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Character Trea'aain'elis ~ Aaaine


Everything, anything, for science.

Trea'aain'elis ~ Aaaine

Age36 Galactic Standard years
GenderFemale - She/Her pronouns
Force SensitiveLittle to no force sensitivity - around 3000 midichlorian count
AffiliationDark Empire - Science Division

  • Hair changes on almost a daily basis, though time during time in the stringy, blue hair is rarely in any other hairstyle than pulled into a ponytail.
  • Stands at a middling 167cm, 52kg, never seeming to be the smallest or largest in room.
  • Deep, albeit healed, scar extending from the top of her eyebrow down past underneath her left cheekbone.
  • Does her best to stand straight, though years of standing over a burner has left her with a slightly bent over posture.
  • Surgeon fingers, steadiness in the face of hard science.
  • - Education
    • Ord Mantell biochemical institute
    • Theed School of Engineering and Technology
    • Theed school of Biomedical higher learning
  • - Degrees
    • Doctorate of Neurobiology
    • Masters Degree of Physics
    • Masters Degree of Biomedical technologies (revoked)
    • Bachelor's degree of mechanical engineering (revoked)
  • Eccentric
  • Perceived lack of empathy
  • Thoughtful
  • Calculating
  • “Everything…anything…in the pursuit of the greater science.”
  • Brilliant mind
  • Surgeon’s hands
  • Lacking in empathy
  • “As good a shot as a blind bantha.”
  • Few, more practical, survival skills.
Always the curious individual, Aaaine grew up with a foster family on Naboo who cherished the mind that they were so proud of raising. More they enjoyed showing off a pet to their high society friends and family than actually caring for Aaaine. Even so, it offered the Chiss a number of routes to research exactly the ways that they wished. Making her way into the Theed school of Biomedical higher learning, she pursued a double major in mechanical engineering and biomedical technologies. During her undergraduate years, she developed a reputation for eccentricity, often conducting unauthorized experiments in the university labs late at night and without the watchful eyes of the professors. Despite the views of her fellow peers, Aaaine would eventually graduate with honors. From there, she began to pursue a higher level of education in both physics and neurobiology. It wasn’t until the ethics committee of the school found her more…unsavory laboratories held deep within the planet, that her degrees were stripped and license to practice was revoked.

She fled, leaving for the core systems with what little research she could carry on a datapad and her back. Ord Mantell was the next stop on her journey, and it was there she continued her studies into the fields of Physics and Biomedical technologies. It was not long until she was leaving again, this time to pursue her research while working as a professor at Reena University, where Aaaine was thoroughly embedded within their high society as a burgeoning mind. She continued to work there, innovating new and experimental treatments in limb restoration.

This is where she remained for years, conducting the less savory research in the shadows, away from the prying eyes of those that would stop the progress of science yet again.

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