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Slow Posting

I've never been shy about my problems, so before I say any of this I don't want to hear any "I'm sorry" or "I hope you get better." I don't need that crap. I lost a few people in my life recently. We were never terribly close, and at most we only knew each other for a few years. I've just been trying to deal with it on top of my depression. But they were good people, people I served in the marines with and now they're gone and I guess that just bothers me a lot when I sometimes ask why am I still here when they deserved to live more than I do?

Anyways. I've said enough. If my posts slow and it takes me a bit to get to people, I'm just going through a rough patch. Normally I can keep depression in check but right now it's just a bit much. So thank you for understanding.

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