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Speeder Race for all interested

Adonari Cinn

Peace Keeper
Everyone is welcome. No discrimination.
Staying on the track is optional but advised.
5,000 Credit Purse
Each one is exactly the same except for color​
The speeders have 3 gears​
Distance Tracker:​
First gear = 200 yrds per post​
Second gear = 250 yrds per post​
Third gear = 300 yrds per post​
Rubbing other opponents throughout post = -10 yrds​
Two speeders bumping for most of post = -25 yrds​
Avoiding Obstacles = -25 yrds​
Lowering Speeds in turns/ avoiding obstacles = -25, -50, -75, -100 yrds (amount varies)​
Going off course = -50 yrds at the least​
[At the end of each post you will calculate how far you've gone and it will be calculated to the tracks total length. This will tell who is in what position.]
Track Length
2700 yrds​
(From start to finish)​
*Frozen Lake: 900 yrds
Starting line looks out to a frozen lake with stalagmites over twenty feet high shooting out of the flat ice surface. Each towering ice structure ranges from fifty to one hundred feet around in width. The pillars randomly protrude in the way of the track with little method of placement. There are enough to force speeders to avoid them but not enough to keep speeders from hitting top speeds. The snow has been blown off to the sides in a fifty feet diameter to mark the track as the ice of the frozen lake.​
Under (alternate route): 600 yrds
After 300 yrds on the surface track a ten foot drop directly leads to a ice cavern which stretches out four hundred yards from both sides of ice marked path. Stalactites like that of the stalagmites on the surface, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, stand throughout the course like that of the surface path. There is only one exit intersecting with the main track and it is only wide enough for two speeders to exit simultaneously.​
^Both paths end at the same place^​
*Mountain: 900 yrds
As soon as the frozen lake tracks reconnect they send the racers towards an ice mountain covered in snow. A path has been cut out of the side with a width of only eight feet wide. It's barely enough room to fit two speeders side by side with less than a foot in between them. Cliff side and drop off are your options for the bold racers who dare to push the boundaries. Neither of which hold the reward one has in mind when pushing the limits.​
*Ice Shelf: 900 yrds
Two walls of ice suffocate the track which stands thirteen feet in width. It is all of a straight shot to the finish line which first served as the starting line.​

Adonari Cinn

Peace Keeper
Vague course description will be given tomorrow
Top distance a driver can go is 300 yrds per post
(There will be 3 check points and 1 required pit stop)
Only to those who reply in OOC thread: positions will be given out, at random, by me through pm
Flag drops on Friday
Son of Triam
Anyway, what does this mean? :

"-If any force is sensed by the speeder it will studder or potentielly shut down"

Is that force as in Mystical Space Wizard Magic or force as in a rock just crashed into me and now I'm skidding sideways?

Adonari Cinn

Peace Keeper
No force, no magic, no anything. The speeders are built for wear and tear. This is a thread to see who's really got the moves guys. This is you in a speeder like everyone else's, on a track that will have some twists along the way, and no benefits of any kind. Get ready to grind out every inch.