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Zahori Denko
I just have some questions, comments, and concerns with some approved subs I've recently seen because there seems to be some balance issues being let through.

One such example of this would be this here. How can this considered to be balanced when the weaknesses are 'Expensive' while it is affiliated with a MAJOR faction who's bank account is innumerable and 'Heavy' for a floor. Unless someone is picking up this floor and carrying it rfom ship to ship, I don't get it. Maybe someone could help me understand.

I was a factory judge myself at one point long ago so I can understand the stress these crazy geniuses can put on you guys. There's definitely a lot more coming in and out of the factory than when I was judging. But, we can't let that allow us to miss these kinda things.

Again, I don't want anyone to feel targeted or attacked. Just voicing my concerns.

John Locke

Darth Athora Darth Athora

Thank you for voicing your concerns to us, if you have any concerns at any time about the processes within the factory or larger issues that you see my PM on the board or DMs in discord are always open. If you, or anyone, has a specific concern about a submission you feel is breaking board rules I would encourage you to submit a report via the report function.

In regards to this specific submission, this is not an acceptable venue for this discussion. If you feel this, or any, submission has issues which break the rules please submit a report and staff will review it.
Not open for further replies.