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Approved Location Sith Inquisitor Druckenwell Office

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The King of Ergonomic Assessments
  • Structure Name: Sith Inquisitor Druckenwell office
  • Classification: A corporate office
  • Location: Druckenwell
  • Affiliation: Sith Inquisitor
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Security: Minimal private security
  • Description: The upper dome provides an indoor mini-golf course while the remainder of the space are occupied by the Sith Inquisitor offices at the base of the building and a golf pro shop at the concourse
  • Upper dome: Playing host to an indoor mini-golf course, where enthusiasts can play mini-golf year-round, in all weather situations, the upper dome comprises 18 holes of mini-golf spread over a half-acre area
  • Concourse: Rented out by a golf pro shop in relation to the mini-golf course below it, it also sells a wide variety of golf equipment, such as golf carts, golf clubs, tees and golf attire
When the Sith Inquisitor was invited, among many other companies, to come to Druckenwell to get the planet's reconstruction started, by the Confederacy, the SI got more than just a deal with the Red Ravens: it also got enough business to get a stream of ergonomic assessments large enough to sustain long-term operations. It also bought a decrepit factory and reconditioned it to fit the current safety standard, and also a tenant manifested itself for the upper dome of the facility, a mini-golf course operator. With the lower floors housing hundreds of ergonomic assessors, alongside the vehicles they use to go from an ergonomic assessment job to another, the Druckenwell office has both enough space to sustain their current operations and room to grow should other regions on the planet hire the Sith Inquisitor's services for fulfilling their ergonomic assessments and other workplace health and safety needs.
Not open for further replies.