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Character 'Kai' the Wild Child


Age13 (As mature as a human 13-year-old)
SpeciesZhenxi Togruta
Height1.4 meters / 4 feet 7 inches
WeightUnderweight for his height, precise weight unspecified
Force SensitiveYes, standard for his species but less adept at combat-focused Force skills


Kai'lyn's amethyst-colored skin shimmers in the rain, and he is notably smaller and lighter than others. His vibrant, bioluminescent skin with mottled patterns allows him to blend into his environment. His attire, suited for tribal and forest-dwelling life, blends utility with cultural significance.


Carries basic survival tools, perhaps a few personal artifacts of sentimental value, and has recently developed a passion for exotic foods and spices encountered during his travels.


Kai'lyn is fiercely independent, driven by strong survival instincts. He exhibits curiosity about his environment and cultural traditions, appreciating communal celebrations and showing a profound capacity to engage with diverse cultural expressions.


  • Exceptional survival skills, adept at stealth and hunting.
  • Force Sensitivity: Capable of enhancing physical abilities through the Force.


  • Physical Size: Smaller stature can be a disadvantage in combat.
  • Limited social skills due to his isolated upbringing.


Kai'lyn's life began in a small Togruta tribe, tragically raided by slavers. After enduring captivity and forced thievery on Coruscant, he escaped during a Jedi raid and stowed away to Ryloth. Living in isolation, he honed his survival skills and explored his Force sensitivity, his life marked by the struggle for freedom and survival amidst the lush forests of Ryloth.

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