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Faction [SJC & Allies] Ode to Sev Tok

Wayward Padawan


Location: Anvil, Councilor's Hall, After Battle Celebration

"Do we have any reports about casualties, and what of the rescue efforts for those who are still missing?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm not in charge of those efforts, I'll have to direct you to-"

"Master jedi, what can you say about the state of the war at current? Are we in-"

"What is the official stance of the jedi ord-"

"How many Bryn did you kill?"

The questions kept coming, and with it, Kadan was rather glad that this wasn't a press conference. Honestly, these people shouldn't have even been here. After all, who in their right minds would be looking to assail a padawan in the middle of gathering like this? It was probably the diplomat robes, they made him look more important, though that was purely guess work on his part. "I apologize, but I must return to my duties here. If you want more information, you'll just have to wait like the rest of us are, now if you'll excuse me." He said firmly, yet politely, before shifting past the pack of reporters.

The councilors hall here wasn't designed to hold such a large gathering, but given most of the more 'appropriate' buildings were too badly damaged, they really didn't have another location in mind. Moving past a pair of drunken militia members, he suppressed a scowl as it seemed that quite a few of the locals believed that the danger was passed. In reality, this was only just the start. Perhaps this would be the turning of the tide, the start of the end for the Bryn. Or, as Kadan feared, merely another battle, with countless many following in it's stead.

He wished he hadn't agreed to come here. It would have put him mind at ease to be among those aiding in recovery efforts instead, but alas, it was too late to back out of this. Moving to the banquet hall, he idly took a cup of water from the table and sipped at it. Moments like this had been precious and few in the recent days of the war. It was time to just relax, and not worry about what was to come.

After all, the Force worked in mysterious ways.


OOC: This is a social thread following the Battle of Anvil! Feel free to jump in and take part!

Objective 1: Assist in the recover of Anvil in the wake of the battle. Civilians need medical resources, roads and buisnesses still need to be cleared, and someone needs to figure out what to do with all the Bryn bodies.

Objective 2: Partake in the celebrations, share in the company of your fellows, and enjoy the victory!

Objective 3: BYOO.
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Jedi of Sand

Objective: 1
Tags: Kadan Scipora Kadan Scipora

Ura stepped off the emergency transport. Josh Dragovalor Josh Dragovalor had been worried about her going into battle with the Bryn yet, especially as her other issues came to light, but that didn't mean she couldn't help after the battle. She then heard the now familiar voice as she stepped out.

What happened....

Bryn happened. She would then continue, not knowing what she needed to do right now. She just hoped a Knight or Master there would help her know what to do right now, and hopefully not be worried about her.
The Young Lion
Field Hospital
Objective I

It was hard not to get swept up by the celebrations that broke out into the war-torn streets of Anvil, as civilians and militiamen alike cheered and wept in equal measure while also giving their heartfelt thanks to the brave soldiers who had stood and fought for their homeworld. Several hugs and kisses were thrown the newly promoted major's way, no matter how many he politely refused even as he was just making his way across the street.

Truth was, he was far from in the mood to celebrate. Hell, he'd barely had enough time to comprehend his own battlefield promotion just now, let alone process the course of that terrible battle. No victory came without sacrifice, but Anvil? It was different. No siege conducted from high walls against a limitless foe, just sheer slaughter. Brutal and unrelenting slaughter.

It had been a horrific experience, and those horrors were only amplified now that he had time to replay the events in his head. Some recollections were so grissly he had to consider them mere fabrications; exaggerations of true events.

There was a vacant stare in his dark eyes as Thirdas shuffled about, not really knowing what to do with himself. These people may be glad that the nightmare is finally over, but for him and the rest of the men it was just another battle. And they knew there would be many more to come.

Eventually he came across the field hospital set up in the wake of their costly victory. While able men and women would start working on clearing roadblocks and dig through rubble for bodies, the countless wounded were meanwhile flooding the healers and medics doing everything in their power to attend to everyone. A nurse noticed his shambling form wandering the rows of the deceased covered with blankets, blood still oozing from the cuts running down the side of his forehead, along with countless more scars, bruises, and broken bones.

It was a miracle he hadn't fainted from blood loss.

Only his cybernetic right arm remained unblemished, albeit covered in the caked blood of his enemies.

Major Heavenshield was offered his own cot outside one of the triage tents, where he could sit in the shade and receive treatment for his wounds. Delirious, Thirdas tried to focus his gaze at the nurse dabbing the side of his forehead with a sponge covered in disinfectant. For a moment, he thought she was Nida Perl Nida Perl . He caught himself before he could make a fool of himself.

The nurse was asking questions as she tended to him, but her words did not reach him. All he heard were the sound of gunfire and men shouting still ringing in his ears.

Until the Council or some other higher-up appeared to demand a sitrep from the man whose task it was to defend Anvil, Thirdas would just sit there while being tended to, maintaining a thousand-yard vigil.

Silver Jedi Council Member

Z O R A H  C I N S I L O
Tag: Kadan Scipora Kadan Scipora | Ura Iolar Ura Iolar | Open​
Location and time: Sev Tok, Councilor's Hall, after the battle of Anvil​
Objective: No. 1​
Unlike many other Jedi, Master Cinsilo hadn't been involved in the battle against the Bryn'adûl, yet had been informed about the current situation and caught some glimpses through meditation and a close connection to the battlegrounds. Upon leaving the transport ship and wandering through the halls, she was immediately surprised by the number of people that had gathered to ask questions concerning the battle, yet they all seemed to have circled around a young man wearing diplomatic robes that made him seem like a Knight. Although, there was something about his aura and general connection to the Force that made him seem different from that title.

The Epicanthix would continue with steady and fixed steps towards this young fella, passing through the crowd of interviewers or other reporters which ease. She'd continue to clear one's throat in order to gain his attention, the Jedi Councilor may not have a recognizable face, especially because of her different attire this time around. But it should be enough to raise questions by the other reporters and maybe even the young Jedi himself. To not be interrupted or distracted by the noisy strangers, Zorah created a connection between their minds before letting the words echo in the man's mind. ''That are a lot of reporters, if I may say so myself. Well, 'Master Jedi', what had exactly happened here, and is there anything you need assistance with?'' The Jedi Master smiled as she looked at the slightly taller Jedi, despite her faint smile there was not much emotion or information that she gave away, especially not to the curious reporters and civilians.

If she would be given a clear report of some sort, the Jedi Master would be quickly on her way to aid those in need of medical assistance, she was a Master in healing after all... Yet there were also the diplomatic efforts that needed to be addressed, Master Cinsilo would most likely need to balance between the two.

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It was kind of like training, in a sense. Aayla continued to put shovel to Earth. There were about seven pits dug already, this was the Eighth she had helped dig. It was the least she could do, considering she was off doing other things during the actual struggle. She moved back and took a seat, sweating from what felt like everywhere. She was wearing her pants, but had omitted to put her shirt back on, showing off quite a bit of skin, but of course not exposing her private bits to any potentially prying eyes. Around her, there was plenty of work being done. Namely Bryn'Adul bodies being dragged into the aforementioned pits. Being covered with a bacteria killing agent, then lit ablaze. The black smoke rose high in the sky, and every now and then she could smell it; a disgusting smell, though every now and then it almost smelled like roasted meat...

Over-all, it was worthy of making one retch. She wiped her brow with her wrist, letting the shovel slide from her shoulder and continued her digging. Merely sixty meters away from that location her Interceptor sat unmoving, radiating its light side presence; bolstering those that walked near it. They had won a victory here. Even though the mood in the field was one of hard work, forced to look upon the corpses of the Bryn'Adul as they moved them... She would do what she could to make the work quick.

'Jedi, the first pit is burned out... Do we light it back up?'

One of the workers asked in her direction. She turned resting against the handle of she shovel with her neck lightly; and shaking her head in a no-no manner to him.

"Wait till the fire goes out completely, then cover it up with the dirt... And can you manage some water for these people... Beyond that, we'll need to work out better shifts, these people can't dig ditches all day when there are still some celebrating. That isn't fair..."

She noted, to which the individual nodded along; seeming inspired by her concise, and to the point approach.

She watched him run off, then turned back to the pit; thrusting the shovel into the Earth once more.



Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
The brynn had reached the ears of mostly everyone within the galaxy, a ever hungry all consuming unthinking war machine that tore at worlds within its path, murdering countless without so much a thought of mercy. Sure it reminded her of a certain dark lord of the sith but even stardust knew he to a degree could be reasoned with! The severity of the situation rested on stardust mind among many many others important things so her journey to sev'tok was a two fold journey.

Above the planet 4 freighters hopped out into real space, leading them was the imahalyans light to which stardust was aboard within the cargo hold going everything with the captains of the other three

thank you folks for coming this way with me, been awhile since weve been in jedi territory, I want everyone on their best behavior and keep your tongues under lock...remember our objective here is to provide them with some help as well as gather info on these brynn. Proceed on my guide and keep steady

Mandalorians coming into jedi space was no doubt to throw some into alert, hence why stardust flew the flag of imahalyan, the holoprojector turned off as stardust sighed and turned to a waiting shuttle climbing aboard as she shut the door and nodded

take us down nice and steady, I rather not be blown out of the sky while trying to help

She chuckled, certainly wouldn't be the first time at all, grabbing a hand hold she gripped it as she felt the shuttle lift off and exit the hangar as the ship groaned slightly before started off towards the planet below. The transponder was turned on identifying them as clan solus, slowly making their way down as she took a breath looking out a viewport seeing two fights begin to flank them, their sent their codes and reasoning for visiting. Letting a breath out as the fighters broke off she took a seat as they began to enter the atmosphere and slowly make their way to a landing site

hold off on landing freighters, I'm gonna make sure we have full authorization and know we are here to help

The shuttle slowly approaching the ground, gently landing as the back opened and stardust stepped out, fully armored with her helmet under her arm, she had her sabers and westars 35s at her hips as she slowly strode out and began to survey just how bad it truely was

Aayla Shan Aayla Shan
Obj 2 | Dagon Kaze Dagon Kaze

Too injured to help, too able to lay around on a cot for bacta injections. She’d wave it off, anyway—Dagon would too, probably. There were a lot of wounded souls and not enough supplies and care to go around. They’d wait for the next wave of aid.

When all was said and done, their injuries were not grievous. In pain, of course. Everything ached. Disengaging the neural integration with her droid left Yula woozy and unstable, but she insisted on Dagon quite literally dragging her to where the party was.

Their escapades usually ended more quietly, intimately. Force help her, but she needed something to numb the physical pain.

Beer worked. Or whatever they called beer in this system. One sip, and she made a face.

“Thissh… tastes like the chit they drain out of a garbage compactor.”

Slurring her words—not due to inebriation (yet), but from the neural hangover, Yula squinted at the vendor. There were two—no, four of him. How odd.
Wayward Padawan

He was half way into his cup before his comlink began to go off, who it could be, he hadn't a clue. Frowning, he drew the device from his belt and put it to his lips. "This is Padawan Scipora, go ahead." "Sir, we have Mandalorians landing on site with supplies. What should we do?" He paused, lips tightening as he could only mouth five words to himself 'why are you calling me'? He wasn't in charge of anything like this, how did they even get him frequency? "I'm sorry, who is this?" "Sir, we are requesting permission to engage in boarding proto-" "What? No, no! Who is this? What is happening?" There was a pause, and Kadan set his cup down, moving to a more quiet corner to workout what in the hell was going on. "Sir, Mandalorians from Clan Solus are offering to deliver supplies."
He was utterly confused now, and had even more questions then he had before. "And, is that all?" Kadan pinched the bridge of his nose, wondering why this was even being given to him. Surely there was someone else that was supposed to handle this. "Let them land, and tell their leader to contact your superior. Put them to work, but be respectful." There was a pause of several minutes, before Kadan spoke up once more. "Understood, thank you sir."
Thank the force.​
Feeling that the crisis had been halted, Kadan let out a long sigh, wondering how his master handled this sort of thing. It was then that he felt someone approaching him, and turned to find another woman, slightly shorter than himself, though she was rather lovely to look at; though none could compare to Aayla in his mind.​
He mustered a smile, his eyes studying her, and finding her to bare markings of a jedi. A knight perhaps? He could feel the faint interaction of their minds, and her voice came to him. He smiled, a chuckle escaping his lips. Finally, seemed like someone else was suffering with him here. 'If you could find me a dispute to resolve, I'd gladly take that over than this.' He would respond, moving to raise his cup to her, only to realize he had left it on the table. 'Kadan Scipora, padawan of Grand Master Ayres. Who might you be?'
Truthfully, he'd rather be anywhere but here. Maybe he could just leave his contact info and leave, force knew Aayla was somewhere out there having far more fun than he.​

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“Thissh… tastes like the chit they drain out of a garbage compactor.”

"You tellin' me?" Dagon said, cringing at the next forced sip of the liquid.

Bleak eyes wandered across the party; celebrations were afoot. Raised spirits, inebriated soldiers and citizens alike, some more than others and all Dagon could do is lean against a post bathed in gloom. They had barely made it out alive, nearly slipped over the thin line between life and death. The battle had been won but not the war and next time...next time he wasn't sure if it wouldn't be the last.

"I don't think I mentioned it before but--" he glanced at Yula, "Thanks for getting me out of there."

Dagon had gambled. Recklessly. Left her alone to fend off a horde as he attempted to strike at the heart of the Draelvasier's invading force. They had come out of this predicament with a stronger bond, even if they never remarked it verbally; the tether between the two felt more durable after each trial they faced. In cheating death together, his fondness of her only grew.

"There's something else I wanted to tell you.." Dagon finally pushed through the lump in his throat but before he could say anything more, the cursed fear of attachment and subsequent loss suffocated his mind and twisted his tongue in a knot.

"..uh, we do work well together." the sheepish grin faded into a thin smile of disappointment, of words left unsaid.

Yula Perl Yula Perl

The Darker the Darkness, the Brighter the Light.



Location: Anvil Objective I

"ELOAH" (Primary - Long Handle)

"ELOHAI" (Secondary - Long Handle)
Starship: Starlight Sentinel, (Dilorian in cargo bay)
Companion: Astromech R01R - "Roller", Pilot droid Mu51c - "Music" (Both on ship at all times)
Tag: Open to whoever

He wasn't there.

He should have been.

He was on a quest.

The quest was to save his own life.

That was still an excuse.

He had no right to celebrate the defense of the sector, none, so he wouldn't go there. However the Council Member... for some reason he felt weird about that...

I'm a better leader by example, not by decision or decree...

Fair enough, anyway he was not directing anything or anyone, he was just working, but unlike some others, he was repurposing a lot of the debris that he had come across. The rubble was turned to dust and whisked into holes in the road, packed hard enough to be a suitable filler until rebuilding, hunks of metal cut and reshaped to be able to wedge of falling buildings. None of this was, or would be permanent solutions and not everything was able to be saved, but that which could be rebuilt was. The damage, the destruction, it all made him said to look at it all, but it motivated him more. This city would live again.


Despite the rotting, almost medicinal taste of the drink, Yula and Dagon dutifully forced it down. Something about it being a local specialty, and a slim amount of options.

It was just as well, the gruff barkeep had tossed them out—or away from his stall, rather—after tiring over their commentary of his product.

“Hmm?” Yula had her head tossed back in an attempt to drive the alcohol into her system without actually tasting it as it went down. Her head snapped forward in an almost exaggerated motion, a good portion of the brew leaking down her chin and onto her shirt. She gagged at the taste and glared in offense at the mug, as if it had been the problem.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” She swiped at her face with her sleeve, attempting to clean the beer from it. “I’d like to not remember it, if that’s okay.” Raising the glass, she waggled it back and forth to highlight her point. Hopefully after a few more, the vivid memory of being ensnared in tentacles with her energy reserves draining, would dim into nothingness.

"There's something else I wanted to tell you.."

Now that he had her attention, her heart thudded a few quick beats against her chest.

"..uh, we do work well together."


Oh, right. Of course. Why would he-

Yula snorted. “Obviously.” She hooked an arm around his shoulders. “A few more adventures and we can give Deputy Law a run for his money.”

Dagon caught the glint in her eyes, the stillness of her chest in anticipation of words both wanted to hear but he never uttered. The glimmer faded at the anticlimactic finale of his sentence and both settled to the usual small talk that diligently veiled what lied deep beneath. A deliberate, blissful ignorance.

But for how long?

"Law? Really? You bring that up?" as embarrassing as it was, the humorous shame - just like their small talk - also concealed underlying issues. Dagon's impersonation of the holoflick star Deputy Law had been the result of injecting spice in his veins to prevent Yula from doing so. The more he thought about them, the more Dagon realized that nothing ever was simple with the two. There always was another side, another story.


He blinked.

"Don't tell me that you want me to.."

She did have a, uh, let's call it - creative flair.


"I'm not doing it, no." he shook his head.

"You're gonna have to settle with Dagon Kaze, pink."

Yula Perl Yula Perl

Yula stared at Dagon as if he were speaking an alien language. Brows scrunched together, her lips pursed as she tried to figure out just what he was getting at.

"You're gonna have to settle with Dagon Kaze, pink."

Blink, then a sip. Cringe at the taste, then another sip for clarity.

The dots finally connected, and not in the way she would have liked.

“You think I want Deputy Law in the bedroom?”

She paused, curling a fist under her chin while giving the thought some actual consideration. As funny as it had been, that memory was another she’d like to drown out with terrible booze.


She swirled her drink idly.

“It’s not like you have the acting skills to pull it off, anyhow.” Yula shrugged, a slow smile curving her lips. “Or the stones.”
Silver Jedi Council Member

Z O R A H  C I N S I L O
Tag: Kadan Scipora Kadan Scipora | Open​
Location and time: Sev Tok, Councilor's Hall, after the battle of Anvil​
Objective: No. 1​
A slight hint at a certain discomfort was what had summoned her or drawn her towards the Padawan, which was acceptable considering his rough position with all the reporters trying to close in on him. Slowly asking more questions till the point where one may eventually lose it, Jedi were diplomats to a certain extent but shall never be compared to real senators. They had other duties than being in the halls of a building of this sort, yet he was possibly awaiting orders like everyone else.

''Padawan of the Grandmaster, well that's certainly a title many can't announce themselves to be. Jedi Ma- Councilor Zorah CInsilo, an honor to finally lay contacts with the apprentice of Grandmaster Ayres. Besides that, yes the intrusiveness of these civilians is truly peculiar. I wo-''

The Jedi Consular would let the words reiterate in the young man's mind, as she was suddenly interrupted by a person tapping on the Epicanthix's shoulder, before clearing their throat and beginning to talk to the Master. Still dazed, she would turn around with a swift movement before looking towards the microphone that was nearly touching her face.

''Master Cinsilo, what are your opinions on this battle? Were there any moments where you were hesitant on the Silver Jedi their capabilities of succeeding in their objective and-''

''I apologize for this however I was not present on the battlefield, there are other matters a Jedi has to attend to, yet from what I have heard the triumph that is... I can not make any statements on this matter and may I advise you not to pace towards every Jedi that passes through the halls, Anvil needs its recovery and that's all we wish to work on here.''

Zorah slowly pushed away the microphone, softly with the support of the Force, before signaling at the Jedi Padawan to follow her towards the exit of the halls, all to be away from the fickle civilians and their curiosity. Sometimes it was best, to be honest with them, and if they weren't going to follow this advice, there was always another way... One that a Jedi may not rely on that swiftly, a mind trick, a bit feared by the Master due to the effects it can have on the victim's mind. Especially when they require healing it can be a true nightmare for both the patient and healer.

And all she could hope for was that the victims of this conflict weren't affected by any mental pain that may bother the recovery process.
Wayward Padawan

His eyebrows raised as the woman mentioned her name. He had heard of Master Consilo, but never met her. Honestly, at times he felt he had unofficially received his promotion to knight and no one told him. He nearly had a response for her, until a reporter so rudely set upon her. He prepared a retort, aiming to shoe the interrogator away, but Zorah was already handling it; and with a great deal of tact as well.​
"You speak well, I imagine you trained as a consular then." Kadan inquired, the padawan watching out of the corner of his eye as the reporters turned away from the pair. This was getting a little of out hand, and not at all what he signed up for.​
"Truthfully, I find reporters to be rather vexing. Tell them everything is under control, they report that there's no threat. Tell them that it's a stressful situation, and suddenly it's the next galactic crisis. Makes it hard to communicate with everyone else." He could say that about many things. The jedi order for example suffered from this issue, but in a different manner entirely. Everyone a had a different lens from viewing things, and trying to make an organization where everything including the rules was up for debate caused....confusion. It was no wonder to him why the old masters were so grouchy an stubborn about their teachings, they had their peers arguing with them about the same lessons.​
Seeing that things were more than likely not going to improve, and that his presence could go to better service elsewhere, he motioned towards the master, turning towards the exit. Being a diplomat had it's advantages some days, like getting out of meetings like this. "Master Consilo, if you'd like, I have it on good information that there's a member of a Mandalorian clan that is seeking to render aid to the refugees, they might take kinder to a master and padawan greeting them rather than a single padawan."
Ideally, she would accompany him, and the pair could have a far more interesting conversation along the way. "I hope your position as councilor hasn't been too difficult. I know it came be quite a great deal of stress at times. I often wonder how my master manages on her own."



She had been working hard at it, relatively calmly. She had thrust her shovel into the Earth, helping a few people drag some bodies into a ditch. It was at that point the person she had asked to figure out water, and swapping out shifts returned in a water-truck. He exited the vehicle, and sheepishly made his way towards her. As she was dragging the Bryn'Adul corpse.

"Hey, I got a water tank... Its full, still trying to find out something for them to get them into... Uhm... As far as the help, well..."

She held up a hand, and shook her head.

"Just spit it out... What did they say?"

"You want it Verbatim, or... u-"

"What did they say?"

She repeated, hands idly moving to clasp at her waist.

"They were apart of the Sev'Tok defense... And they said... Well, there's enough people out here to get the work done; they shouldn't have to help."

Aayla's gray hues pierced him for a few beats. Trying to comprehend the words she had just heard. She had heard that properly right? Aayla blinked a few times, moping lightly.

"Alright..." She said plainly. Continuing her work. She was still somehow content, although there was a flash of anger at what she had heard. There was a lot of work left to do, but they were doing it; if they were adamant, and stayed on task; it should've all worked out.

Though, the Force worked in mysterious ways.

Barely Twenty minutes had passed when a group of grunts had made their way to the encampment. They were likely enjoying the victory, but were also quite obviously drunk. Aayla looked up briefly, and continued digging. She would ignore it... She didn't have any leeway to really make any trouble here anyway. Even though the reporters weren't necessarily out here, you really never knew.

'Aye, Jedi! Yeah... You, you want us to come dig?'

A taller, heavier man said aloud; his tone, and volume caused more than a few people to look. She continued digging, then stopped as the group of six came to a halt. She leaned on the handle of that shovel, looking up at them with sweat pouring from her body.

"Yeah, I asked that you guys help us cut three hours of work down to one, max two; is that a problem?"

She said back, somewhat exasperated from the constant moving, and strenuous movement.

'That's real funny... Cept' we don't take orders from you; we don't take orders from Jedi; That's The New Way. In case you ain't heard'

He responded, something that caused her to shake her head in confusion. She had heard of The New Way, loosely; but it was very surprising to hear someone say it here. Aayla looked around, noting some people seemed confused as to what he was talking about.

"If you have a problem with me fine... Except if you haven't noticed I'm the only Jedi out here working for this; and my allies WOULD be out here if they weren't helping pull Anvil back together."

That heat touched her again, and she let the shovel fall, taking a step and jumping straight out of the hole, onto the edge. Moving herself to a standing position and sniffing a bit.

"If you're lazy, say that then... You aren't helping me, you're helping people just like you"

She looked both ways, gesturing at the people around her.

'Lazy? I fought for Anvil, we all did...'

Aayla shook her head, realizing where this was going. She moved past him leaning down to pick up her robes when something cold splashed her head. His Ale... She froze up, picking up her robes, and locking her eyes on him. She nodded a few times and did something highly uncharacteristic. She turned away. And began to walk, shaking her head and sighing aloud.

At that point in time, the individual that had went to get her in the first place had skated off on a spider. His intention to go alert the other Jedi that he knew about.

Being Kadan Scipora Kadan Scipora and Zorah Cinsilo Zorah Cinsilo ... When he arrived, he would move to interrupt their conversation with a frantic voice.

"E- e- Excuse me, Master Jedi, or Jedi's... Or, whatever... Your friend helping us dig, Some of the guys are giving her a hard time... I think they're New Way; I've never seen em' act like this though. You might wanna' intercede before someone gets hurt"

"Hey, Jedi... We're not done talking... What, you're some kind of God right? Think you can take us on without your space magic? Hm?"

He questioned, to which the others murmured along. To be fair, Aayla had done good so far... Very Good, in her eyes anyway.

"I just wanna rest a bit, I'm tired..."

She admitted, still trying to relate what was happening; and what had happened... She wondered why people like this had this mental duality. They expected so much from Jedi, to the point it seemed they ignored the fact that they were human...

And they were very much pissing her off. It was a slow boil, but the water was getting hot.



Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
Aayla Shan Aayla Shan Kadan Scipora Kadan Scipora

Seems their help had been accepted and then some, a man came back over informing them their help had been accepted and to stars bewilderment began issuing jobs that needed done and well, it was quite the list. Seeing no issue she made a note to speak to the ones in charge about some fair compensation before she merely looked around at her gathering vod as she spoke over encrypted comms to them

only fair since they allowed us in without issue, I want 8 of you with me however while we scope the place put and locate the brynn bodies, remember that's our secondary objective

There was a quiet nod, 8 breaking away from the main group as star nodded to each and crossed her arms

alright, groups of three, spread out and keep a eye out got it? Send a signal to me when you've located the bodies or potentially a live one...which I doubt but doesnt hurt to look at all

She got a chuckle from the group as they began splitting up 2 with stardust walking on either side of her as she looked around the place and didnt need to look long before she spotting a jedi digging and a pile of brynn bodies. Star had the thought to just go up and take one would be easy the jedi looked tires but some locals approached the jedi and star stopped her group and observed for the moment, turning her sound receptors on high she listened to the conversation with interest. Seems they weren't to grateful about these jedi helping them...a frown formed behind her visor...watching the jedi begin to walk away she was content to stay out of it until the obnoxious man through his ale at her

So he wanted to try and be all big and bad? What's the saying again

Theres always bigger fish

Motioning to her two mandos she sent then away to flank the man for the moment and stay out of sight stardust however approached directly, dead set walk right towards the man as she stopped and looked to the spilled ale then the man

this is how you thank the ones who defended your planet?

Came the stern voice laced with a fiery fury underneath, but that time her two mandos had moved around to the flanks of him while stardust stared him down with her t visor

what would your people do if they didnt help, left your planet

She said as she started approaching slowly, then lunged at the man to grab him and toss him into the hole

suppose then it would be you maybe at the bottom of this hole?

She said and hopped in, ignoring anyone that may be trying to stop her, how could they? Her mandalorians came up to the hole to block anyone from the crowd

She was gonna put him through the ringer
Silver Jedi Council Member

Z O R A H  C I N S I L O
Location and time: Sev Tok, Councilor's Hall, after the battle of Anvil​
Objective: No. 1​
''You're correct, a consular's training often shows itself in more diplomatic situations, than those of a Guardian which heavily relies on combat and any battlefield to offer and provide support. Besides that, reporters tend to intensify situations to strike fear or create some division of the inhabitants on a certain planet or city. But giving too much information causes them to go crazy with it, so when you're around those people, be mindful of your language and specifically the figurative speech.''

The Master would give him a simple nod in full agreement and some astonishment on his knowledge, especially for a padawan it seemed far more advanced than his associates. However, if he truly was the padawan of Grandmaster Ayres, it did make sense for him to act this way. Zorah had spoken in a calm and truly controlled manner, thinking carefully about her words to not come across any misunderstandings with Kadan.

As soon as the rather insecure yet determined stranger approached the two, the woman would come to a halt and listen to what he had to say to them. From the looks of it, he didn't seem affiliated with any of the reporters, so what was he doing here? Upon the mentioning of the movement called 'the New Way', Master Cinsilo began to notice the severity of the situation. While the Jedi were here to aid the recovery of the broken city of Anvil, there was no room for members of that movement to interrupt the actions of one of the Silver Jedi.

''My sincere appreciation, mister, we'll be sure to check out this inconvenience.''

The New Way... On Sev Tok, interesting, to say the least, yet there was no time to think about their influences on this planet, there was a Jedi that might require assistance in dealing with these followers. The Jedi Councilor gave a faint smile and a quick nod before walking towards the actual streets of Anvil, it would only take a few steps for the Padawan to follow the Epicanthix.

''Peculiar, that followers or members of the New Way are on this planet... Hmm, let's find this Jedi.''
Wayward Padawan

He smiled at the master's advice, adding it to one of his many notes that he had learned from watching others at work. Keeping things away from prying ears was something of a struggle for him, mostly due to his desire to be upfront with his opinions. Something that could be something of a detriment at times. "It's a tad frustrating, having to be selective with the truth given others will weaponize it." In time though, he could overcome this. All was needed was experience. It was times like this that made him question his position as a padawan, given his responsibilities and how he carried himself, certainly he was close to being promoted.​
Before he could continue their conversation however, a messenger approached, and his words filled Kadan with a faint tinge of anger. His smile faded, as a slow trickle of anger inched into his being, though he let out a breath to keep it at bay. He focused for a moment, feeling out for Aayla, and felt that she was indeed on the receiving end of harassment. His voice would reach her mind, trying to soothe the anger that was churning within her, hoping he could delay her before she did something brash. 'I'm on my way, please, just wait for me.' He was no longer relaxed, stress seeped into his posture, as he could sense where she was. He knew of the New Way, of how people were angry at the force, and at both jedi and sith. He had just thought that those they had helped might view things differently, see that the jedi were not all bad. Clearly, he had been wrong. "I know the jedi in question. I don't know where these New Way followers came from, but they picked the wrong jedi to pester." There was urgency to his step, as he knew just how bad things would get if they didn't intervene.​
The pair would arrive to the gathering, but to Kadan's relief, it was not Aayla who was in middle of a fight, but rather the Mandalorian he had come to speak with. Several Mandalorians were surrounding the hole, and there were rising voices of protests gathering around the improvised fighting arena. His first concern however, was Aayla, as he moved to find her, then take stock of the situation. Finding her, he extended a hand, taking her shoulder and forcing a smile, trying to distract her from what would be a mix of anger and disappointment at what was unfolding. "Hey, are you alright?" He wanted to hug her, tell her that it would be okay, but she hated being treated like she was made of glass. He knew she was tougher than him, it was part of what he loved about her.​
It was one of the many reasons he loved her.​
Turning his head to the fight that was now about to start, he grimaced, knowing what was going to come next. He looked back to Cinsilo, feeling it was rather idiotic to ask a request of a master, but he felt best equipped to deescalate the situation. What was troubling to him, was the Mandalorian who seemed to be fighting held the force in them; and from what he felt, outclassed him significantly. Lovely. "Master Cinsilo, can you settle the crowd? I have a bit of experience with Mandalorians. Think I can put this to bed" He was hoping that perhaps, with the two of them, they could stop this incident from turning into a riot. Though only time could tell. Rising, he moved towards the Mandalorian perimeter, and leapt over them, landing in the middle of the Twi'lek and the poor moron who was about to be beaten to death. He rose, turning towards her, speaking in Mandalorian, hoping to keep an incident from breaking out. Last thing he needed was their Mandalorian aid beating a civilian to death. "<Warrior, do not soil yourself with the blood of this one, for his is unworthy>." He sighed, knowing that what he was doing was borderline idotic, but it was the right thing to do. The man he was defending was an idiot, and more than likely would not change his views after this was over. But this wasn't about the man, or any bravado. This was about morals, and about what his order stood for. "<I'll take his place, as he is still under our protection. Come at me if you wish.>"
He would regret this in the morning, that he was certain of, but he took up his stance regardless, both arms raised, right foot forward, left foot back, and the force flowing about him. It was then he realized something.​
He was going to have to find someone that could get the blood stains out of his diplomat robes.​

Silver Jedi Council Member

Z O R A H  C I N S I L O
Location and time: Sev Tok, Councilor's Hall, after the battle of Anvil​
Objective: No. 1​

Zorah could immediately sense the frustration and slightest form of anger within the Padawan's mind, it must've been a Jedi close to him to hit him with these feelings. She would reach her hand out before resting it on Kadan's shoulder, giving him a faint squeeze to hopefully cut out those emotions or at least give him the impression that what he was feeling right now should be cut out. As known to all Jedi, there was a formal line in the code that identified Sith behavior and that of a true Jedi, anger, or any passionate emotions that may not originate from rationality. And what the Padawan was doing at this very moment is letting the feelings of the dark side influence his actions, if these feelings would develop and evolve in a worse and more ominous mindset. It would be simply done for a Silver Jedi, even if one is the padawan of the great Grandmaster, actions like these will have major consequences.

And thus Master Cinsilo cleared her throat once more before finally opening her mouth to lecture the boy about the righteousness of his emotions and the situation that may follow. The New Way is a threat to Jedi Diplomats but hadn't made themselves known as a too hostile group, yet there were a lot of exceptions... And it would only be a matter of time till they figure out how to classify these members...

''Kadan. Be mindful of your emotions and thoughts, a diplomat must be aware of this. How intense a situation might be, try to use your rational side. It's the only thing that will help you out, as a Jedi.''

The Jedi Councilor removed her hand from the Padawan's shoulder before following his pace and walking towards the place where all the chaos had taken place. There seemed to be a few Mandalorians, which was easily identified by the way they talked and, of course, the language in which they spoke. The young Padawan immediately wandered towards his friend, who seemed to be fine despite the situation.

Then there was a Twi'lek lady that had seemed to have gotten into a brawl with one of the locals, or more specifically had caused the situation with all the Mandalorians. A soft sigh could be heard coming from the Jedi Councilor as she observed the situation and the growing crowd that began to investigate the situation, naïve... as always, walking like a hoard of sheep towards an oddity in the environment. Not being aware of any dangers or inconveniences it may cause for the people that are trying to solve the situation.

The Jedi Master made a fist out of her right hand, it was not only young Jedi that struggled with the temptation of letting your emotions be dominant to control, but also the most powerful of Masters and Knights could frequently be seen battling the urge. Yet most of them were able to conceal it behind their strong thought barrier and so did Zorah. Yet what Padawans weren't able to do, was actually succeed in the battle... And so she let go of her fist before glancing at Kadan, who began to request a favor.

''Understood, try not to get lost in your feelings and intrusive thoughts. I'm aware of the fact that you can possibly handle it without violence.''

Zorah let the message echo throughout the boy's mind before focusing on the crowd that had formed itself around the situation. She would then reach out her hands before connecting with the Force to create a weapon unlike anything used in regular combat, a wooden stick with orange and dark green details would develop and be placed in her hand. The Jedi Diplomat then turned to the crowd and place the stick on the ground, still having a steady grip on it.

''Return to your work or other responsibilities, the Silver Jedi will take care of this.''

A loud and calm voice declared and promised to the civilians before waiting for them to pass and leave the scene... It was up to Kadan to handle this situation, her duty was partially over now...