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LFG Sith test subjects: No disclaimer


Everything, anything, for science.
Howdy all :)

I posted something akin to this yesterday for specifically Jedi, and now I'm posting this version with a our sith inclined writers in mind.

I'm, once again, looking for 3 sith writers to allow their characters to experience some hardship in the name of science. Your characters will travel to the LCFO headquarters on Vassek. The first day will consist of physical testing, with a baseline reaction test that will be explained in the thread.

I would argue that this round of testing is a bit more..intense than the jedi thread I posted. Your characters will be injected with an amount of Pazhkic'Dau that will not cause permanent force connectivity loss, rather just a temporary amount. Upon receiving the injection, subjects will then go through the reaction test a second time, with the goal of seeing how much a loss of force connectivity will effect a force users ability to react to sudden stimuli. Force nullification can take up to a few 'days,' but I'll leave that up to your character. There will be an antidote, which is essentially causing a fever within the body that kills off the organisms. Upon injection of the antidote, characters will be given multiple days of care to make sure they are fully back on their feet by the time they're ready to leave.

IC, your character will receive a cool 10,000UC each, as well as a better understanding of what your character would do if they ever had a moment of force nullification.

OCC, I feel like this is a really cool opportunity to write a man vs. self story, as well as a chance to write force nullification in a safe environment.

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions and quell any fears. This thread is not meant to be a trap, or kill a vulnerable sith. Aaaine, and by extension, LCFO, just want to be able to better study force nullification through the use of Pazhkic'Dau.

Feel free to respond down below, or reach out in dms if you find yourself interested :)


Everything, anything, for science.
Kai'lyn Kai'lyn Trayze Tesar Trayze Tesar

Thank you bunches for both wanting to participate in a thread like this! I really, really appreciate it.

I'm planning on getting something like this started soon. It'll look very similar to the jedi version of this thread I started yesterday. However, because of the nature of what we'll be testing, our thread will be much more..contained. PPE gear, decontamination rooms, the works. Just to get your expectations ready.

Super excited, hoping to get a few more responses here, but I'll at least get you two started.

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