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Cedric Dorn

So a while ago Diana was given command of a Unity Class Assault ship that she named Dawning Memory. I'm currently rather high on muse for Diana and I would like to do something with this ship, now I think the most entertaining thing would be...ghost ship. We have something randomly go wrong on The Dawning Memory while its transporting an important prisoner. The Ship gets shut down and becomes dead in the water, we can invite another faction to come board the ship and fight us in a skirmish(I would Suggest the Rebels or the Black Sun). The goal is simple, they want the Prisoner, and we don't want them to have him.

I think this could be rather interesting and I would like permission to pursue it and set it up :)

Flint Dexen

Wandering Lost Soul
This definitely would be interesting.

Who is 'the Prisoner' though?

Cedric Dorn

Well it seems in their eternal lameness neither the Black Sun nor the Rebels are up for it.

The Rebels would like to do the thread but after the current invasions die down though. So a week or two perhaps.