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Eternal Empress



  • Classification: Multipurpose (Light Armour)
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistance:
    • Force: Extreme
    • Energy Weapons: Very High
    • Kinetic Weapons: Very High
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • EMP/Ion: Very High
    • Environmental: Very High
    • Disruptor: Low
    • Electrical: Low
    • Radiation: Very Low
    • Corrosive/Acid: Very Low
    • Sonic: Very Low


  • High resistance: The armour is designed to provide quite a few types of protection to the wearer, without impeding the movement too much. After all, who knows what kind of opponent she will face in melee.
  • Well-equipped: The armour has quite a few accessories and extras so that it can be used well in all conditions
  • Anywhere, Anytime: Enviroweave is added to the armour as an extra bottom layer, so it insulates perfectly. It gives a pleasant cool feeling in warm weather and warmth in cold weather. It also protects against all other environmental influences, be it solar radiation, rain, cold, heat, etc.
  • Force Resistance: The greatest strength of the crystals' dust is that they have extreme protection against the effects of the Force. It protects the user from the Force effects that would affect or attack them.
  • Repair: Thanks to Laminanium, the Dral Kayatr thus the armour is able to repair itself.

  • EMP and Ion: Although the armour has such protection, after a while it can be so strong or many such attacks can be launched against it that the armour will no longer protect and all electrical systems in the armour will be destroyed.
  • Sound attacks: While the armour protects against blasters and other effects and influences, this cannot be said against the voice-based attacks, the armour protects against them very little and the wearer is almost completely affected by this type of attack.
  • Disruptor: While armour protects against quite a lot of things, disruptors are not included, armour does not protect against this type of weapon. So if someone hit the wearer with this, the wearer will almost certainly die.
  • Corrosive/Acid and Radiation: While the armour against quite a lot of things, this cannot be said against the corrosive acid and radiation attacks and effects, the armour protects against them very little and the wearer is almost completely affected by this type of attack.
  • Repair: Although the Dral Kayatr and thus the armour is able to regenerate thanks to Laminanium, however it can easily get too much damage that this metal can no longer repair anymore. Despite Laminanium, the metal can be damaged so that regeneration is no longer effective, not to mention the regeneration is a slow process, in battle this is useless.
  • Force Protection: High protection can also be a disadvantage if someone wants to use a helper Force Ability on the armour's owner, as the crystal dust also protects against these. These must be passed through the crystal shard's protection by the owner in a short concentration.
  • Force Nullification: Under these conditions, Force Light will not work and will have no effect; all other abilities only make the weapon more resistant, so their effects do not fade.

Solus may have needed new armour for some time, which was probably why the woman turned to her clan member’s company, House Orchid, through which the HPI Consortium and Rocksolid Arms were also involved in the project. All of this was not difficult to accomplish, as by now a great many Mandalorians had worked with the Eternal Empire, and HPI was the most easily accessible through them.

It was important for the woman to mix the traditional Mandalorian elements with the woman’s own approach, which is why this Beskar’gam was realized, which is quite unique in appearance but combines Mandalorian traditions. It was made of the new kind of metal, Dral Kayatr, which was made in a special way to make the armour look more like a light armour suit than an actual heavy armour, so it became flexible and garment-like.

In addition to traditional Mandalorian things and customs, protection against Force and fire was important. That's why Litr Gryttr shards was forged into the metal, and the armour was given an extra layer of extra Enviroweave to provide protection against fire. Traditional Mandalorian things meant the myriad sensors, extra weapons, and accessories that were also added to the finished armour.

The armour and accessories are made with the most modern and best technology possible, as HPI companies or companies that work with them always offer this to their customers. The accessories can be upgraded at any time, removed or changed, or new can be added to the armour if needed. In this way, Solus can later make her Beskar'gam even more unique, even so it is already quite a unique one.

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