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Kaiden Rohn

Fallen Soul
Is there any specific plan for what we're going to be doing after the Sith empire gets dissolved (to anyone not aware of the plan/endgame please PM someone or me to get the 411 about it all), or are we just going to be going to be playing it by ear?


You kill the all many little sects that are now sprouting up since their Empire is up in flames. xD

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Assumptions can be dangerous. I was just asking an out of character question because I’m pretty new to Chaos. Out of character I do know we have one Sith hiding their Force Identity and is the senator and princess of Alderaan. Major problem with that is somehow the nobles does not know the princess is the senator and the princess is somehow controlling the Queen and King of Alderaan. Luckily Alderaan is still a Democracy. The Nobles do make up the bulk of the politicians and to my knowledge if it is still a democracy there is still the Alderaan Parliament.

I don’t know I’m still learning more about the situation why or how some things are.

Marakai Al'Orren

[:] P R I M A L [:]
Very true! I meant the statement IC from my character's perspective - apologies that I wasn't entirely clear! Sometimes clarity eludes me...please feel free to thwap me upside the head in another such case :)

I'm new to Chaos as well, and far more out of the proverbial loop, so I'll just pipe down and take notes as I try to get up to speed :)

Nico Ike Qarmast

The Wayward of Clan Qarmast
Kiyala Demont is a sith kind of. She is a nightsister more then your average darksider. Secretly Jentara is/was Circe but hasn't been around, Lady Silencia was a sith but she is legit one of the few who might be a darksider but never reveals herself. No one in the galaxy save her son Sol know this. We had a few others but they have went away. Since the senate became more regulated the darksiders have cut down.

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
@[member="Marakai Al'Orren"] no please, I and I’m sure as others would like to hear your opinions . :)

Thank you @[member="Nico Minuro Ike"] . I did not know about Jentara/ Circe. As for Lady Silencia I did not wish to assume how much of her story she carried over here to Chaos.

I will just have to get used to @[member="Lady Silencia"] governing Kuat and not Honoghr! :p


Hunting Again
Story remains the same, some names have been changed to make it work.

@[member="Theodosius"] did I know you over yonder? I don't recognize any of your alts here.