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South Systems Business Bazaar! PC Company Market Place

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork

The South Systems Syndicate is open for all manner of businesses within the Mara Corridor and the Corellian Run for their Galactic Bazaar.

Here, all manner of businesses, criminal or not, are able to showcase their wares and products for all members of the Galactic Community. This can span from ships, ship repair, trade goods, small arms, droids, spice, slaves, anything that can be peddled, you will find here! We even have monthly auctions for the business's interested in selling overstock items.

This is not an association, but an open marketplace for all patrons of the galaxy to come and browse for any wares they may need --- legal or otherwise.

So come on in, enjoy a drink on me and let's talk business, ladies and gentlemen!

~Danger Arceneau
Arceneau Trade Company
South System Syndicate


In here you will see likely a max of TWO forums. One is OOC - which will contain the list of companies along with their Company Information and the products they sell in an index format along with a detailed thread -- think of this as your galactic business card with links to your approved company and approved tech subs.

The second will be an IC forum where patrons may request any of these companies goods if they are interested.

BUSINESSES!!! You are more than WELCOMED to use the IC Bazaar forum FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT THREADS! The goal is to make it into an actual IC Marketplace!

Remember, any PC business or member of the SWRP Community is more than welcome to join and anyone is welcome to view, order, or make a purchase -- You do not need to be a member of the SSS Bazaar to interact with the businesses to get goods!

The forum will be completely open to guests to post, nothing will be locked to be seen only by members. This is to promote more traffic with our members who have companies and who'd be interested in peddling their wares to the public eye, allowing other members to come in, see what they have to offer to sell, and then make a thread about it. This also promotes growth for these companies into the following tier.

For those businesses who are interested in this "market place" sort of deal, please feel free to post! I'll be managing the forum to get up to date with any current companies.

( Also, this will still contain all the information of the SSS, so a list of crime syndicates around here who deal with the illegal things such as spice, drugs, and blockade running and the like is also allowed!)

South Systems Syndicate Bazaar

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
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Remember folks, this is the place you can icly ask to barter for contracts, ships, items, and the like. Deal directly with Silk Holdings, Corellian Engineering, Arceneau Trade, Mando Motors, Keldabe shops, Salacia Consolidated, Corek Custom Weapons, Subach, Baktoid, Kesh-Rima Salvage and many more.

For those who currently have business, you are more than welcomed to join the Bazaar as a method of directly talking to consumers.