City of Old Halbarrow that sits underneath the floating behemoth that is the new capital of the planet. It is the highest in terms of standard of living and much of the planet's wealth is drawn to the city through the various companies and industries that make this planet there base of operation. With lax corporate laws and low tax; the city can support itself through the donations made by those companies to keep regulations low as to not disrupt their operations. It is built with the finest materials brought in from outside the system and the city itself has been described as a cleaner version of Coruscant due to the number of skyscrapers and because of its immense size and scale that make it the biggest structure on the planet. The City is constantly expanding with new repulsorlift platforms being connected into the main platform that currently houses the city. There are repulsorlift airships constantly patrolling the city not to mention having significant artillery batteries to defend itself from invaders.
  • nicolas-baudin-dystopian-city.jpg
  • The Old Capital of Spindle VI; Old Halbarrow is a mix of the worse elements on the planet of Tatooine and the entire area of hutt space squeezed into one city. Old Halbarrow is a criminal haven where technology doesn't function and the streets run amuck with different criminal gangs trying to take over small portions of the city for themselves. There is no time of the day or night; where anyone is safe in the old city and much of the population that aren't criminals can't afford the high prices in the New Capital City and the giant cloud that it forms over the old capital blocks out much of the sunlight from reaching the city resulting in the use of old fashioned lamps and candles to light the way. Busted pipes and trash litter the streets and there are even reports of toxic waste from the capital spiralling down into the city itself. There are also many political enemies of the state being exiled down here; where the rich will often offer a huge bounty to the criminals and watch as the exiled people get gunned down as a sport in the eyes of the rich who have control over the new capital. The Security Forces of Spindle VI will not intervene with the outbreak of criminal activity; as the only significant presence that they have is an area of the Airship Landing Zone which lands few supplies to be given to the populace down below. The Security Forces will not respond to any calls for help as they have but one single mission in mind; enforcing the rule of the Spindle VI Governance Commission who hold total control over the planet and its resources.
  • alexandr-melentiev-006-rgb-color-compose-01.jpg
  • Kronsberg Prison Complex is located in the frozen wasteland of Spindle VI; far north of the old capital and new capital. Modeled after the Ancient Republic Prison on the world of Belsavis; the complex is built deep within a mountain range and is only accessible by airships marked with the symbol of the Governance Commission. Acting as the only major prison on the entire planet that houses people deemed to be critically unstable by the state and require constant attention to monitor there conditions for the betterment of society. However; most of this is just a facade for the inhuman testing and experimentation that occurs within the frozen walls of the complex. Harsh labor and strict punishment is what keeps the prisoners in line and no one has survived within for more than a day without having their mind and body be broken by the constant physical labor and punishment for even the minor of infractions. The Spindle VI Governance Commission also uses the complex to house political undesirables so that they may disappear and not disrupt the safety of the society and there hold on power within the system. The Complex is under the full control of the Spindle VI Security Forces and is one of the most heavily guarded areas on the planet next to the Capital City with an immense number of guards and security systems to make this complex unescapable for now.
  • alex-polgar-palace-nera-c1-pa.jpg
  • The Spindle VI Governance Building is the Headquarters of the Spindle VI Governance Commission that rules over the planet with an iron fist. Located within a walled enclosure in Halbarrow it is a massive complex of administrative buildings and other office buildings that run the well-oiled machine of the government. The 500 Delegates of the Governance Commission have daily sessions to discuss the matters of affairs and to implement new policies under the President of the Commission and his Cabinet. The Building Itself is built with the finest material that Halbarrow can offer with shaped stone and banners of the Commission hang in all corners. The Walled Enclosure is the most heavily defended area on the planet as the commission resides there and its imposing presence in the city gives the resident within the new capital a sense of security and safety that they otherwise lack in the old capital of Old Halbarrow. The General Staff of the Spindle VI Security Forces also has a building within the headquarters where they go over the military affairs and budgets that affect the system; while also having the authority to give out contracts for the extraction of Tibanna Gas in the nearby planets of Spindle IV and V to the companies that reside on the planet. They also have command over the space fleet that is stationed in orbit in the event that an invader wants to take the resources within the system itself.
  • tarmo-juhola-industrial-competition-kopio.jpg
  • The Industrial Yards of Spindle VI are a smog and toxic filled environment that is filled to the brim with cheap housing for the laborers and giant factories; built separately from the main city of Halbarrow by an immense wall; it separates the poor of the city and the rich of the city. It has been described by an outside observer as being worse than the overly toxic system of Nal Hutta with its toxic fumes and land fills. The entire area is a quarantine zone and it is strongly recommended to bring a gask mask otherwise the immense amount of carbon dioxide will flood into your body. Regulations within the Industrial Yards is almost non-existent as the Governance Commission doesn't care about the safety of the workers or providing them a fair pay. As long as the companies that run these factories provide donations to the city and increase production and meeting the daily quotas set by the commission; they are free to do anything they like without having the government come down on them with its authority. Each factory has its own hired thugs that enforce the orders of the company and act as the overseers of the rest of the workers and they have complete authority over the people inside. However; the Spindle VI Security Forces will intervene on the Government's Behalf if they see that a company is rewriting the books to lie to the government about their production or budget; if the person is found accused by a majority vote on the commission; they will be exiled down into Old Halbarrow for their crimes and if that punishment is too lenient then they will send them to Kronsberg Prison Complex to be held indefinitely without a trail and will have given up all rights that they had possessed prior to their incarceration.
  • Edinburgh University Xenobotany Department Hothouse, 1892
  • The University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy is the leading form of higher education on the planet of Spindle VI. Located within its own section of the New Capital of Halbarrow because it is a massive complex of building and facilities to be used by the students. Many people that have their degrees from here can earn a better wage and have more freedom than those that lack those degrees. It is well known across the galaxy for its state of the art facilities and modern education programs that allow students the opportunity to leave the system and find employment with galactic companies or galactic governments that can use people that are certified in different trades and skill. Being provided the most funding by the Spindle VI Governance Commission allows it to purchase equipment and technology that is far above the standard on the world. It offers many areas of studies ranging from engineering; starship construction; food production; industrial science; galactic history; medical research and the University has hired the best teachers from around the galaxy to teach those subjects and is one of the few places on Spindle VI that has many different alien races that receive full citizenship and are welcome into the study programs to obtain their degrees and will face better treatment than aliens that don't work or go to the University. Obtaining a degree in subjects are notoriously long and hard to maintain; as there are many people who will not have graduated until the age of 30 or more because of the intense study and research papers that drive the students to have grey hair in the end if they make it to the approval process to graduate. Unique to this University is that the teaching of Astromancy is permitted; which in the common tongue of the galaxy is the force. There are specialized teachers that can teach force sensitives how to control the force and wield abilities that they otherwise would not be permitted to be allowed to study under the more common force orders of the Jedi and Sith. The teachings are split into both light side and dark side houses and they compete with each other in ritual games to see; who will have the advantage in the next ritual game when the time comes. However; knowing the danger of the force and the dark side corrupting influence has made the University establish a specialized operations group designed to dispose of students; who use their abilities for destructive purposes or against another student with the intent to kill; this Specialized Operations Group has full authority over the teaching of Astromancy and will enforce the rules of the commission on the teachings of the force with strict discipline.
  • ryan-chen-.jpg
  • The Mancheron Grand Estate is a large palace built for Paranoda Mancheron Boggurobb out of the ruins of a noble family's estate that has fallen out of favor with the Governance Commission. Built inside of the City of Halbarrow within the cultural section the imposing palace complex is befitting of a Hutt Lorda of the Mancheron Kajidic. The complex is very large in square meterage with only the Spindle VI Governance Building covering more ground. Paranoda has made sure to acquire the best architects available to refurbish his home into a luxury estate for himself and his guest. Using only the best quality materials to reinforce the walls with military grade warship armor and having numerous defense systems make this a well defended home that can suit the hutt and his guest that might arrive to meet him. The Mancheron Kajidic has moved a lot of resources away from Darvannis and shipped them to the planet to provide extra support to the Spindle IV Security Forces and provide a hard line of defense around the palace complex to defend the complex from any invaders that might seek to assassinate the hutt; when he is currently in residence. In total the complex sports about 10 large building that surrounds the main palace building which contains the throne hall of Paranoda and is big enough in size to fit more than 1,000 people for when the hutt host his annual parties. These extra support buildings provide a secure communication relay to monitor the hutts various resources around the galaxy and provide luxury apartments for guest with full room service by the palace staff and anyone who is unhappy with the staff and there service will be given the opportunity to personally report these misgivings to the Lorda of the Mancheron Kajidic; who may involve the Governance Commission if necessary.
  • Native Species:
  • Immigrated Species:
  • Population:
    • Heavy. The Populace is generally heavy because of an unexpected surge of population in both the City of Old Halbarrow and the City of Halbarrow. Although they have breathing room in the city as to not make the population become crowded. Under the Article 3 of the Spindle VI Population Code; if the population reaches a critical point where the demand is greater than the supplies that the government has on hand; the extra populace will be sent to the Kronsberg Prison Complex to thin the herd away from citizens that will not benefit society as a whole. However; the Industrial Yards of Spindle VI are crowded with horrible living conditions and lower income housing that makes it overcrowded but the government is slowly taking measures to dispose of the sick and elderly within the Industrial Yards to make room for citizens that still have the prime of their lives to hand over to the means of production through hard labor to feed the rich within Halbarrow. The estimated populace is 5 million in a recent survey done by the government.
  • Demographics:
    • The Population is mostly made up of Spindle VI Humans; who occupy the majority of the planet and have the most representation within the government of the world. A large percentage of the populace is also made up of the immigrated Ugnaught Species who look for work within the industrial yards and receive full citizenship due to the Commission recognizing their value to the state. Spindle VI Humans aren't racist or xenophobic in anyway; because they want to obtain knowledge from the stars and use that knowledge to expand the university programs; they accept all species regardless of where they come from. Although aliens who have a university degree will be treated slightly better than those that don't have there's mainly because these aliens are benefiting the government who can use them to increase their own power over the world.
  • Primary Languages:
    • The Main Language of Spindle VI is Galactic Standard Basic; however the University does have language courses and many people can speak different languages as a result of taking those courses. They serve as interpreters to the government when dealing with galactic superpowers and other planetary governments because they believe it is safer than trusting a droid with the translations although modern protocol droids can speak millions of languages without having to take time to study them with university textbooks.
  • Culture:
    • The Industrial World of Spindle VI is generally an enforced planet; while the government doesn't intervene with the daily lives of its citizens unless its rule is threaten or a rebellion forms against the system in place. The main focus of the World is on the pursuit of knowledge and science due in part to the reputation of the University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy as the government offers rewards and benefits to people when they enroll in one of the many courses that are offered. The Typical Life of the Spindle VI Citizens is much like the life on coruscant; otherwise known as the galactic core and formally known as the Imperial Center under the Galactic Empire; with a majority of the working class being shifted to the Industrial Yards separated from the medium income jobs and the rich and fancy who occupy another sector of the city of Halbarrow entirely. Entering into the university is seen as the only way to escape poverty and secure their families with high income and higher standards of living and parents will try to make their kids educated extremely well to be offered a scholarship; so much of the populace is quite studious when it comes to knowledge. The fathers of the family will often work hard and long in the factories to provide a comfortable living for their families and bring their sons to work to earn an extra paycheck to support their home; while the mothers of the family work hard and long; taking care of the house and other business related matters; while also sending their girls to school for a chance for scholarship at the university. Down in the City of Old Halbarrow; the typical life of a citizen is one of fear and just trying to survive from the intense criminal gangs that often battle each other in the streets for supremacy while the security forces do nothing but watch until the battle is over for clean up duty.

    • Spindle VI has a 4 tier system of society that the government has put into place to better secure the planet under their whim. The lowest tier is known as the undesirables and they are forced to live in the City of Old Halbarrow and work long hours in the Industrial Yards of Spindle VI for very little pay and are at the mercy of the corporate overlords who are given free reign by the government to do as they please; as long as their quota is made for the year using any method necessary. The next tier is known as the poor; and they work in the upper management of the factories; but still do extremely long hours and hard labor in the Industrial Yards of Spindle VI to make a slightly higher paycheck than the undesirables that they oversee; the poor will often lash out at them because the government splits there benefits between them and that means less assistance from the government in times of need and thus they are dependent on the government to survive. The next tier after poor; is the middle class and they run the industry and high fashion of Halbarrow and have slightly higher wages and standards of living than the other tiers do; they also have had the chance to enroll in the university and thus secure positions within the government and corporations that make Spindle VI there home because of the lax corporate laws that the government has established. The final tier is the wealthy tier; they control much of the city's wealth; including banks and malls that the middle class come to spend their money; although they have much power over the city they are careful not to speak out against the government because they can be demoted to undesirables and suffer the same fate that they are putting people in right now and the thought of losing influence shocks them into submission to the Governance Commission and their decrees.

    • Arts and Sports within the System of Spindle VI is tightly controlled by the Spindle VI Governance Commission; as they find that these might inspire rebellions and other acts against the interest of the state and the system as a whole. Any form of artistic expression must meet the approval of the commission and a majority of them must have a positive message about the government. The most famous sport of the system of Spindle VI is the sport of archery; as the government finds that this sport will rally the masses underneath the government if they promote professional archery tournaments and sponsor other sport's programs in the capital city with the help of the University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy. Due in part to the University's Unique Program of teaching force sensitives about the force; the government has decided to launch a sports program where students and professional force users will have the chance to engage with each other outside of a warzone environment and thus keep the trained force users from the university in line with the government and be emotionally stable due to practicing their force powers in a friendly environment without being forced into a war that they don't want to be in. There is no officially recognized religion and the citizens are free to practice any cultural religion without interference from the government; however if the religion is causing an uprising against the state the religion will be outlawed and its practitioners will be sent to Kronsberg Prison Complex for medical treatment in the form of harsh labor and experimentation by the state.
  • Government: Oligarchy
  • Affiliation: Paranoda Mancheron Boggurobb
  • Wealth: Wealthy | The Level of Wealth is wealthy because of the University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy has drawn in much needed money to the government through its various programs and not to mention collecting considerable donations from companies to keep the lax corporate laws that have allowed them to rule the Industrial Yards of Spindle VI without having the interference from the government. Much of the wealth generated from imports and exports and the manufacturing of items are kept by the government and then distributed down the tiers with the lowest tier of undesirables getting little to no currency to buy anything. The paychecks of the undesirables and poor are processed in banks owned by the government and thus while the planet as a whole is wealthy; there is a considerable gap between the City of Halbarrow and the City of Old Halbarrow which lives underneath the new city's shadow.
  • Stability:
    • High | The Level of Stability is high because of the rigid tier system and the enforcement of laws passed down by the Spindle VI Governance Commission and properly enforced by the Spindle VI Security Forces through the use of force if necessary. The planet is filled with law-abiding citizens as that is the only way for the citizens to survive underneath the harsh rule and there have been reports of neighbors reporting on each other because they broke a law passed down by the commission. The Capital City of Halbarrow is well known for its safety and travellers will be welcome without issue because they provide much needed knowledge and currency that the government can use and transfer certain knowledge over to the University for further study. The Spindle VI Governance Commission rules the planet through a heavy hand and will not tolerate even the slightest hint of rebellion against them; as anyone found accused of a crime will be exiled to the criminal haven of Old Halbarrow or sent to the deranged prison complex that is Kronsberg Prison where laws don't matter and the complex is free to do anything with the prisoners that they are given. Each settlement within the sky has its own council that acts as the local jurisdiction and can handle matters without asking for the assistance of the government in the Capital City of Halbarrow but the central government will intervene in affairs if the state of the entire planet is at risk or the local population within the settlement is causing a disturbance that might threaten the rule of the commission.
  • Freedom & Oppression:
The Industrial World of Spindle VI is typically not very free; as the government has absolute power over the lives of the citizens and can place them wherever without needing justification for doing so. The Sky Settlements are given more freedom to do anything that they like under the careful and watchful eye of the commission and are responsible for the enforcement of the government's decrees and having authority over local affairs that would only affect their settlement as a whole. However; the Industrial Yards of Spindle VI are heavily oppressed with numerous cases about mistreatment and forced labor being reported and a high number of deaths have been attributed to the heavily polluted atmosphere that covers that area of the Capital City of Halbarrow; this difference between the government and the Industrial Yards can be attributed to the fact that the commission has allowed companies to rule over that section of the city without being opposed as long as they keep up the production schedule and fill in the government's quotas for the day. However; the Spindle VI Security Forces will intervene on the Government's Behalf if they see that a company is rewriting the books to lie to the government about their production or budget; if the person or corporation is found accused by a majority vote on the commission; they will be exiled down into Old Halbarrow for their crimes and if that punishment is too lenient then they will send them to Kronsberg Prison Complex to be held indefinitely without a trail and will have given up all rights that they had possessed prior to their incarceration. If the corporation is accused by a majority vote on the commission; the corporation will be split up and its assets will be given to its rivals as a means to keep the corporations in line and serving in the interest of the government itself.

The University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy is the most free place on the planet of Spindle VI. The Governance Commission recognizes the value of having students be given freedom to work harder on their studies to obtain a degree and thus move their family up the social latter to the middle class tier in which they will have more opportunities for learning and earning a higher paycheck. The University is under the control of the Headmaster and his Staff that run the school without the intervention of the government unless a student has gotten out of hand and the university needs the Security Forces to arrive to handle the problem. The Headmaster of the University is granted a seat on the commission and has been granted total control of the university and its grounds; allowing him to set the education schedule and establish or establish new educational courses that they see fit. The University has several building used as luxury dorm rooms that can fit a wide variety of different people and acts as its own town to help keep the students happy and on course to finishing their degrees to enter into the workforce of Spindle VI; be it in space collecting tibanna gas from Spindle V and IV or conducting research with the state of the art facilities. Many species often find themselves working with the university so that they are treated better and have a higher chance of earning more money due to their outside knowledge that they bring in.

Spindle VI is focused heavily on the commerce side with the many factories and production facilities and as such became known as the Industrial World of Spindle VI instead of the more common name for the planet which is just Spindle VI. The Planet is currently underneath the dictatorial rule of the Spindle VI Governance Commission and the ruler of the commission is the President who has total authority over the system and is not subject to the laws and degrees passed by the commission. The Commission is typically feared by the citizens of the world because their decisions are final and as they are the provider for most of the funding and supplies for the citizens; there are not many people who would consider acting out against them due to the fear of being exiled down into the criminal haven of Old Halbarrow or being sent to the frozen wasteland prison of Kronsberg. Nothing is typically illegal; although weapons must be processed and documented by the city authorities in the event that the weapon was used against the state in any manner. Many things do require a license and even parents who want to have children; must have a parent license from the state in order to have and raise children; if the parents lack such a license the child will be handed over to the Spindle VI Security Forces to be raised into a solider for their organization. Anyone who doesn't have a license on them will be arrested and charged with conspiracy and thus sent to Kronsberg to be experimented on away from the prying eyes of individuals.

  • Military:
    • The Military Capabilities of Spindle VI are impressive to say the least; due to the immense number of production factories and other production facilities inside of the capital city and on the ground. The world has increasingly become a fortress world complete with heavy defenses that can hold of an invading force for a significant amount of time without requiring aid. The Spindle VI Security Forces have a large number of both professional soldiers and recruits to fill out the rank and file; and with the conscription law in times of wa the numbers can be increased to hold off any enemy force for as long as possible. Due in part to the world having floating cities on immense repulsorlift platforms the military has come equipped with extensive airships to act as atmospheric battleships to slow down the invaders and protect the capital city from harm; and has a large standing armies that can be deployed when necessary aided by Mancheron Forces that have arrived. Being modeled after the Exocan Airfleet after a diplomatic mission by the President of the Governance Commission and seeing how effective they were against other forces in the field of battle.

    • Although the Military of Spindle VI can hold its own against any invader that might attempt to break into the fortress world. They have developed significant anti-aircraft batteries and other defensive systems such as planetary missile batteries to counter any technological superior force that might attempt to land on the sky settlements that are common on the planet. However; in a long engagement with an enemy; They currently lack the means to defeat a superior technological force in a long drawn out invasion as they haven't stockpiled enough ammunition yet to last that long. The President of the Commision is well aware that others might attempt to take over the system and end the rule of the governance commission for control over the planet's resources. The Governance Commission is aware of that fact that they are currently vulnerable in space warfare and has put in the order to begin the development of a new type of warship that can be used to defend the interest of the commission in space and protect the tibanna gas freighters that transport the gas from the Gas Giants of Spindle IV and Spindle V that are nearby. They are retrofitting some freighters to act as a temporary space navy using laser cannon technology and turbolaser technologies that they have obtained from diplomatic missions and trade with other planets nearby such as Smarteel.
  • Technology:
    • The Technology of Spindle VI is mainly focused on the production of steam powered items since water can be taken from the great ocean of the planet and turned into steam power to power technology and other devices that the citizens can use to survive. The University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy is currently above galactic standard because of their vigorous research into different technology and how to improve them; and many prototypes are being developed for the purpose of testing to see if they meet the standards of the commission and the security forces that hold sway over the technology level of certain areas of the planets. The Capital City of Halbarrow and the other sky settlements are currently in galactic standard with many of the luxury items that the other planets have in the galaxy; such as turbolifts and other related technology in that field; while the City of Old Halbarrow is slightly backwards in technology and still uses slugthrowers over blasters due to the toughness of finding ammunition for blasters because of the tight restrictions of the commission over the sale of blaster gas; because of the deep levels of crime that overtake the city in all times of the day.
The Industrial World of Spindle IV was discovered in the Pius Dea Era by the Galactic Republic under the control of the Contispex Dynasty during the Pius Dea Crusades against the various alien species nearby. Landing their troops on the planet which at this time was occupied by nomadic people that didn't have a permanent place of residence; they would establish a few outpost on the world to keep track for alien activity and having left a cathedral ship in orbit to enforce the pius dea cult's rule over the nomadic world. During the height of the Pius Dea Crusades; the Contispex Dynasty that ruled over the planet gave the order to hand over some forms of technology to the nomadic people in order to teach them to become soldiers that would follow the Pius Dea Cult's Vision of a galaxy without aliens within it; they would do this by convincing the nomadic people that the Pius Dea were gods and would have been inclined to follow them into battle with the Hutts who stood against them time and time again and pushed them back with the help of other species that formed in alliance to stop the Pius Dea from crushing their remaining influence. The Nomadic People of Spindle IV would begin to pick up the use of technology within a relatively short time frame but the training given to them wouldn't be enough to face this alliance and thus; the Pius Dea Forces on the planet withdrew from the planet because there forces were needed elsewhere in the crusades. Only leaving a single cathedral ship to act as an intelligence vessel to inform the rest of the Pius Dea Galactic Republic if this alliance of species would invade a defenseless planet. A few more centuries and the Pius Dea never returned to claim there world; as they had been defeated at the Battle of Uquine with the capture of Chancellor Contispex XIX and the election of Grand Master Biel Ductavis to the position of Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. The Cathedral Ship not receiving any more orders from the Pius Dea Republic; would crash land inside of the nomadic grasslands that occupied the planet due to an unexpected power failure in the main reactors; the nomadic people would begin to study the ship and its components trying to figure it out for themselves.

Within a few years; the first technologically smart individuals would have used the Pius Dea Technology on Board the Crashed Cathedral Ship to develop their own society and the nomadic capital was transformed into a small settlement that was powered by the technology on board; this capital was eventually named Halbarrow after an ancient chieftain of the nomadic society and the first ruler of the Elder's Council would be Andronius the Magnate; to which the three moons in the system of Spindle VI are named and the establishment of the society would begin to function with the predecessor to the University would be founded teaching children how to hunt and grow up in their environment and begin to teach them how to use the technology that was on board. During this time; the force was discovered by a shaman by the name of Cyclone to which the two asteroid belts are named in his honor; showing his untrained skill in the force to Andronicus the Magnate and believing that it was a gift from the mysterious people who had brought them technology; he decided to name it Astromancy as both he and cyclone believed that the power came from the stars in the sky of their world and the name has stuck ever since with force users being referred to as Astromancers in the common language. Andronius the Magnate would eventually die and the Elder's Council would rule in his place acting as a unified government for the world for the first time in its history; establishing some laws that are still used today by the Spindle VI Governance Commission to enforce the rules and regulations that they set forward to preserve their rule over the planet for time immemorial. During the Old Republic Era; they were largely left alone save for the Hutt Cartel who established a small trading outpost in the capital city which was on the ground and used it as a staging ground to do illegal operations away from the prying eyes of both the Republic and the Sith Empire who were engaged in Several Galactic Wars over Dominance.

As the Planet of Spindle IV was developing and adding new technology through the use of basic research; the proper galactic republic had taken notice during the High Republic Era and the Elder's Council had decided to join the republic during that time to gain access to new technology and the benefit of having a senator within the walls of the republic. Although some of the people didn't like joining the republic because of its notorious slow senate process and rampant corruption with companies have great influence over the passing of certain laws and regulations that affected all planets. When the separatist alliance was formed at the Battle of Geonosis and the Clone Wars was officially begun; the Planet of Spindle VI was firmly in the area of space controlled by the Separatist Alliance and there was a military base established there to control the region and prevent the republic from trying to take back the planet at this time because it has developed into a heavy industrial world with a significant supply of tibanna gas which could fuel the separatist war machine; the republic didn't launch an offensive but only towards the end of the clone wars and had successfully taken the system back from the separatist holdouts. The Republic having stretched itself very thin and with the declaration of a new order; the planet was left by itself for the entire era of the Galactic Civil War and became a safe haven for criminals to hide out within the system because of the Hutt Cartel who still maintained control over the City of Halbarrow and the city was promptly abandoned by the Elder's Council and construction began on the Capital City of Halbarrow replacing the old capital which was named Old Halbarrow as to not confuse anyone entering the planet. The Elder's Council was transformed into the Spindle IV Governance Commission to establish full control over the planet and its resources and to become independent from galactic powers that might attempt to take its resources.

To the current events; the Governance Commission has ruled for a long time now and has established themselves as the only government on the planet with the development of new technology such as airships and the establishment of a better equipped Spindle VI Security Force. The University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy was established using the broken system of schooling that had existed prior and the Headmaster of the University was given control over the university and its grounds to produce students that would serve the state and benefit from the rewards and higher standards of living their families would have if they graduated with a degree in the various fields that the University now offered. When the Mancheron Kajidic was finding new planets to settle on; they established a considerable amount of influence by buying the loyalty of the rich and fancy of Halbarrow and buying seats on the 500 Delegate Commission making them have considerable hold on the planet and its immense resources to fuel the Lorda of the Mancheron Kajidic; Paranoda Mancheron Boggurobb and his two associations. They have sent considerable resources to the planet from Kor Mancheron in order to secure it within their sphere of influence since it is far away from the area of hutt space and the power of the hutt republic which have established considerable authority over the hutts. Although Paranoda could claim rulership of the planet; he lets it operate fully within the control of the President of the Governance Commission and his Cabinet because ruling over an entire planet and lets them handle everything that happens on the planet because he doesn't want to seem like an overbearing overlord that rules the planet with an iron fist.
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Overall, nice sub Paranoda the Hutt Paranoda the Hutt ! Very detailed. I just have a couple of notes.

I will need Pius Dea, Smarteel, the Contispex Dynasty, and cathedral ship to be linked. If you could also link Tatooine and Geonosis for ease of access, that would be fantastic.

I would also love to see more about the time during the time jump. For example, was the planet affected by the Gulag Plague? This part is not required, but adding some detail during that time jump would likely help integrate the planet into the site's overall RP environment and canon even more.

Let me know when the necessary changes have been done and I can move this up the ladder.
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I added the cathedral ship; Pius Dea; and the Contispex Dynasty to the link section per request. However; Since I have decided to move the location of the planet into the Same Hex of Esthorhiel. Would it still be required of me to link the planet of Tatooine and Geonosis?
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Thanks! Since those two planets are mentioned in the history, I'm gonna say go ahead and link those as well. Once that happens I'll move this to pending for you.
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