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Sith Looking to RP

Hey guys!
I have heard and read a lot about these types of RPGs, but for the first time am actually experiencing one!
The character I have created is a Sith Apprentice who is looking for conflict, adventure, war, and a way to expand her power.
Any fellow RPers that want to join me will be much appreciated.

Yzhan Tu

Welcome to a world of CHAOS, ask anything, anything at all
Except about the smell...
we don't talk about the smell


I don't suppose you'd be interested in a place of learning and honing those skills?
Ever played Skyrim? Dark Brotherhood?
Watched Game of Thrones before? Faceless Men?
I am opening a group in a week or so. It's called the Red Magnolia Conclave. If you're interested in the kind of setting I mentioned above, we'd love to have you. Judging by your username, I'm guessing you just might be! I'm fond of teaching, both in character and out of. :)

Oh, yes, and welcome to Chaos! I would give you my signature cookie, this time in the shape of a red magnolia, but looks like sooooomeeeooonneeeee already offered. >_>