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So What Happens When A Ghost And A Smartass Walk Into A Bar? (Karin Dorn/Joshua DragonsFlame)

Ah, Nar Shadda. Josh's little "Get away from it all" sanctuary. When things got stressful, Josh tended to travel to the seedy planet to get lost in the shuffle, where he could go without being hunted by Sith or bounty hunters or anything of the like. Here, he could easily mask his force presence and blend in with the crowds, have a drink at the cantina, and relax a bit.

Nar Shadda might be the last place you'd consider a vacation spot, and for Josh it was far from a vacation, but for Josh it was a spot for him to quietly consider his next move in peace, without someone bothering him every moment. It had been a sanctuary ever since Dagobah, when the at the time Jedi Knight had been possessed by the Magnus Monster, forced to use dark side talents that had been taught to him by his double agent Master, Pinewrap, until Xardus had freed him.

The experience had horrified the young man, and brought shame to him to the point where he had decided to take a temporary leave from the Jedi, taking solace in Nar Shadda to re-affirm his commitment to the light side of the Force, and find himself.

A month had passed at that time, Josh had gotten his bearings and re-affirmed himself, returning to the Jedi in grand fashion after a talk with the at the time Grandmaster, Ben Watts had given him the kick in the ass he needed. Josh had then gone on to become a member of the Jedi Council, fight in the Battle Of Metalorn, and ultimately become a Jedi Master. Since then, Josh had used Nar Shadda as a place to find time to think, where he could get lost and prepare.

But that was a story from long ago. Here, now, Josh sat at a table near the back of the cantina on Nar Shadda, his Force Presence hidden well, enjoying a drink as he relaxed. He wasn't wearing his Jedi Master robes, obviously. That would have been too much of a giveaway. Instead, he wore a simple t-shirt, a leather jacket and trackpants. His Magnus Armor, though, was still on, safely under the casual clothing. Nar Shadda was too dangerous to go unarmored, R&R time or not. Not many people on Nar Shadda knew who he was... (At least not yet, a future thread would make the Jedi's identity known in Nar Shadda in a massive fashion) And that was something Josh wanted to stay that way.
@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
While some went to Nar Shaddaa to get away, others went to dwell.

The debauchery of this planet was a startling remember of her youth, and being here often made the woman feel humbled. Not that her wild years were unpleasant, no, perhaps it sat at the opposite end of the scale by being an overload of pleasure to the system. Days spent, toying with the arcane, eyes -rolling back, where are my senses, I can't feel any more. Perhaps on reflection spending each night with friends on the border of overdose was ridiculous and shameful.

But it felt so right.

Now, older, wiser and revived from a state of un-death the Sith Master was teetotal. The only manner she ever planned to lose her mind in now was within the force.

Although she had not only come here to simply reminisce about embarrassments of the past, but to seek out the finest bounty hunters imaginable. Upon being granted a new body, the former spectre's first order of business was straight to Dantooine to see her darling daughter Evelynn but she was gone. The farmers that faced her wrath soon after provided barely enough information to help track her down. A man had whisked her away from such an idyllic life and for what purpose?

She would rend his spirit from his body when she found him.

Unfortunately due to lack of information, the bounty posted was not for the kidnapper, but rather for her daughter, to be brought back alive only and of course there were bonuses if any information about the mystery man surfaced too.

Shrouded her her robes, Karin Dorn's very aura was discomfort, those who passed her by shifted in their skin feeling a tingle of anxiety in their gut. She did not hide her presence in the Force, rather she basked in it. Striding into the generic cantina the woman surveyed all of those before her with an eye of disdain.

“I'll have an ice water, please,” the Sith said, always mindful of her manners.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh raised an eyebrow, sensing the dark side of the Force suddenly enter the cantina, in a fashion akin to a rancor suddenly crashing through the wall.

Under his hood, which was up and masking his face, he eyed the woman curiously. It was quite obvious she was a Sith, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that. He looked her over, smirking a bit. Her appearance quite frankly gave her away well enough, but... Well, she was a stranger to him, he doubted she had come to hunt him down. And if she did, what of it? Josh wasn't a stranger to fighting Sith Masters... He'd been doing it since Knighthood, and he wasn't intimidated whatsoever, though he could sense the skins of other patrons crawling at the sight of her.

Finishing his drink, he flashed the waiter, who looked more like a slave girl then a waiter, a handsome smile as she passed. "Another round, if you may" he asked politely, slipping her a couple of credits.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
Delicately the Sith sipped her water. Since being granted this new plant-based form water became an utter joy to drink, the true elixir of life, even more-so to those of a garden nature.

The woman smirked, so says the law of the universe that when one enters a cantina they swear a wordless oath. From chance meetings to all out mayhem, something of note had to occur in these such establishments, the entire galaxy would fracture if this requirement was not met.

Usually when Karin Dorn enters a building emanating an aura of discomfort the only words spoken in her radius were those of nervous hushed tones but this was not the case. Somebody dared. Eagle-eyes focused on the fellow who was unaffected by her unnerving presence. Of course, the Sith wasn't about to whip out lighsabers and start challenging everything in a room to a duel. Oh goodness no.

The woman may have been one with the dark side, but that didn't mean that manners were thrown out of the window.

“You know we're destined to interact with each other,” the trope-savvy woman smirked before taking another drink of her water.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh's eyes darted to the woman who had looked straight at him and spoken.

“You know we're destined to interact with each other,” she had said, a smirk on her face. And the Jedi Master gave one in return. With her looking fully at him, he could get a good look at her face. Ah, one of the plant species. Josh's experiences with plant fellows wasn't exactly good, seeing as Circe Savan, a woman who @[member="Karin Dorn"] likely conveniently knew very well, decided to turn Josh's own brother to the dark, something that Josh wasn't so keen on forgiving. But this woman wasn't Circe, and he had no reason to not be polite.

Chuckling a bit, his eyes never wavering from hers, he offered her a seat near him as the drink arrived.

"If we're destined to interact, then come on over. I'm here with open arms" DragonsFlame responded in an amused tone, without missing a beat.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
“Open arms?” she scoffed, “Are we going to embrace?”

The Sith knew perfectly fine that his gesture of open arms was not referring to a hug of any sorts but if they were going to be playing the verbal game then be as well get your cheeky jabs in early. Of course, if the fellow actually wanted a hug (which would be absurd) then the encounter would have nose-dived into incredibly awkward territories, for everyone, in the universe, ever.

In one swift movement, Karin swiped her drink off of the bar and joined her amused friend. After all, one can't shout an entire conversation from across the bar. Sitting down next to the unusual man, the woman offered him a toothy grin.

“I'm Karin Dorn,” she said, still offering that smile, “former Queen of Thule and Sith Master extraordinaire.” The woman punctuated the end of her sentence with a small flourish from her hands. Absolute honesty was rarely seen from the ranks of the Sith but she had no reasons to hide, least of all on Nar Shaddaa.

“Now, I've laid my cards down. If you would be so kind to show me yours.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
The Jedi laughed in return, but without missing a heartbeat, he responded in kind with a quick and quirky "If you want an embrace so badly, we'll talk of that later" as if the notion of hugging a Sith Master didn't bother him whatsoever. Weirder things had happened after all. He'd once had a beer with an incredibly dangerous Sith Knight by the name of Venom in a collapsing abandoned temple on a planet that was like a black hole, a void in the Force. He had once turned a duel with a Miralukan Sith into a joyride across Sith space and a trip to the candy store, coming out mostly unscathed. Keeping the tradition of Miraluka Sith alive, he'd once even courted one, albeit admittedly by accident. Of course, she hadn't been in the Sith for long after that ordeal, but that was a story for another day.

Moral of the story, DragonsFlame wasn't a stranger to odd situations with Sith, and this one, as odd as it might be to anyone on the opposing sides if they ever saw, didn't bother him whatsoever. It amused him, if anything, but also piqued his curiosity that a Sith Master would come into a Nar Shadda cantina, and flaunt her colors and her presence like a peacock. She was certainly a unique one, that was for sure.

He watched her join him quickly, which was nice considering the two were getting odd looks from other patrons as they yelled back and fourth at each other, who were looking at this situation in bewilderment as if they were watching Clash Of The Titans in living color. Who was this crazy woman, some may think, and better yet, who was this crazy male who dared trade silver tongued barbs as if he were courting a best friend he hadn't seen in years. Was he drunk? Was he a lunatic? Who knows, but the thoughts and feelings of other patrons didn't bother the Jedi Master as he regarded the Sith Master with a smile in return to her toothy grin.

"You have a beautiful smile" the Jedi remarked with a cheeky grin. At her introduction, he almost burst out laughing. She was quite the daring one, that was for sure. Anyone who was drunk enough and was listening would likely avert their greed filled eyes to the former Queen Of Thule, with thoughts of wealth and plunder. But those of a sound mind would hear the term "Sith Master" and shake back, choosing life over wealth.

"An honest Sith? That's something I haven't seen in years" he remarked, the smile remaining. His eyes never left hers. He decided then, kark it, why not be honest in return? The least someone would do was try and mug him after this performance, Jedi Master or not.

"I'm Josh DragonsFlame" he introduced with a smirk. "Grand Admiral Of The Republic, and Jedi Master. A pleasure" he added, not a hint of regret in his voice as he laid down his cards. There would be no secrets it seems, between these two unique individuals. The stares from the other patrons increased at this. It was quiet, except for the two individuals trading barbs amongst one another. The man was crazy, absolutely crazy, many would think.

And Josh wouldn't have it any other way. On Nar Shadda, it seems that people most feared the unknown, and would shy away from it. The more peace on his end, the better.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
The woman took a moment to consider reasons why she'd hug a Jedi. Maybe it would be more like a death grasp. He's Batman and she's Poison Ivy. Actually no, I wouldn't play it like that. In a galaxy full of slithering seductresses it would be fruitless, everybody just committing heinous acts of sexuality trying to one-up each other. It would certainly make large scale battles more interesting, or perhaps not considering the PG-13.

Fade to Black: The Battle.

“The benefits of brushing one's teeth daily,” she responded plainly, the topic of oral hygiene probably not going to be one that she pursued for the rest of this conversation. Karin Dorn had dealt with the extreme flirting of Circe Savan, his playful taunting was nothing more than trivial pleasantries. It takes a lot more to fluster this lady.

“I find that honesty is the best policy, even amongst the Sith,” Karin simply shrugged before he made his big reveal. Grand Admiral of the Republic. Oh my.

The woman stifled a laugh, how ridiculous was this? Here they were on dingy Nar Shaddaa, a Jedi and a Sith Master respectively. So often Masters seemed to avoid the typical cantina meet preferring to live entitled lives of grander that so very often did not involve places like the Smuggler's Moon, playing dignified in the temples instead of being on the streets where it mattered, where the battle was lost or won.

“...and what exactly is the Grand Admiral doing here? Drowning his sorrows? Is his burden too great?”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
A smirk crossed his face as he let her speak. Josh "Batman" DragonsFlame had seen enough slithering seductresses for one lifetime, Karin "Poison Ivy" Dorn would probably be close to the hundredth, at least. Everybody just committing heinous acts of sexuality would... Probably kill the PG-13 rating of this site, not to mention be a little too awkward, considering that certain other plants would probably take about a hundred at once. I am such a terrible person.

We Don't Belong.

He cracked his neck as her question was asked. Drowning his sorrows? Ah, he carried a great many, but drowning them wasn't his intention at the moment.

"Sometimes, whether you're a Jedi Master, a Grand Admiral, a lover or a fighter, you need to kick back and enjoy life once in a while" he said, without missing a heartbeat. His tone hadn't changed a bit, and he didn't seem bothered whatsoever to be exchanging pleasantries with a plant Sith Master in a dingy bar on Nar Shadda. Wasn't the weirdest thing to happen to him after all.

"I like to think myself a human being. I might be able to sweep a battlefield like it were nothing, but I'm still a denizen of this galaxy, am I not? I am still a being created, and will one day end. I do not consider myself above the common being, regardless of common belief. I'm a man, not a cyborg created to serve. So if I feel like coming to my favorite cantina and acting like a human being once in awhile, where's the harm in that, right?" he asked, his friendly demeanor never leaving.

"And what exactly is a great and powerful Sith Master doing here? Does being a Sith get to you?" he asked, a playful smirk twitching on his lips. "Does ending the lives of many for a cause, usually cruelly, weigh on you? Or are you here for a good time?"

His tone turned playful, just like the smirk. In rare form, the silver tongued Jedi Master was.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
How long has it been since I last posted? A week? A month? A year? Who knows. Time is lost to me. I actually live in a hellish dimension where there are no windows and no clocks. I don't know if it's Thursday or the end of time itself. The downside of selling your soul to the devil for a doughnut.

Karin Dorn popped an eyebrow at the Jedi as he threw ideologies at her. The expression on her face a combination of mild disgust and amusement. Dismusement.

“Surely you're not going to assault me with philosophy all night, Grand Admiral,” she responded, words slow, long and drawn out to the max. She took a long drink from the glass this time, causing a gap in conversation, a moment of silence where the two mega powers just sat there. Funny little galaxy. Slowly, almost painfully she set the glass back down on the coaster (of course) and then paid her attentions back to him.

What if being a Sith got to me?” Karin almost whispered, face straight. It was funny that the mention of cruel causes came up. In terms of atrocities Karin Dorn ranked very lowly amongst the Sith, a waste of energy being evil for the sake of it. “Would you save me?” The words crawled out of her mouth, so soft, so sickening.

“Help me, I'm falling...”

Suddenly as nothing had ever happened she swept aside the atmosphere she had crafted with a loud cackle. “Or maybe I am just here for a good time,” the Sith smirked with a playful shrug.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
And here I am, in a dimension where work is a killer, people suck, and I constantly feel like crap in the mornings, posting on a tiny little phone to get to you ASAP :p. That's what I get for selling my soul for bacon.

He chuckled a bit. "Nothing wrong with speaking my mind" he responded with an amused look. This girl was funny. He hoped she didn't die or something soon. She was fun to have a beer with.

As she did, he took a good, long drink of his soft beverage (If its not strong enough in Russia, it's a soft drink. Shuddup I know I'm Canadian)

And for that moment, pure silence. He pondered this unique situation, curious yet amused.

And then she, albeit likely jokingly, asked her question. In return, he flashed an amused grin.

"Then I might have to give you that hug for real" he jested. "Everyone likes a shoulder to cry on"

"But would I save you?" He almost whispered, his eyes never leaving hers. "Few Sith wish to be saved, but those who do I support with open arms, as if I were supporting a close friend. Funnily, one such person who I supported, is reason I may soon be father to be" he said with a slight smile. He couldn't help the almost excited glimmer in his eye as he thought about it. Fatherhood was something he was relatively looking forward to..

But ah, if only he could tell fate... And the misfortune it would soon bring the Jedi Master.

At her last statement, his response was a smirk, amused yet understanding.

"Then I drink to your health... Or whatever plants consider healthy" he jested with a smile. Ah, Circe HATED his jokes towards plants. Jak didn't mind them so much, he found them amusing.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
It was peculiar. Never before in her life had she engaged in a conversation that kept bringing up the notion of hugging so much. Was it fate? Were they one day destined to cling to each other in heat of passion? Not likely. Perhaps in the grasp of despair Jedi and Sith would grip each other in what could only be described as an Oscar worthy moment.

Or maybe they were just two people having a decidedly random conversation.

The notion of Sith weeping upon each other's shoulders was one of hilarity, smirking Sith sorcerers crying with bloodthirsty warriors, the conjured image made Karin Dorn snort in delight.

“Nobody should cross the borders of redemption, it's a dangerous place,” she mused, it had been a long time since the woman last mused about the idea of atonement. The woman did not lie to herself about who or what she was. The dark side was dark for a reason. There was no doubt in her mind that they were the bad guys in the space opera of life. There was no greater good, or motive noble. It was self self self.

“I believe it's sunlight,” she responded flatly to his toast, before tipping the rest of the water into her mouth.

The stern gaze that she managed to catch the barman with signified that she required another drink. No words needed. Tenting her fingers, Karin turned her attentions back to Jedi and smiled.

“Parenthood,” she grinned, “now there's a scary subject. I've conjured horrors less frightening than being a mother.” She had no qualms with revealing that she had a daughter to this Jedi, he wasn't one of the violent stoics that the Republic seemed to be stocking these days. “If you want any advice, this is your chance to ask.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
The one time Josh had hugged a sobbing Sith, an hour later she was disrobed in his bedroom, and a night of passion followed. He didn't plan on having any repeats anytime soon.

This conversation, to him, was random indeed.

He smirked a bit. "If Sao can do it, if Marek can do it, if Darron can do it, if Syn can do it... Anybody can" he said. "But you don't seem the type to want redemption, you seem quite happy killing people and such" he joked with a smirk. "If that's incorrect though, please feel free to correct me"

At sunlight, he just chuckled and drank down the rest of his alcohol. His senses didn't usually dull much, but it helped him forget his problems for a little while and focus more on having a good time.

He motioned to the bartender, requesting another drink with a nod of his head. Ironically, Karin had done the same thing, just by looking at him. He eyed her as she looked at the bartender, and smirked faintly.

Then the topic of parenthood came around, and a big smile crossed his face. "A Sith Master, a mother? That's not something you see everyday" he said, relaxing his hands behind his head. "Maybe that's why you seem more likeable then most other Sith. I hear parenthood changes you"

"Questions, questions, questions...." he mused aloud. "How time consuming is raising a child in the early days? I took care of my godson for a moderate amount of time with Saoirse, but he was already of decent age. Past the apparent misery stages that I've heard about"

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
The Jedi rattled off a selection of names that drew many blanks for the woman. Admittedly she had been a hermit before her untimely death and then...well...un-death. On the surface of it, Karin may have seemed like your run-of-the-mill cackle a moment smirking wine swilling fiend but if you took just those few minutes to dig a little deeper you would find a human with vague connections to the word empathy.

“I can imagine that my kill score is not nearly as high as some of those amongst your ranks, Grand Admiral,” she said quietly, “I am but a walking archive, left in the back to counter your famed battle meditation. You won't find me burning down villages and enslaving the population. On the contrary, I try to keep my hands free of slavery, too many unnecessary enemies to make by exploring that venture.”

Their drinks arrived, Karin's being free because water on Nar Shaddaa was so rarely ordered, if there were any benefits to being a plant-woman it was the new found pleasure that a simple glass of water provided.

“Besides, gather a room of the galaxy's most famous faces into a room together and see how many of them had beginnings in chains. I wouldn't give them a reason to harm me.”

The woman laughed, not as harshly as before. “Ah, you see. The Sith Master Mothers have the most secretive book club. We trade brownie recipes.” Obviously this was a mere jest. Or was it?

“I think if you ever encountered my daughter, Jedi, that you simply would not believe that I was her mother.” It was true. Evelynn Dorn had been spared a life of following in the footsteps of a Sith, instead she grew up as nature intended. A compassionate and polite girl with the same thirst for knowledge as her dear old mum. If she had any knowledge that she were force sensitive then Karin could picture her walking the path of light.

“Savour your time drinking here. Once your child is born I can't imagine that you'd have the time to even peek at Nar Shaddaa. It will consume your life, sleep a thing of the past but then you blink and they're just that bit older. It is stressful, but when those early days are gone you will miss them.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
He smirked a bit. "You're one of those non killy, actually has a brain types then, eh?" he asked, nudging her amusedly. "Well, that might explain why you're a pleasure to talk to compared to other Sith I've met. Well, except maybe Sao... I don't think ANYONE can compare to Sao" he said with a laugh.

Their drinks arrived, Josh noticed that she'd been drinking water and smirked. Figures, plant and all. Josh still preferred alcohol.

He laughed at the jest about brownie recipes. "Oh really?" he asked. "There's more then one now? I figured you were just a special case" he cracked. "Maybe Sao would be happy to have some of those recipes... I don't know how the hell a blind chick can cook, but she does somehow" he said with a laugh. "And she's still better at cooking then me"

He smiled as she spoke of her daughter. "Perhaps I'll meet your daughter one day" he said. "Not likely, but... Well, never know. I'm sure we'd get along just fine"

At the quirk about time, he laughed a bit. "Ohhhhh boy" he said. "That sounds like a joy. I'm guessing you aged just as fast during that time, huh?" he jested. "Are those worry wrinkles, or are you older then you seem? I figured a Sith Master with a child would have grey hairs by now"

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
Did he just nudge her? Were they becoming familiar over the course of this conversation? Drinking buddies? Oh yes, with her glass of water Karin Dorn was the life and soul of all parties. At least you'd always have a ride home, don't drink and drive, kids!

She drew her finger around the rim of her glass, listening to the pleasant hum that it emitted, taking into considering what her fellow Sith would do if they saw her sitting her in pleasant conversation with the enemy. They'd probably have her head. Hilarious considering what was soon to come for Karin Dorn's current head.

That was a concern she readily tossed aside, death was not her fear, her peers be damned.

It was time to take a gamble. “Her name is Evelynn,” she said quietly, “and if you ever meet her,” there was a break. She couldn't bear the fact that somewhere out there in the vast and treacherous galaxy was her darling daughter, “make sure she's safe.” The day Karin Dorn entrusted her daughter's life in the hands of the Empire was also known as never.

“I am older than I appear, Jedi,” the woman admitted her voice solemn, “this is not my first body. I doubt it will be my last.”

A sad smile crept onto the face of Karin Dorn before she took a delicate sip of her new drink. I am sick, Grand Admiral. I am decaying.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh's mind, for a second, wondered amusedly what the other Jedi would think seeing him in pleasant conversation, on Nar Shadda, having a drink with a Sith Master. Ah, the explanations that the Jedi Council Member would have to give to the rest of the Council. Josh had been on the Council even when he was a Knight, and had been on the Council longer, nonstop then everybody on it except for Syn, although questionably due to Syn leaving the Order for a set period of time. Technicalities aside, Josh had formed a matter of trust with the Jedi and the Council, and it would be an interesting matter if they had seen him like this.

He tilted his head curiously as the Sith Master gave the name of her daughter... Evelynn Dorn. Josh could look that up right now, find her, and there'd be a weapon against Karin. But why? Why trust him with that? Perhaps she was just more daring then he thought, or just didn't care. Or maybe she knew he wouldn't harm a child.

At her request, and explanation, he gave a sympathetic smile.

"If I ever do meet her... I promise I'll keep her safe" he said, now looking Dorn dead in the eyes. His tone was sincere, his eyes were sincere.

"How old did you say you were again?" he asked curiously.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
It made sense really.

Amongst the ranks of the Jedi was the safest destination for her daughter by far. What would they do? Execute an innocent girl for her mother's own choices in life? It simply wouldn't be so. In any event it would be a form of insurance, a way to protect Evelynn against the Sith's enemies and allies alike, even to protect her from Karin herself.

“I'm fifty-seven,” the woman responded flatly, “admittedly young for a Sorceress, a little past middle-aged for a human and far too young to be talking of decaying just yet.

The tone needed to be lifted, it had become much too sombre. She smirked to herself. “But definitely old enough to know about having children.”

There was a moment of darkness within the woman's mind. A spike of hatred, lust and anguish rattling at the bars of their metaphorical mental prison. It came and went in the form of headaches and small involuntary movements. Spasms. But as time went on it would no doubt worsen. There would be a day, a day where it could not be contained and on that day there would come death.

Just like that, the moment had gone. The woman shook her head as if to clear any cobwebs of malice that still lurked behind.

“I'm sorry, where was I again?”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
A smile crossed his face at her revelation. He had a feeling she was older then she was letting on, but fifty-seven? Yeesh. Well, it could be worse. She could be this old and decaying dinosaur that's generations among generations old.

"And here I am, just reaching the age of 21 in a matter of days, and you've got me beat by several decades" he joked, a grin crossing his face. He took a drink, relatively enjoying the conversation. She was an interesting sort indeed. He wasn't sure if he could trust her, Sith Master and all, but he liked her at least. Which was more then he could say about a lot of Sith.

And then she suddenly blanked out. Almost in a trance. He could sense emotions of anger, frustration, and others within her at that moment.... His face turned to one of concern. And then she blanked back into reality as if it had never happened.

"You were talking about your daughter, Evelynn, and how you were sick" he reminded her. "And how I'm about to embark into a miserable existence known as fatherhood" he joked with a smirk.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
A grim reminder of her condition indeed.

The woman smiled softy, it would do her no favours to sit here and worry in the presence of Jedi. Force forbid she tried to get help for herself. No, she could brood later, alone, possibly sitting in a darkened room while a servant plays a tiny violin. There was a part of that sentence that was a blatant lie and I'll bet you twenty of my shiniest pennies that you'll never figure it out.

“Twenty-one?” she exclaimed, suddenly feeling a a lot older than she was. “Twenty-one, Grand Admiral and having a child,” Karin smirked, “you are undoubtedly doomed, young man.”

Upon finding out how old he actually was, the Sith seemed to revert into her mother dearest form. Expect scoldings and heaping spoonfuls of disappointment. “All you need is patience, and as a Jedi you surely have that quality in spades. Just a matter of mastering meditation with a baby in one hand and your responsibilities in the other. “

Yeah, good luck with that one.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]