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Meret Blackmoon

Well-Known Member
We must create a drink in honor of the Olympics. What would your recipe included?
Ice crushed, Hpnotic
Vodka Russian


Aronis Vilgar

Fallen Jedi
Mine would have,
Some grind up Rancor bones [goes good with about anything and nothing], Shot of Varasian Brandy [best mind enhancer there is], a lil bit of pink and green bubblin bantha [for color], and some vornskr hairs [for added texture].

Best thing you ever tasted.

And don't forget minced rodian eyes, really brings the drink together.

Meret Blackmoon

Well-Known Member
@[member='Thurion Heavenshield'],
I try to make a fun thread and you think like a frat boy who could not get laid even if he paid for it